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This story is about two best friend . who grown up together and are deeply in love with each other but none of them declares their love to each other. They are afraid that his or her confession might be laughed at,and they are even more scared that a confession would put an end to their original relationship. Both of them overreach themselves in there first love which is full of ignorance,a superficial breathtaking but actually sweet love story... So let's see if they will be able to confess their love to each other or it will be hidden in their heart forever...๐Ÿ˜Œ. Ch 1 is coming soon , hope u will like this story and leave ur thoughts and let me know if you also love someone secretly๐Ÿง but afraid to confess... ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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Ch 1


At school melton (male lead) was sleeping in class .when teacher was teaching

Teacher- MELTON XUN (shout with anger)

Melton- ( stands up suddenly) huh? Is class over already, let's go shreya xu (female lead)school is over for the day.

shreya- you idiot ( feel embarrassed)

Teacher- Is my lesson that boaring to you? ( shouting)

Melton- so I heard wrong ( went back to sleep)

Teacher- (with anger face) WAKE UP class is still not over( shouted)

After class over Melton and shreya going home together..

Shreya- melton, I've told you so many times, don't sleep in class.

Melton- yeah, yeah I won't do it again. (Smile)

Shreya- won't do it again, you said that every time.

Melton- well this time, I'm really taking what you say to heart.(( because I like it when you worry about me)).

While walking towards home together. Suddenly a girl (riya ) came in front of them...

Riya- Melton I know you were sleeping at class so, these are the notes I took during the lesson ( trying to give that book to him) please accept it.

Melton- I'm sorry but I've already borrowed notes from shreya.

Riya looking at shreya with angry look..

Melton- let's go shreya.

Riya- those two....are they in a relationship?

Shreya- (with low voice) impossible,we're just best friend.. who grew up together....(although it's one sided love because he never told me that he likes me..))

Melton- shreya,shreya! What are you thinking , you don't want to go inside the home (standing in front of shreya's home)

Shreya- ohh..nothing..ok then I go inside..bye

Melton- wait! I suddenly became hungry. Let me have a meal at your place

Shreya- what! You live just next door, you clown.

Milton- (watching his watch) the time I've spent with you today, is 30 minutes away from reaching a total of 12 hours dinner should finished the quota. Don't you think so,

Shreya- oh is that so? Melton xun can't it be that you ( moving towards him) have a crush on me? ( smile)๐Ÿ˜

Melton- (blushing) stop....stop flattering yourself, hurry back home.

Shreya- cheh, so Patronising! Then I'm going back now.

Melton- ok...( idiot, you're the only one who didn't notice by now that I've always like you..)) ( smiling).

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