R.A.T.S. (The Real Ass Thots Society)

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The R.A.T.S. Trilogy follows a group of friends who form a club at their school and form the closest of bonds and survive high school together! The first novel follows the group through their final three weeks of Freshman year to the first half of Sophomore year, where they will form bonds and romances they won't forget! Book One of Three of The High School Years Trilogy

Drama / Humor
Mr. Rainbow
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Chapter One

This is the story of a group of outcasts, Adam South, Ally Harris, Mona Rollins, and twin sisters Malorie and Emily Kara, as they formed, what by the time they graduated, would be a highly know society in their high school. The Real Ass Thots Society, or as they called it, R.A.T.S.

This is their story.

“Adam wake up,” said my mom as she attempted to wake me up. It was 5:45 in the morning and I had to get up to began what would be another miserable day at Rosemary High. My family moved to Rosemary, Ohio when I was halfway through sixth grade. We moved here because my Mom and Dad had just divorced and my mom didn’t want to be around him. My mom sued for custody for me and my sister, Doris and won. So we moved from big and busy Queens, New York to small and quiet Rosemary, Ohio. My dad still lives in Queens and my sister and I go see him for a month every summer and he comes to Rosemary for a week every Thanksgiving and Christmas. it was harder for me to move to Queens than it was for my sister, who was younger at the time and didn’t have many friends in school. I was 12 when my parents divorced and she was only 9. Flashforward to today and I am 15 and she is 12. My mom is a driver for the Rosemary Public Transit and we live in a small, three bedroom apartment. “I gotta go, make sure your sister gets up and you two get to school,” my mom said as she walked out the door to head to work.

I got to school and put my stuff in my locker and went to meet up with my friends. “Watch it gayboy!” said Andy James as he walked by me and pushed me on the ground. “My god he is such a bitch! He’s probably gay himself! Here Adam let me help you up,” said Mona Rollins as she extended a hand to help me up. The guys in this school have been assholes to me ever since I came out as gay. But hey that kind of helped me make friends. “Thanks Mona.” I said. I then went to my usual spot where I met up with my friends Romona Robin, Ally Harris, and Mary Grimes. Ally and I were always the outsiders in the group, Romona and Mary would always make us feel like we weren’t good enough, but Ally and I always overlooked it and laughed along. But for some reason things felt different today. My mom had wrote me a note for gym this morning because I had broken my toe the previous night and I was telling Romona, Ally, and Mary about it. “God, do you always have to be a pussy, Adam?” Mary asked. “Excuse me?” I replied. “She’s not wrong, Adam. You are always acting like a coward.” Romona said. “Leave him alone guys, it’s not his fault he broke his toe!” Ally said. “Yeah and it’s not my fault my boyfriend is mad at me.” Romona said. “Oh don’t you mean fuck buddy?” I asked. “God, Adam you are ridiculous!” Mary said. “Yeah? You two are bitches who feel like you have to make life a competition ‘oh this happened to me today,’ ‘oh wait at least this didn’t happen to you’ and you say I’m ridiculous! You two are so fucking petty you can’t even see straight!” I then walked off to first period.

I got in to my Advanced English class and sat in my seat and was telling one of my friends Rachel Edison about what had happened and then class started. “Okay class, today I am going to put you in your end of the year reading groups!” said Mrs. Harrison as the whole class moaned in agony. “Group 1: Will Morris, Mona Rollins, Kayla Bellows, Rachel Edison, and Adam South!” Mrs. Harrison said. At least I actually would have people I liked in this group, minus Will, who Mona and I had a major crush on in seventh grade. When we got in the group we decided what we would read for homework and split up. I was sitting there reading the book when Mona came over to talk to me. “Hey Adam, you okay? you look like a woman on her period.” She said. “I’m okay, just had a really long morning.” I replied. “Care to talk about it?” She asked. So I then told her about what happened this morning. “That is such bullshit.” she said. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. I really should have dropped them awhile ago.” I said.

We then talked about stupid shit like cute guys in our school and stuff, and I then found out I wasn’t the only one who had shit going on. “Hey, Mona, is it true that you gave Eddie a blowjob in the bathroom?” Will asked. “God, don’t you guys have anything better to do with your life then make rumors about someone you don’t even know!” She replied. “If you don’t mind me asking, is it true?” I asked. “Hells no! I would never give a guy like Eddie Thomas a blowjob! Besides I’m waiting until marriage.” She replied. “If only there was a way we could get revenge on those dicks.” I said. “Yeah, sadly some of us aren’t that fortunate.” said Mona.

The bell rang and we all headed to second period. Yay Science! Thank god there are only three weeks left of school. I got in to Science and sat in my seat next to Simon Knight who was one of the only guys I was actually friends with. he has a twin brother named Cameron who I talk to, but not as much as I talk to Simon. Back in December, during winter break, I was sitting in my room watching “Charmed” on Netflix when I got a text from one Simon’s friends telling me she was mad at Cameron, Simon’s twin brother, and I asked why. “I’m going to tell you something Adam, but you can’t tell anyone.” She texted. “Okay, spill it.” I texted back. “Okay, Cameron and I are fighting because he has been telling people he is gay.” she texted. “I kinda figured by the way he sounded.” If you heard Cameron speak you would think he was super gay too. “Is it that obvious?” She asked. “Yes, it is.” I answered. “Yeah, but another thing, Simon, Cameron’s twin brother is gay too.” She said.

Ever since then I can’t look at Simon the same way. I mean I have always kind of had a little crush on him but it has never gone anywhere. “Today we are beginning what I like to call the Evans-Simmons Freshman Rollercoaster Project!” said Mr. Evans. “What the heck is that?” asked Mike Pearson. “Every year the Science department here at RHS has a project where we build a paper rollercoaster and the group with the best rollercoaster in the class wins a prize of $50 gift cards to the Rosemary City Mall.” answered Mrs. Simmons. “Sounds fun.” said Simon. Then me, being the awkward person I am, laughed very loudly. But hey at least he smiled at me. “Okay, Mrs. Simmons will now read off the groups for the project.” said Mr. Evans. “Okay the first group, Adam, Carson, and Hanna, is our first group.” said Mrs. Simmons. I mean it could be worse, I could be in a group with Will. Our group met briefly to discuss what we were going to do and then that was that.

Next was gym, I gave that note to my gym teacher, Mr. Tyrone, and met up with Mona, who also had an injury. Today, the class was playing Razzle Dazzle, so the gym teachers gave the option to walk our school track. I decided to walk with Mona and Ally, but we were soon joined by the other set of twins (We have five sets) Malorie and Emily. “Hey, guys.” said Emily. “Hey, Em.” said Mona. We all walked in silence for a little bit until Malorie asked me something. “Hey, Adam, what happened today with you, Romona, and Mary?” She asked. “They were picking on him for having a note for gym.” Ally answered for me. “Ally, I can answer for myself.” I said. “Sorry, force of habit.” She said. “Well I’m glad you two got out of that toxic friendship with those two, they are two no good bitches.” said Malorie. “Damn straight!” said Mona. “Like, deep down I knew they were no good but I just didn’t want to admit that to myself.” I said. “Same here.” said Ally. “Well, hey, you know what they say. The friends you have in junior high don’t really stick around in high school.” said Malorie. “Preach!” said Mona. Then I got an idea. “You know what, meet me back at the school, at around six, I have an idea.” I said.

After school, I made my plan, first I went to the “Rosemary High News” our school news show. They show it in English class so I figure let’s spice it up a little bit. “I need to see Lucas.” I said when I entered. “He is in his office.” His cousin Linda said. I entered his office and began my plan. “What are you doing here, Adam?” asked Lucas. “I want to start a gossip column for the news show.” I said. “What’s in it for me?” He asks. I can’t believe I’m about to do this. “I will give you a blowjob.” I answer. “Deal.” He says.

After that horrible episode was done, I snuck into Mr. Peterson’s office and grabbed the extra keys to the school and the key to the basement. Little did I know I was on film. “Oh, great.” I said to myself. I grab my phone and call Simon. “I need your help.” I said. “With?” He asked. “Just get your ass to the school.” I said and hung up. I went outside and waited for him. “Okay, what do you need my help with?” He asked. “Follow me.” When we got into the Mr. Peterson’s office, he put two and two together. “Your asking me to erase the footage of you sneaking in here to steal keys?” He asked. “Yes.” I answered. “Okay, you owe me one.” He said. He erased the footage and we both walked out.

After that I went to my best friend Bree’s house so she could male copies of the keys. “Why do you need me to make copies of the keys to the school and school basement?” She asked. “Can you just do it?” I asked. “Damn, in a hurry much.” She said. After she was done making the copies I headed back to the school to wait for the others.

I stood at the school doors and waited for Ally, Mona, Malorie, and Emily. “Okay, what are we doing here?” asked Mona. “Follow me.” I said as I opened the basement door. “I don’t think this is a good idea.” said Ally. “Wait, how did you get the basement keys and a key to get in?” asked Malorie. “I snuck into Mr. Peterson’s office, and I know a guy who makes copies of keys.” I answer. “Can you tell us who this guy is?” asked Mona. “Now, if I told you that, I’d have to kill you.” I answer. “I’m kidding, maybe.”

Once we were in the basement, I began. “Okay, let’s face it, we are all mistreated in this fucking school. I say we do something about it.” I said. “How do you propose we do that smart guy?” asked Malorie. “By forming the Real Ass Thots Society, or R.A.T.S. for short. We can open this up to kids like us, protest the treatment, and maybe get some revenge.” I answer. “I like it, I’m in.” said Mona. “I don’t know, what if we get caught?” asked Ally. “Then, we stand together. Don’t let them mistreat us more then they already have.” I answer. “Okay, I’m in.” said Ally. “Okay, how are we getting revenge.” asked Malorie. “Well I managed to ‘convince’ the chief of the school news show to let us run a gossip column.” I answer. “Do I want to know how you convinced Lucas McMaritn, to let us do that?” asked Emily. “I would rather not talk about it. Not one of my finest moments.” I answer. “Ew.” they all say. “Okay, but we will spill all the tea on the bitches who harmed us.” I said. “I’m in.” Malorie said. “That just leaves you, Emily.” I said.

“I’m in.”

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