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Poison,Death,Love and more...

Drama / Fantasy
A.K Mcphillips
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π•‘π• π•šπ•€π• π•Ÿ!

I awoke wondering why it was so cold in the castle that night suddenly I heard the floor boards creaking some one was walking away from my fathers room I was creeped out so I took a peak I gasped it was the guard luckily he never heard me I was confused but I went back to bed I just assumed my mother or father needed something.

In the morning I got changed into my golden pink dress and I put my hair into a high bun I walked down the creepy hall into the throne room my mother was on the throne I was worried and I asked mother where father was and she said that he was away on a trip to visit the king of France I didn’t beleave her so I started to investigate I went into the kitchen to look around for something I found poison so I asked mother what it was for and she said that it was nothing and that I should put it away and I put it down but I still didn’t believe that it was nothing and I started to suspect that mother had something to do with my fathers strange disappearance so i went into the suite where my mother and father slept I screamed I saw my fathers dead body I was so scared, mother and the guard were the only people that left the suite last night I was crying the guard grabbed me and threw me in my room and left then locked the door then I realised what happened my mother payed the guard to poison my father...

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