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It all started when she bumps into this quirky but undeniably hot guy...turns out it doesn't go how it usually happens "in the movies"... She is repulsed by his"first impression" greatly contrasting the natural ambiance of attraction and gushing over on him from majority of others. Circumstances seems to,in almost every way,oppose and be against her will,her plan,as it keeps bringing them together...she's got a handful to deal with,as a result of the drama he comes along with in her life... What happens when she finally gets along with 'Mr. Rude-y'? Find out!

Drama / Romance
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When they Collided.

It was another chilly and damp morning in the far middle of the autumn season.The morning had a moist,mild but slightly fierce breeze that callously drove through the fancy lattice windows and the eyelet curtains of my bedroom in the quite average four storey building my family and I reside in.The air seemed to have a sort of jittery spirit and spark in it;full of life,fire, and some bits of sogginess .

The cheerful and jumpy wind didn't mind who it bothered nor whom may curse its unwanted service and petty turbulence as it traveled about, making light and somewhat weighty objects dance and wiggle in its unsteady rhythm and wavy pace.Just a little kiss,a tiny feel of it's cold breath against your skin could erupt fireworks within you, leaving you with stings of different sensations along your spine and making you feel as though a bucket of ice was emptied on your heart,yet,at the same time,a ball of wildfire was thrown at your chest.Yes!All those feelings, just at once,all at the same instant.
"Beep,beep!Beep,beep!Beep,beep!" The alarm set off.I turned in my cozy and warm wingbacked,king-sized bed, checked the time;it was 5:30am, and then turned off the alarm,still bed ridden.

"Oh, what a cold morning," I mumbled as I withdrew my hands into the warmth and comfort of the thick Egyptian cotton duvet over my body and crouched my body into a neonatal position.
"It's still very early,I could just go back to sleep a little bit.A few minutes won't hurt." I thought as I rubbed my sleepy eyes and shut them, drifting off to Dreamland already.

I was walking about in a funfair, suddenly, I was alone,close to a huge Ferris wheel.Little showers started dripping,most of the droplets landing on my face.It felt too real.
I gasped as I jolted up,Dexter,my dog on my body, licking my face up.

"Aww Dexy, did you really have to wake me?Just wanted to count some sheeps before I got out of bed." I frowned as I twisted my mouth while rubbing his back.
"Woof,woof." He barked and looked towards the clock,then back at me.I followed him stare and was stunned by what I saw.
"OMG! 8:45am!" I exclaimed,"darn it! I'm so late." I brushed Dexter off my body and rushed past him into my bathroom.I grabbed a box of face wipes and glanced at the mirror in an attempt to fold my hair into a manageably, curly and messy sock bun.My nappy curls trying to give me a hard time and proving stubborn to my efforts.Went straight to my mini dresser table and withdrew a pack of mint from a drawer while putting on some clothes.

There was absolutely no time to brush or bath.Within the next minute,I was hurdling down the stairs,grabbed my backpack from the side of the two-seater barrel sofa in the palour where it was laying innocently and undisturbed.I paused at the kitchen.My mom was right in there,taking care of a few stuffs,wrapping things up before she leaves for work.
Mom,Mrs. Jordan Diane,is a self-employed and independent chef who runs the business at Lã Chaw with tons of employees,she has amazing culinary skills,she is an awesome mother of two extraordinary and adorable kids;Zoe, that's me,and my junior brother,Kyle,a super wife to Mr. Jamie Jordan and the most beautiful woman I know.She has a youthful body build;a soft heart shaped face,quite upturned doll eyes with ever dreamy,icey-silver colored irises and soft angled ombre brows above them,coated with thick black lashes,quite long,round lips with a pointed but upturned nose right above it and of course, the killer shape *wink.* All combined with the perfect height 5'7".

"Hey Mom, where's dad?" I asked impatiently,as I took up a piece of toast lying on a plate right on top of the kitchen counter.
"Oh hey babygirl, you were in for too long, so I sent Dex to go check on you." She replied while closing one of the cabinets she previously opened to put two can of tuna and corned beef in, respectively.
"Mom,I asked for dad.I mean,I'm so late right now.Where's he,and Kyle too?" I pursued,in between mouthful of heavenly toast.
"Umm...yeah,your dad.Right," She nodded,"you see,he had this urgent and impromptu meeting to attend this morning and Kyle was up and ready already,so..." She said a bit nervously as she turned slowly, trying to put on a fake smile to cheer me up and calm me down.
"Oh seriously,are you kidding me?He left me,along with Kyle and I am extremely late right now." I was busy whining when mom's expression changed as she got a good look at me.
"Oh my Zoe,you,you...you look like..." I didn't let her finish.
"Shit yeah,I look like shit.I know.Gotta go now,bye." Pissed off,I dashed out of the kitchen, headed to the porch of the front yard, grabbed my bike and began paddling to school.

"Mehn,I'm a mess." I thought out loud,feeling sick already.

Finally arrived at school,I pulled the brakes, dropped my feet to the ground and came to a halt.I wheeled my bicycle over to the bicycle rack close to the parking lot.I walked in, the hallway was still somewhat crowded,surprisingly.I went straight for my locker,drew out a few books from it and popped three mints into my mouth,then took out two pieces of face wipes for my face and neck.I turned and the hallway was already empty.

"I'm late for class, how worse can today get?" I asked myself as I pursed my lips.

Scottled hastily down the isolated hallway.The mild hasty steps soon grew to a little run,and then it happened.I guess I didn't see him coming.The crash landed the both of us on the floor with a thud.I think I bumped my head into his *ouch.*

"Umm...I'm so..." I began as I was getting up.He was up already, with furrowed brows, emitting obvious anger.
"Hey,watch it!" He said quite loudly.His voice was deep and kinda crass,but it had this little tinge of something in it, something I couldn't really fathom yet.
"Huh,what's with you?" I was getting infuriated.Remembered I had an ongoing class and strode away,walked right into my history class, interrupting everyone.

"Miss Zoe, you're..." Mr Kale was speaking.
"Yes,I'm late,I know.I'm sorry Mr. Kale,honestly." I interrupted, walking over to my seat.
"Okay, just, this shouldn't happen again.Else you get a tardy card and that leads to detention." He warned.
"Sure thing Mr. Kale." I replied.I settled down next to my best and only friend,Khloe.

"Psst,Zoe,you're late." She whispered.
"Yeah,I know." I whispered back as I turned a bit.
"Woah girl, you're a..."
"A mess,I know."
"A hot mess though." She raised a brow at me,winked and smirked.I just rolled my eyes and smiled.

About that same moment,he walked in, and why of course it had to be HIM.

"What's he even doing here?" I wondered as a little crease began to spread over my forehead while my lower lip was a bit puckered.He told Mr. Kale he was a part of the ongoing class and Mr. Kale started by telling him he was late while the dude went ahead to give a "brief" explanation of how he was a "new student" and was actually aware of his tardiness.

"Oh my gosh,is he the one?..."
"Yeah,he sure is the new student..."
"Gee,he really looks like IT..."

The talk about him was beginning to fill the background.Mr Kale shot a cold glance towards the class and the chatter,or shall I say gossip,subsided to whispers.He bade the "new kid" welcome and urged him to join the class;more like to take a seat.

The NEWBIE walked towards the class,in between rows and columns of desks, and stopped right next to me.

"Ugh...oh no." I rolled my eyes and sighed as I realized the only vacant seat was next to me,after Khloe.Yeah,it certainly had to be that way *rolls eyes,over a thousand times.* He settled in,next to me, with a brief sigh,then stood to introduce himself when Mr. Kale said to.All eyes were on him already, from the moment he had stepped a foot into the classroom.

"Uhh...Well,I'm Delvin West," he said quite dryly, "new here...I guess that's all." His voice was full of masculinity and sensual tenderness.He raised a brow at Mr. Kale with questioning eyes and he got a nod for a reply then sat down.
"So,his name's Delvin,hmm...and West.Sounds..."
"Looks pretty spicy and juicy,you know,titillating,to me." The voice chuckled.
It was happening again,everyone,every student,was talking about him,monotones and all,giggles... Everyone but Khloe and I.It all died down when Mr Kale bellowed for attention.

"Uhn-hun,nice seatmate Zozo." Khloe began,in a low tone,while smiling and shifting her stare from him to me simultaneously, "he's kinda hot,don't you think?" She grinned and gave me "THE LOOK"-that look.
"Oh no Khloe,he can't be IT to me." I scowled,shaking my head.
"Why,'cause of the rumors 'bout him?"
"Nope,don't even know of any hearsays."
"Then what's it?" She looked puzzuled and curious.
"In the hallway,he like,no,we..." My voice fell.
"What Zo?You've grabbed my attention,c'mon,spill it already."
"Just that I...I can't even believe I'm sitting next to an annoying boor.I mean...no,later,I'll tell you later."
"Tell me now,I wanna hear it already,please.What happened?"
"Later girl.Not now." I turned,focused straight at the teacher.
"Aww,come on Zozo,pleaseeeee..." She begged.

Too bad for her,Mr. Kale picked her voice,glared at her then called her name.She apologized and then shut up immediately.

"Come on, you've got to tell me now.We're on lunch break,so...Tell me." Khloe kept on bugging me to tell her,peskily.
"Okay,I'll tell you.But give me a break first." I rolled my eyes.
"Zo...please tell me NOW, pretty pretty pleaseeeee..." She went on,now pouting and giving me a "PUPPY FACE".
"Alright.Like I tried to say,I was late,we accidentally bumped into each other in the hallway,both fell,our books fell too.Then as I tried getting up,he was up already, glaring at me.Hmph!" I frowned.
"And then what?Zo,I know that's not the end," she was wearing a smug expression that was beginning to piss me off,in a mild and amusing way though.I'm used to this,she's naturally cheeky and most times it's amusing.
"Well,he then said;'hey,watch it,'" I mimicked the deep and sweet baritone in his macho voice.His voice was sort of peculiar. "In an annoying tone,I mean, he was literally barking like he didn't barge into me and make me topple over.Okay,I know we were both at fault,but,he's so...rude," I continued, already seething at the thought of what transpired.
"Hmm...Zoe,I know that's still not all.Like what did you say or do then?How did you react?" She went on.
"I was like,shocked and appalled,so I asked what was with him.Seriously Klo, can you imagine,guys!" I spat furiously.
"Uhn-hun,I hear you girlfriend.I know it didn't go down well," she started,"like how it's supposed to be,you both stand and be like;'I'm sorry',then he'll say 'no I'm sorry' and you'll say;'it's okay',you both smile,he helps pick the books while you pull little kinky tendrils behind your ear and you both feel the Sparks erupting inside," She smiled at her "BEAUTIFULLY PAINTED PICTURE."
"Oh no.She is so not thinking about a love story for us right now.Gosh,this girl can be so...crazy." I thought.
"But don't worry babe,cheer up,it mustn't always be like that, love will always find a way." She teased as she closed her eyes, dreamily and raised her right hand together with head towards the sky while she grinned deeply, revealing a set of white and perfect dentition, that was naturally shielded with full lips;the lower one was heavier.
"Khloe!You're so not okay." I laughed.
"Don't act like you don't feel it." She then cackled,that drew some attention to us.We continued regardless.
"Damn no!There's no way anything's gonna happen between me and MR RUDE-Y" I said sternly,with little disgust.
"Oh,you bet,and not in your dreams." She was raising her brows and giving me "the smile",now that made me snicker.
"You know I'm not the relationship type even.We're in for gym class,c'mon Klo." I said as the bell went off.

"Have a nice practice, really sorry I can't wait so we go together," I said to Khloe.
"It's alright Zoe,"she replied,smiling.
"Okay then.Bye girl,see ya tomorrow,Kay," I waved her.
"Sure Zo,bye, take care."
"Yeah,see you then."
"Yeah,you too...go home and think of Delvin,don't trip on the way when you get lost in thought." She said,smirky.
"Gosh,you're so cheeky,go for practice,your coach's waiting for you!" I smiled sheepishly and walked off with my bicycle by my side,we were both laughing.
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