Mafia Cinderella

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Vanessa is a modern day Cinderella. She works like a dog day and night, and gets treated like dirt by her family, and tries to keep afloat in school. All she wants is to get away from it all and start a new life somewhere else. Her whole life she has wanted one thing, to be safe and happy. It all changes when a mysterious stranger comes to town taking a special interest in her. What will happen when he confronts her family? Will she get away from it all, or will her life remain the same? Read and find out.

Drama / Romance
Rachel Rodosky
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Vanessa one

“Vanessa! Get down here now!” Sighing I grabbed my book bag. My stepmother is a witch! Running downstairs to make them breakfast before school. Walking into the kitchen; my stepmother is pouring herself some coffee.

“Where have you been?” “Getting ready for school.” “What did you just say to me?”

Pain radiated through my cheek, she just slapped me! Moving away from her I went to the fridge and got out stuff for breakfast. I hate it here. My mom died giving birth to me, and my father re-married the step-monster, and my life turned into a living hell. Her hitting me, isn’t the first time.

“Hurry up and make our breakfast! We’re going to be late.” Nodding I whipped up some eggs, bacon and fruit. Setting three plates on the table, along with orange juice; I didn’t bother getting myself a plate, they don’t let me sit with them, and I’m fine with that. As I started cleaning up, I heard bickering and twiddle dee and twiddle dumb walked in, arguing as they always do. “Good morning mother.” “Morning sweat hearts.” Putting the last of the dishes away, looking at the clock it’s just after eight; I have forty five minutes to get to school.

Looking at them, I went up to my room, it’s on the third floor far away from the rest of them.

Looking in the mirror, a bruise is already forming on my cheek. Grabbing my cover up, I started applying it, touching my face hurts as I touch it.

It’s not the first time she gave me a bruise like this, after my father married her, she treated me badly. Of course there were no visible signs till I got older, but she still hurt me. Then after my father died, it got worse; she started treating me like a slave. Cleaning, cooking, and everything else.

All I want is to be free from them, but I can’t, not yet. I’ve been working after school, saving my money, hoping to get away from this life, to start over somewhere new.

Finishing up my face, I went back down to the kitchen, of course there gone, and left there dishes for me to clean up. Sighing I quickly cleaned up, grabbed an apple and started out so I can get to school on time.

The step monster won’t let me drive, even though I have my license, she always says that the help in her house don’t deserve to drive.

Walking through town, it’s not huge, the town of Rose Ford Ontario there are thirty five hundred people in town, it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere, but we have everything you’d need. I love this place, but to be perfectly honest, I can’t wait to get out of it and away from them. Getting to school with five minutes to spare. Stopping at the door, I have this feeling that I’m being watched right now. Shrugging it off, I have to get to class; before I’m late. Making a quick drop at my locker, I made my way to my first class.

The walk there I didn’t see the twins of terror, thank god!

As the last bell rang, lunch! Heading to the cafeteria I checked my phone, unfortunately there’s a text from the monster, she’ll be late, but expects there to be dinner on the table. Great! Heading to lunch, I had just enough money on me to get something to eat. Grabbing a burger and fries I went to my usual table at the back.

If it weren’t the middle of January, I would be outside.

“Hey girl.” My best friend Christine sat next to me. Pulling my long sleeve down making sure my arms are covered. “Hey Christine. How’s it going?” “Good. I’ve got a test after lunch. I hope I got everything covered.”

She said taking a bite from her pizza. “I’m sure you’ll be fine.” “Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t seem like yourself.” “The step monster sent me a text.” She nodded. “Enough said.” She said rolling her eyes.

She knows about the monsters, for the most part; but I didn’t tell her about them abusing me. We finished eating, and we went to our next class. Parting ways, dropping books at my locker, and went to my art class.

Walking into the classroom, I grabbed my supplies, I grabbed me spot and set my stuff up. “Vanessa.” Sighing; it’s the only class I have with the terror twins! “Wow that’s quite something.” She said looking at my painting; it’s amazing, whereas there’s are horrendous. “Don’t forget to be home tonight to make dinner.” “Don’t worry, I won’t.” Turning back to my work, it’s a vase of flowers, all I have to do I put some last finishing touches on it. “Alright everyone, work on your own today. Once you have finished I will grade your work.”

Putting my old ear buds in, I started painting. I have so much details into this, all the flowers look so real. After several songs, I’ve finished.

Calling our teacher over, she looked my piece over; made a couple of note and handed me the paper. “Very well done Miss White.” “Thank you.” signing my name at the bottom along with a rose, my mother’s favorite flower, I started washing my stuff while it dried. Tearing a piece of wrapping large enough for my piece, making sure it’s dried, I wrapped it putting my name on it.

Soon enough the class ended. Taking my piece, my last period is a spare, so I can get to work earlier. Grabbing my stuff from my locker, I have fifteen minutes to get to work on time. Leaving the school, I hoofed it to the diner. I was so lucky that Kevin gave me this job; it gives me a bit of freedom, also allows me to save money so I can get away from this place.

Walking through town, no one said anything to me, they know that at this time every day I’m on my way to work. KS diner is a staple in town, walking through the door, everyone nodded at me as I walked into the back, stashing my bag, and painting, pulling a clean apron and went out to the front.

“Hey Nessa.” “Hi Kevin.” I said pouring myself a cup of coffee. “How was school?” “It was good. I got an A+ on my art project.”

“That’s great honey. I’m so proud of you.” I don’t know what it is, but I have this feeling that something very odd is going to happen to me today.

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