Regina Urbana (Urban Queen) Part 1: Pre-Gang

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Part 1: Pre-Gang (2/7)

October 17th, 2006

New York, Ruuska Residence

The teenage girl stands in front of the bathroom mirror, countertop littered with beauty products and make-up shared with her mother. With hairbrush in hand, she strokes the many teeth of the comb through her hair, straightening the hairstyle into her desired outcome. Applying additional touches with her make-up, the young woman was obsessed with her looks. And after what seems like an eternity, she had finished. When she stopped focusing on herself, she noticed that there was banging at the bathroom door.

“Lucy! You’ve been in there for 15 minutes now! “said the male voice behind the door.

“Sorry, Dad!” Lucy replied, finishing up her last-minute preparations and finally unlocking the door to leave. Upon opening the door, Lucy met with Toby. She then got on her toes to kiss the man’s cheek. “Have a good day at work, daddy!” she said before running over to the staircase to run down and make her way to the kitchen.

Bowl and cereal box grabbed from the cupboard, and milk taken from the fridge. Spoon already in hand; she pours herself the cereal and milk to start her day. Crunching away at her cereal, she overheard her mother call out to her name. Through a stuffed mouth, a muffled “Yeah??” came from Lucy.

“I’m pretty busy today. Can you walk your brother to the bus stop today?” yelled Harley from across the house.

“Sure, Mom!” responded Lucy, shoveling the rest of her cereal into her mouth, setting the bowl into the sink. Grabbing her backpack, she made her way to the living room. “Okay, Matthew, time for school,” Lucy said.

“No.” replied a pouting Matthew.

“Okay, you little twerp, I am not going to be late because of you. Get up; we’re going to your bus stop.”

“No!” replied Matthew once more. A roll of her eyes and dropping her bag, she stood in front of Matthew, and before he could do or say anything, Lucy then assaulted the young 8-year-old boy with tickles to his stomach. At first, Matthew choked back his laughs. Before, it was all too much and erupted in laughter.

“Okay!! Okay--Okayokayokayokay, I’ll go!” the young boy attempted to talk in between his laughter. A smile formed across Lucy’s face as she once again picked up her bag and the younger boy’s backpack. “Alright, Matthew, let’s get going,” Lucy said before leaving the doorway. Walking down the street with her brother, she spoke up;

“So what are you going to show off for Show and Tell Matthew?” asked Lucy, looking down at the younger boy.

“I’m going to show everyone my cool action figurine!” replied Matthew.

“Ooh, that one? I’m sure your classmates and teacher will like it!” Lucy replied with a small smile across on her face. Aside from her friends and parents, Matthew was one of the most important people in her life.

“Oh! Shoot, Okay, hurry up, Matthew! Your bus is here!” Lucy said, pointing to the bus that just pulled up.

“Okay! I love you, Lucy!” he waved to the young woman before grabbing his backpack straps and ran to the bus stop. Waving to the young boy, she smiled and continued walking to her bus stop. After a minute or so of waiting, it pulled up, and she boarded the vehicle.

Walking down the aisle, she looked for a seat to sit. And before she could make up her mind as to where to sit, she heard someone call out to her.

“Lucy!! Over here!” waved a girl over on the right side, on the rear end of the bus.

“Hey, what’s up, Juliet?” asked Lucy.

Juliet Lau is a young Asian girl and Lucy’s female best friend. She has long black hair with brown eyes; she and Lucy met in Grade 6 and were friends since. As oppose to Lucy’s tom-boyish nature, Juliet was all about gossip and rumors.

“Hey, hey, Lucy. Did you hear that rumor of Samantha having a thing for Todd??” Gossiped Juliet. A sudden: “That’s a complete lie!!” was shouted from the bus’s front. “Hey, how about you get the guts to ask him out?!” Juliet replied, both Lucy and Juliet giggling.

“Okay, so. Lucy. As you know, I’m the one who hears about all of the gossips in our school, right?” Juliet said.

“Yeah. You never shut up about it--” Lucy replied before getting cut off.

“Up-pup-pup-pup-- Don’t worry about the details. Anyways get this.” Juliet said, looking around the bus before pulling Lucy down, whispering. “Angela told me some dirt on Jamie. Jamie has a crush on a teacher,” whispered Juliet.

“What?!--” Lucy exclaimed before Juliet covered her mouth.

“Shhhh!!! You’re not supposed to be loud when we’re whispering, remember?!” Juliet said, waving her finger in front of her face. “Are you going to be quiet?” asked Juliet. Lucy shook her head. “Well, I’m not going to let you go until you say yes.”

And before she knew it, she felt Lucy’s tongue press against the palm of her hands.

“Eeew, gross!!” she said, withdrawing her hand from her mouth and shaking it, rubbing it against her skirt. “What the heck was that for?!” asked Juliet.

“Well, that was one way to get your mouth off of my mouth. And guess what. It worked!” she giggled.

While arguing and bickering with Lucy, Juliet suddenly noticed someone. “Oh, here comes Percy!” Juliet pointed at the curb the bus was turning to, where a group of kids was about to board.

“Hey, let’s pretend we don’t know him!” Suggested Lucy. Juliet silently agreed with a nod.

A petite young man walked down the aisle, ripped jeans with a black plaid sweater, and was Lucy’s male best friend. Percy Riley was a young teen when he first met Lucy in the 7th grade. Having gone through some grave problems over time, Lucy had helped him a lot in self-discovery and confidence. Having a strong taste for rock and metal, he always showed it in his taste of clothing. But, at heart, he was still shy and often nervous.

Nervously, he walked over to the back of the bus, meeting up with the two girls. “H-Hey, Juliet, Lucy. How are you this morning?” asked the young man. Silence, the two girls kept talking to one another.

“Hey. Lucy. Juliet. I’m right here, you know.” He spoke out again, waving his hand in front of the two girls’ faces.

“Uh...who are you?” replied Juliet, looking up from the seat.

“W-What do you mean?! I’m Percy. Percy Riley? We’ve been friends for years now?” replied Percy in a worried tone.

“Percy? Oh, you mean you’re that loser? Cha! What do you want, loser?” replied Lucy. The two girls looked at one another, giggling. But they didn’t expect him to turn around and walk off.

“W-Wait just a second, Percy! We’re just messing with you!” Lucy replied, standing up from her seat to reach over, grabbing his arm.

“Yeah! Learn to take a joke! Jeez!” Juliet added, also getting up from her seat. And before Percy could do anything, both girls had embraced the young man in a hug. “We’re sorry. We just wanted to pull a prank on you.”

Percy was honestly close to tears, but he hid it. A smile formed on Percy’s face. “You two are real jerks, you know.” Lucy then proceeded to help Percy to his seat that was just across from theirs, smiling over to the boy.

“Feeling any better now, Perce?” asked Lucy.

“No need to call me that dumb nickname, Luce,” replied Percy.

“Hey! Don’t be such a hypocrite!” Lucy yelled back. And when the two bickered, while Juliet was in the background, just giggling to herself. The three soon arrived at their school, and after a bit of visiting in the halls, they soon went to class. The morning passed, and soon the bell rang. It was Lunch Time.

“Okay, Okay. My turn!” said Juliet, who was sitting with Lucy and Percy at a lunch table. “Would you rather...kiss a dog or kiss a cat?”

“Please. PLEASE. Not while I’m eating, guys.” Percy commented, trying to enjoy his meal.

“Dog or cat, hm? Well. I’d have to go with the cat.” answered Lucy.

“A cat?! But cats lick their butts and all that stuff!” rebutted Juliet.

“Yeah, well, unlike dogs, they don’t puke, eat it, then puke again and probably eat that same puke!” responded Lucy. Both were getting up on their feet, staring down each other.

“Alright, alright, ladies. You’ve officially ruined my appetite,” said Percy, pushing his tray to the side and looking up to the two. “Are you two going to have a catfight over this stupid Would You Rather question?” The two soon swung the head to Percy with intense stares.

“..I stand corrected. Welp.” Getting up to his feet and walking from the table. “I have to use the washroom. Don’t trash the room while I’m gone.” And just as Percy left the lunchroom, although faint, he could hear two girls yelling at each over kissing animals.

He couldn’t help himself from laughing, walking over to the boys’ washroom. But on his way over to the restroom, a group of bigger, older boys who were bullies approached the rather slim young man. “Hey, twig! Watch where you’re going; we could’ve broken your bones if you ran into us.” said one bully, the rest of them erupting into laughter.

“Hahaha--...Y-Yeah...listen, I just went to go use the washroom. Could you please??--”

A hand soon slammed onto the locker next to them. “Then what the hell are you going to the boy’s washroom then? The girl’s washrooms are over there. And why aren’t you here with your little girlfriends, huh? Don’t you girls always go to the washroom in groups?” said the bully.

A nervous laugh exited Percy, looking down at the side of the floor. “...I have to go, guys. Could you please get out of my way?” and before he knew it, one of the bullies grabbed him by the collar and lifted his fist, ready to strike.

“What do you mean get out of your way, fag?! Are you tryin’ to boss us around?” said the older student.

“Hey!!” yelled a young woman’s voice.

“How about you knuckleheads pick on your size for once?” Before they knew it, a blonde student was making her way to the group. Lucy was rather famous in the school, but everyone also knew that she wasn’t a push-over when it came to a fight.

“Lucy? Came to get your faggot of a girlfriend?--” Lucy suddenly interrupted.

“Hey! Even if Percy was a girl, he’s still more of a man than all of you combined! So if you got a problem with him, you should address them with me!” Suddenly, she was right in their faces, those light blue eyes of her staring intensely into the bully’s eyes

“...Hmpm, come on, boys. We’re done talking with these chumps.” the main bully said, releasing his grip, and they all gave their glares to Lucy. Glaring back to the bullies, before resuming her attention to Percy.

“There you go, Perce! Now you can go use the washroom,” said Lucy.

“H-How did you know I was in trouble?” asked Percy.

“Well, you were taking longer than usual, so I told Juliet I was going to check up on you. It looks like I was right to do so.” Lucy answered, before placing a hand onto Percy’s shoulder then pushing him.

“Now go, before you make a mess on the floor.” and with that, Percy went to the washroom. And when she was walking back to the lunchroom, Lucy had noticed that the group of bullies was down the hall, just walking away. In one of the bully’s back pockets was what appears to be a black and white bandanna.

“...I don’t have a good feeling about those guys...” Lucy said to herself, taking a deep breath and reentering the lunchroom.

She’s been walking around her neighborhood lately and noticed a couple of guys sporting the same bandanna. Those colors didn’t belong to a gang she knew about but still got a bad feeling in her stomach.

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