Regina Urbana (Urban Queen) Part 1: Pre-Gang

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Part 1: Pre-Gang (4/7)

November 14th, 2008

New York, Ruuska Residence

“YOU LITTLE FUCKING BRAT!” a woman’s voice yelled out and followed by a loud slap.

Stumbling back, Lucy held her hands up to her cheek, looking up in fear towards the one who attacked her. This slap wasn’t the regular ‘punishment’ slap. This one had...malicious intent behind it.

“WERE YOU THE ONE SNEAKING BOOZE OUT OF THE CABINET, YOU LOUSY BITCH?!” yelled Harley, walking her way over to Lucy -- which was more of a stumble. “DON’T BOTHER BLAMING YOUR DAD OR BROTHER. IT WAS YOU, WASN’T IT?!” Harley screamed before balling up her hand into a fist and swinging it towards Lucy. She hit her right in the face and was knocked to the ground, clearly dazed from the strike. Heavy breathing from the young woman, trying to regain her bearings of the situation.


“ wasn’t you, mom?” Lucy said, raising her hand to guard her face. “M-Maybe, you had too much to drink...and you f-forgot that you had grabbed another bottle...e-earlier,” Lucy explained her logic to her mother, still fearful of her mother’s wrath. Harley stared angrily down at her daughter before reaching to grab a near-empty bottle of alcohol, gripping the neck of the bottle.

“Do you think that happened?” Harley said before stepping towards Lucy. The young blonde closed her eyes and looked the other way, preparing for any abuse her mother had planned to cause with the bottle. Before suddenly;

“Hahaha!~ I’m so sorry, sweetie...” Harley said, swinging up the bottle upwards, the rest of the alcohol entering her mouth, before setting it back on the table nearby. “Mommy’s...been drinking too much, huh? Hahaha...come here, Lucy. I love you...~” Harley said, getting on her knees to hug her daughter. The smell of alcohol in her mouth. Lucy pressed her hand against Harley’s shoulder, pushing lightly.

“M-Mom, please. You should go up to your need to rest...” Lucy suggested, worry and fear still present on her features.

“Okay, okay. Fine,” grumbled Harley, before stumbling her way out of the living room and up to the second floor, where Lucy finally heard her bedroom door is closed.

“H-Hah...” Lucy exhaled, before hugging herself, in an attempt to calm herself down.

“Hah...Hah....” she was trembling, looking down to her own body; she noticed it was shaking. With fear? Sadness? Anger? Who knew.

“H-How...much did she drink today...enough that it obscured her memory...of course, it’s when dad and Matthew are away from the house...” she said, before getting up to her feet, her legs still shaky. “Dad said he’s going out shopping? I thought we didn’t have...” Lucy soon sighed, deciding it was better not to worry about it.

“...How hard did she hit me this time,” Lucy asked herself before walking up the stairs and stumbling into the bathroom. Opening the medicine cabinet, she took a couple of painkillers before closing it. Sighing and looking up to the mirror.

There was a red mark across her cheek, where her mother had just slapped. And her right eye was starting to develop a bruise. “Nothing a little makeup can’t hide,” she whispered to herself. She brought up her wrist to check the time on her watch.

“I have two hours before I meet up with Percy and Juliet at the theater...” she quietly spoke to herself before getting to work on hiding the recently received bruises. She knew why her mom was drinking, but...hitting her was undoubtedly something she didn’t like. And with that, she decided to leave to the meet-up area early, figured the fresh air and time away from her drunk mother would help soothe her mind.

“I’ll borrow mom’s glasses...” she said to herself before leaving. Time had passed, Lucy made her way to the movie theater that Juliet, Percy, and herself agreed to meet. Waiting around, Lucy leaned against the building wall, looking down to the sidewalk, thinking about what happened earlier at home...why is her mom drinking so much lately?

“Lucy!!” shouted a young woman’s voice, and when Lucy lifted her head to look at the source up ahead, she saw both of her friends waving towards her.

“Always on time, aren’t you?!” Juliet exclaimed, running over to Lucy and wrapping her arms around her best friend. “I like your new sunglasses!” she added. Percy was next to approach the two.

“You ready for the movie, guys? I heard it was one of those cool action ones. Explosions and all that stuff!” he said, smiling.

“Thanks, Jules! And hell yeah, I’m ready! I’ve been looking forward to it for the last week! Now come on, I want some good seats!” Lucy said before running towards the theater, with both Juliet and Percy following from behind. They’ve gotten their tickets and concessions and were finally enjoying the movie.

Although...throughout the movie, Lucy had seemed annoyed. Not at anyone or the situation she’s It was about the movie. And, more specifically, the villain of the film. Soon a scene of the villain having their gun pointed at the protagonist, and they began to talk. They began to monologue...and this pissed off the young blonde. Standing up from her seat, she soon yelled towards the screen.

“WILL YOU STOP MONOLOGUING FOR FUCKS SAKE?! JUST KILL HIM!! STOP TALKING! HE’S GOING TO GET AWAY!!” Lucy said with an angered expression, both Juliet and Percy trying to pull her back down to her seat. And of course, the rest of the crowd were yelling at her to quiet down. Before she could retaliate or say anything, a flashlight was turned on and right onto Lucy.

“Eh--...” an embarrassed look as she slowly looked over to the user. “Eheheh--...” and with that, the usher pointed towards the exit. Hanging her head in shame, she walked out of the theater. A few moments later, Juliet and Percy both left the theatre as well.

“What the hell was that about, Lucy?” Juliet said, catching up to her and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. Percy following up from behind.

“I get so annoyed when people monologue in movies. That always causes the downfall for the villain and bleh,” she grumbled to herself.

“Kinda sucks that we didn’t get to see all of it, though,” Juliet added, looking over to Percy.

“Right? I wanted to see how the villain would have bitten the dust,” added Percy.

“Yeah yeah, I get it. It was because of me that you didn’t get to finish it. Besides, you didn’t have to follow me out; I would’ve just waited for you guys out here.” Lucy said, a small pout across her face.

“Yeah, but what’s the fun in that?” Juliet said, chuckling to herself. After a while of walking, Juliet soon spoke out. “Hey, Lucy? Have you heard about some girl named Brooklyn?” she said, looking over to the blonde.

“There’s how many Brooklyn’s out there, Juliet? There’s a whole ass area of New York named Brooklyn,” replied Lucy.

“Fair. Okay, but listen to this. Rumors are going around that some girl named Brooklyn from some fancy-schmancy private school. Someone had killed her parents. Like, she said that she was hiding as the intruder broke into their house and robbed them.” Lucy, with a look of shock, looked over to Juliet.

“Really? That poor girl. Is she alright?” she asked.

“Well, her family was filthy fucking rich. Like. Own the entire street of New York kind of rich. So, she inherited that money. So...I think she’ll be fine.” Juliet concluded.

“Still, though, your parents dying? That has to be one of the worse things to experience.” Percy commented.

“Yeah, no, kidding,” replied Juliet.

“I hope they got that sunnavabitch,” Lucy said out of nowhere. “Whoa there, Mobster” Juliet giggled to herself, noticing the subtle accent of Lucy. “No need to get all Al Capone on us.” she laughed.

After a bit of walking, Juliet had noticed something. Was Percy...?

“Hey, Perce!” Juliet suddenly called him out, causing the young man to stumble on his works and snap out of the...apparent gaze that he had.

“W-What, Juliet?” asked the young man.

“The hell you’re staring at?” Juliet asked, stopping in her steps, in which Lucy and Percy stopped as well.

“W-What do you mean? I wasn’t staring at a-anything!” Percy defended himself.

“Oh, bull-fucking-shit.” scoffed Juliet, stepping up to the young man with a grin across her face. “You were looking at Lucy’s chest, weren’t you? You fuckin’ perv.” Eyes narrowed from the young woman, grinning. Yep, Juliet had caught Percy peeping a ‘peek’ on Lucy’s physique.

“W-What?! No, I wasn’t! You can’t just be making claims like that?” Lucy folded her arms over her chest.

“Hey. Just because my tits are bigger than others doesn’t mean I have to be the topic of argument,” added Lucy.

“Awh, but Lucy! You’re pretty big compared to others! Can’t say I haven’t peek a look myself from time to time.” Juliet said before walking over to Percy, wrapping her arm around him as she brought him into a noogie. “Who would think that the shy little guy is such a perv?” she teased.

“C-Cut it out, Juliet!” With that, Juliet and Lucy laughed, and they all resumed walking to their area. When it was time to part ways, they all waved at one another before walking off in their separate ways.

When Lucy arrived at her house, she noticed that...there was a nice looking car in their driveway. As opposed to their older, crappy minivan.

Opening the door and walking in, she announced herself. “Hey!! I’m home!” And from the living room, she heard her family.

“Hey Lucy, come over here and check it out!” spoke a man’s voice. With that, she made her way to the living room. Upon being able to see what was going on, she noticed that...there was new furniture. A bigger, recent mode T.V. hell, even a new game console! And her family? They were all happy. Everyone enjoying it all.

“Come in, come in, Lucy!” said Toby.

“Hey, What about that car out in front?” Lucy asked.

“Oh! Do you like it? Yeah, I won a huge jackpot at the casino, and with all of that money? I bought myself some nice upgrades to the house and our lives! And better yet? We’re going to eat like kings and queens tonight!” Toby exclaimed happily. Lucy, looking around herself...noticed a positive and happy environment. Even her mother was calm. The atmosphere was lovely... enjoyable. And with that, she threw the suspicions away and joined her family in fun.

As the family enjoyed their new vanities in their house, Toby’s pocket’s cellphone began to ring.

“Don’t mind me, you enjoy the console,” Toby reassured his family, a soft smile before getting up from the new couch. Walking across the entranceway, to the dining room, and finally into the kitchen. In the distance, he could hear his children laughing and enjoying the games. Even Harley was cheering them on. A soft chuckle before looking down at his phone. Swallowing his saliva, he soon answered the call.

“Hello? Yes, Mr. Mendez, this is Toby Ruuska.

Yes. I understand. Thank you.

Have a good day.”

Toby put his phone away after the brief conversation. A sigh, looking off to the side...parents always want the best for their families, right?

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