Regina Urbana (Urban Queen) Part 1: Pre-Gang

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Part 1: Pre-Gang (7/7)

April 24th, 2010

Arlington High - Prom

“H-Hey! Sorry to bother you, but. Have you seen Lucy anywhere? N-No? Okay, sorry!” Juliet excused herself, her high heels clicking against the floor beneath her. Looking around the gym...everyone was dancing and having a good time. She hadn’t received any word from Lucy or Percy for the past week.

“Lucy?!!! Percy!!” Juliet yelled out to the loud crowd, answer. She continued to ask around the gym for these two, but no one had any idea where Lucy or Percy would've been.

It was the end of the night, most attendees were gone from the gym, and the rest were most likely out doing their parties. But Juliet? She stood out in the street, looking left and right...this is where she’d always meet Lucy and Percy. one showed up. On one of their most essential nights? What happened?

She clicked at her cell phone, texting both of them, but she hadn’t received any messages from either of them for weeks. Putting her phone away, she sighed, Looking up to the night sky with tears in her eyes.

This was the biggest day of their lives thus far. And neither of her best friends were there to experience it with her. Did they ditch? Did they just...abandon her? Why would they leave without telling her? Her heart pounded against her chest, as tears freely flowed down her face.

Her weak voice soon spoke up, as if losing hope;


Where are you...?”

PART 1: Pre-Gang


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