Miserable Family

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Luna Moon Huckleberry born of Maggs Huckleberry, Luna was a mistake conceived due to a drunken one night stand. Her mom's second cousin Car who had a loving husband and lots of children chooses to take Luna into her home after the last straw is met on her nerves.

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The phone call

I'm Luna Huckleberry, daughter of Maggs Huckleberry & unknown. My moms second cousins Car is like my aunt, she lives in Colorado with her husband and kids. Her oldest daughter Azura is the same age as me and basically my BFF. My mom is alcoholic & drug addict. Due to last nights little issue I'll be moving to Colorado to live with my Aunt Car, her husband Shane, & their kids. And by last nights little issue I mean my mom getting really intoxicated after work and her crazy drug dealer ex boyfriend came knocking. I'm leaving in a week, just enough time for me to pack my things. I started packing last night after creepy crazy druggy left last night, or at least that's what I call him. I don't care enough to learn names. Besides why does even matter the longest relationship she's ever had was not even a month.

I've been calling Aunty Car everyday since we made the decision so I can get all the information, I've also been texting Azura all the time we are so excited to share a room. Only three days now till I leave, sure I'll miss my mom but it's not like she did much anyway. I pack, and pack, and pack but like I'm so happy doing it. The mountains of Colorado will be so different from the projects of twin cities Minnesota. Aunty Car is forensic scientist for the United States Army and Shane is a Night Club owner all over the USA.

I'm sad kinda to leave Minnesota but this is a new opportunity to grow. Plus I'll be a part of a big family. My aunt and uncle have quite a few kids; Shane age 15, Steven age 14, Azura age 12, Carol and Frances age 10, and Dale age 8. Yeah I know two boys and four girls plus another one the boys must feel like they are drowning in girls. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't all I know is I won't be alone anymore once I move in with them.

Only twenty four hours now! I can't wait, I'm super duper happy and ready to take on any new challenges life may through at me. I've packed everything and I shipped all the boxes so they should arrive shortly after me. I go hug my mom and watch a movie. She alas didn't care to join me but I won't let that lite thing ruin my positive attitude. Positivity is key. After my movie I do some yoga and play outside. It starts to rain so I go read one of my few books. I love reading but my mom doesn't read and doesn't much like books. But again happy thoughts. Soon my new life shall begin.

"Train Yourself to see the good in everything. Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts"


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