Boys Are Bad, but Girls Can Be Worse

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Before we can begin this story there's a bit you should know. First off, we are a group of teens who are classified as the good kids. We excel in academics and we play nice, we date the ones we are expected to be with. Just so happens the ones we date are also a part of this group. Just like everyone else we have our secrets. It's just our secrets lye in the place we consider scared. The woods. Our meet up point between our two schools. Just proves that looks can be deceiving. When someone's threatened our secret we retaliated. Until now we have never spoken of it. To some this will be nothing more than a love story, but trust me, even though we do love each other and then some this story is so much more.

Drama / Humor
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Lilly, 5'8, pitch black hair. Obvious charmer, good listener, short attention span and very protective of friends.

Niecy, 5'7, blonde hair, sweet and innocent looking. Always thirsty for vengeance.

Jane,5'6,light brown hair, goofy and fun loving. Nasty attitude but still easy to get along with when not on her bad side.

Rose, 5'4, bright red hair. Lovable and caring, but don't piss her off.

Diamond and Onyx, twins, both 5'3, strawberry blonde. Easy going firecrackers.

Beauty, 5'6, bright green hair, sassy sarcastic and full of energy.

Sapphire, 5'7, baby blue hair, also sassy, sarcastic and full of energy.

Jasmine, 5'7, black hair with pink highlights, blunt, honest and straight forward, but is one tough ass devil in disguise.

All the girls have long hair, clear skin and a perfect hour glass body.

All of the boys have Raven Black hair.

Eryk, 6'6, hair four inches past shoulder.

Pawel, 6'4, hair the same as Eryk's

Nate, 6'5, hair to the middle of his back.

Broderick, 6'3, hair the same as Nate's

Ethan and Erin, twins, both 6'1, hair to the top of their backs. Few inches longer than shoulder length.

Szymon, 6'4, hair the same as Ethan and Erin's.

Toby, 6'2, hair the same as Broderick and Nate's.

Jamal, 6'5, hair the same as Broderick and Nate's.

All boys are charming and handsome with chiseled jaws and model like bodies. Hotheads with selective filters.

Problematic Ariel (not part of the group) 5'2, huge curly dirty hair, sassy, drives an ugly green bug, clingy, face covered in acne, big eyes and huge glasses. Not really liked by others.

The Bad Girl, Chastity Adams, 5'6 (features are after) gorgeous unruly curly shoulder length black hair. Brown eyes. Smooth blemish free skin marked with permanant scars down either side of face.

*This story is not meant to offend anyone. It's simply a rewrite of a story I wrote a few years ago. Don't hate me for purely unrealistic tendencies.*

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