When Hell Breaks Loose

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Chapter 04

It’s been about two weeks since everything happened and I’ve been left alone to deal, but that’s more of my doing than anyone elses. Destiny still comes to check in on me every now and them, but that’s about it. I can tell that she’s still upset with and now it’s more than just about the adoption. Novian disappeared the next day. Can’t really blame him either. Times like these everyone just needed a minute to sit back and think things over. It was like I was right back where I was with Ronaldo and I didn’t like it. However this time I wasn’t just sitting around crying hoping that Novian would return. I had cleaned the apartment from top to bottom and rearranged all the furniture. I’ve even cooked three course meals every night and took them to shelters. I rarely had an appetite since that night. I needed to keep busy. To do something to keep my mind off of how wrong everything had been going. I even switched to night shifts just to keep my active mind just a little more focused at night. I get about two hours of sleep now, but I make it work. Anything to keep my mind off of what happened with Jake and the fact that Novian left me again. Or did I push him away? What kills me is that I really don’t know or understand what went wrong. I remember that we were talking about everything that happened after the police took Jake away. I hadn’t meant it, but I couldn’t control it. It just kind of burst out of me.

“Why didn’t you press charges Hope?” He sighed. I shrugged. I hadn’t spoken a word since I stopped Novian from practically killing Jake. “Come on Little H you have to talk to me.” I just stared at him trying to convey my fear with my eyes. As much as I wanted to say something, I just couldn’t. There was no point in pressing charges since Novian had pressed him and the fact that Destiny called added on domestic charges.

“Is she still not talking?” Asked Destiny from the doorway. I looked around my room and now every inch of it would remind me what Jake had done and how stupid I’d been to believe he was different. His anger erased years of family moments spent in this room. Now all I could see where my blood that stained the floors.

“Won’t even hum.” He said. He sounded broken. Like he had given up on himself. I wanted to fix him, but I couldn’t even fix myself.

“Just give her a bit of space Nove. She’ll start speaking again. Right now she’s just afraid. Her body is still in shock.”

“Of me?” He stared at me eyes blazing with hurt at the thought that it was him I could be afraid of. I wanted to tell him that wasn’t the case, that I didn’t fear him, but we all knew that would be a lie. I feared what he was capable of and my mind wondered if I pushed him far enough one day would he do the same to me. It was an unfair assumption, but it wasn’t one that I could control. He reached his hand out towards me as I flinched and took a step back. I watched as a single tear strolled down his cheek as he reluctantly put his hand back at his side. He was always able to restrain his emotions so an outsider wouldn’t know what he was feeling, but he’d hadn’t been able to do it with me. Seeing him hold back his tears hurt me causing some more of me to break. This was proof that he wasn’t the Novian I thought I knew anymore.

“It’s not you that she’s afraid of Novian, don’t let her reactions fool you. It’s what you’re capable of that scares her. Neither of us have ever seen you in that stage of anger before and after Ronaldo and now Jake she’s a little shaken by that same anger.” She explained. I just stood there staring at them both. “She has never liked your anger Novian.”

“She has never flinched away from me either Destiny. You know I would never hurt you Hope. You know that. I only want to protect you.” He said stepping closer to me and reaching for my face. A scream flew past my lips before I could stop it. No words coming out, just a solid sound. I screamed at myself to stop, but a larger part screamed that he wasn’t who I thought he was anymore. He stumbled backwards more tears coming down his cheek. “Hope I-I...” He shook his head as he turned and left. Destiny just stared at me as I stood there my own tears coming out my eyes. I wanted to go after him and beg him not to leave me again. I needed him to stay right here with me and keep me safe, but my legs just wouldn’t let me. Destiny just shook her head at me as she turned and left. I didn’t blame her. Right now I didn’t want to be around myself either. All I did was bring about pain and drama.

Its been two weeks since that night and I still haven’t spoken a word. I flinch whenever male co-workers come towards me. It was like I couldn’t bare to trust another male again. Including Novian. It had literally been beaten out of me...again. I had been wrong twice and almost ended up in the hospital again because of it. Even though Novian was someone I spent most my life around it’s been proven that people could change at the snap of a finger. That events in ones life can make them do things they’d eventually regret. That even someone you thought you knew like the back of your hand can still become a perfect stranger. I can remember when we were fifteen and he finally told me he loved me. That same day he got into a fight. I didn’t see it, but from what I was told it was brutal.

“Novian!” I yelled as he stomped down the halls. It was lunchtime and I really needed to use the bathroom. I hadn’t plan on being gone that ling, but I was going to finally.tell Novian how I felt and I wanted to make sure I looked at least halfway decent. I ended up being late heading towards the cafeteria when Destiny texted me that Novian had been in a fight. I practically forgot everything I’d been rehearsing as I ran to find him before he got suspended. “Novian please!” I cried. I hated when he ignored me. His movements halted as he turned away from me.

“Just go away Hope. I don’t like you seeing me like this.” He sighed. Someone had really gotten under his skin if he was trying to push me away.

“No. I’m the only thing that keeps you calm and I need to know what just happened. You promised you weren’t going to be fighting anymore!” I yelled. It was true. It’s been that way since we were little. Our parents were friends and we grew up together. Our moms use to joke about how Novian use to try to soothe me when we were babies just to keep me from crying and vice versa. As we got older he’d promise not to do things that hurt me anymore. Fighting was the main thing.


“No.” I cut him off. “Tell me what happened. Why were you fighting?” I demanded.

“Hope.” He tried again.

“Tell me already Novian.” I pestered tears pricking the corner of my eyes.


“Damn it Novian just fucking tell me already!”


“Me?” He nodded as I was taken aback. “Why? Why would you be fighting because of me?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wasn’t even around and he was blaming me.

“You’re beautiful Hope and I’m not the only one that has notice. I’ve never been the only one that noticed. I want to keep you pure and glowing, but that guy was a perv and talking impure things about you so I punched him. I promised not to let anyone ever disrepect or harm you and all I did was keep my promise. I know you don’t like it when I get angry and I fight, but I won’t apologize for keeping my promise Hope and you can’t make me. I know I promised you I wouldn’t fight anymore, but I promised Ms.Evans I’d always be here for you. You’ve been through too much for me to sit back and let some creep talk about you like that.” I stared at him and smiled as tears filled my eyes. Gathering up all the courage I had I threw myself at him and gave him my first kiss. The minute our lips connected there was an explosion of fireworks as my knees began to buckle under me. The only thing holding me up was his strong arms around me. Kissing him felt right. He was who I was supposed to be with. I had fallen in love with my bestfriend and nothing would ever be better than this.

“I love you Hope. I will always love and protect you.” He said pressing our foreheads together. “Regardless of my promise to your mother.”

“I love you too Novian and I know you will never hurt me.”

I smiled as I thought on the memory. Novian had truly always been there for me even when we were in diapers. He rarely ever left my side when my mother died and was essential in my healing afterwards. He deserved so much better than me. I was selfish and rude towards him. I only thought about my own hurt and lost forgetting about how it affected him. They were just as much his family.as they were mines. I had hurt him in a way I always promised I never would. In ways I never thought I was actually capable of doing. I lost all faith in him. I lost all trust in him. I had lost him because of it. I was close to tears just as someone knocked on my door. Slowly I inched towards the door as to not be heard and looked through the peephole. My heart lept for joy as I breathed a sigh of relief seeing a frantic looking Novian standing on the other side. I swung the door open and immediately was engulfed in his arms, my face buried in his chest. I inhaled his scent storing it deep within my memory for when he left again.

“Oh thank god you’re okay.” He breathed. I was too scared to move or say anything. I hoped this was really him and not just a figment of my imagination from wishful thinking. “I thought he already got to you.” He spoke into my shoulder as I pulled away from him giving him a questioning look. “You don’t know, do you?” He asked as I shook my head no. He said nothing else as he stepped in and closed the door. I watched as he moved around and grabbed things as if he hadn’t been gone for three years. I should be asking him what he’s doing, but this was kind of funny to watch. He knew this apartment like it was the back of his hand and it warmed my to see him act as if this was his home. He went into my room and came out with a suitcase full of clothes. He then went into the bathroom and came out with a gym bag full of toiletries. He even grabbed my girly things. I giggled as he grabbed another gym bag and filled it with the snacks and food from the kitchen before grabbing all three jugs of orange juice from the fridge.

“Let’s go.” He said as I tried to grab a bag in which he only denied me. I shrugged as I grabbed my keys and followed behind him to Destiny’s floor, but we didn’t go to her apartment. We went a few doors down and my heart stopped. He didn’t have to go through all of this just to show me his apartment. I remembered it. This place had once been my second home before they moved neck door to my dad’s house. It was like taking a step into the past. He unlocked the doors and turned to me. “Hope I need you to stay here for a while and to please let me know if you’re going to be leaving out.” Again I stared at him questioningly. It was fun in all going down memory lane, but I needed to go unpack all of this stuff back at my own place. “Hope, Jake made bail. He’s out.” Everything stopped as the room began to spin.

“W-what?” I stuttered grabbing a hold on the arm of the couch before sitting down.

“What did you expect Hope? You didn’t press charges. You didn’t go for the order of protection like the officer suggested. It was only a matter of time.”

“B-but y-you...”

“Yeah I know, but seeing as there was no real proof they were dismissed.” He sighed as he sat down and pulled me into him. Due to the shock I had finally spoken. My voice was a little harsh, but it felt good to be using my vocal cords again. This was a chance to make things right again with him. I needed to own my own mistakes and apologize. He needed to know that I didn’t blame him anymore. He caught me off guard when he confessed. I shouldn’t have said it. I didn’t mean it.

“I-I’m sorry.” I said clearing my throat.

“You have nothing to be sorry about Hope. If anyone should be sorry, it’s me.”

“Don’t do that Novian.”

“Do what?”

“Coddle me. You’ve done it since we were babies in diapers and all I do is tear you down about it. I’m a selfish ass brat and beyond rude towards you and you don’t deserve any of it. You never did. I never once stopped and thought about how my father’s death might’ve affected you. Or my mother’s at that. Especially considering that you were part of the accident. I didn’t think about how finding out about Ronaldo would make you react because of your promise to my mother. I was never going to tell you about Beniyah, but I wanted to hurt you. I wanted you to hurt as bad as I was hurting. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in myself that I forget they were like parents to you also and vice versa. It’s just....” I stopped and looked into his eyes. “It’s just that sometimes I forget I still have family here. You, your parents, your older brother and Destiny. That’s more than enough. At least I still have those that love and care deeply for me and I really need to learn how to appreciate them more. I need to learn how to appreciate you more. Not everything is about me. Others play a part, more like significant roles, in my life.”

“Hope, nothing you do is as bad as you make it seem. I wish you’d finally understand that. I expected a blow up when I told you. That’s not something you can just get over and yes I loved your parents as if they were my own. Hell, they basically were. Despite all of that I still blame myself and I have to sort through that on my own. If I hadn’t fled the scene as they call it I wouldn’t have gone to jail. You wouldn’t have met Ronaldo or Jake. We’d still have our child. To put a cherry on top of this shit sundae none of this would have happened if I had just been here for you. So no Hope I don’t blame you for anything. All of this is my fault. It’s always my fault and it always will be my fault. I am to blame for everything.” I stared at him open mouthed as more tears slid down my cheek. It took a minute for me to realize what exactly he meant by everything. The moment it clicked I was standing in front of him. My own anger starting to get the best of me.

“Stop! Don’t you dare say that again!” I yelled pushing at his chest. “Don’t you dare!”

“Why not Hope? It’s the truth!” He yelled pacing the room. “You and I both know it.”

“No it’s not!” I yelled. At this point I was tempted to throw something at him. Anything just to get him to stop saying the things he were saying. I didn’t want to hear anymore. I wanted to finally be able to put this behind me.

“Then what is it Hope! Tell me. Please look me in the eye and tell me his death is not my fault.”

“It’s not Novian.” I whispered my shoulders slumped as I stared at my shoes. This was becoming too much. “I refuse to blame you for something you didn’t do.”

“Basically I did. You don’t know it all.”

“And I don’t want to know.” I spat. He sighed as I turned my back to him.

“He called me before the accident.” He cried causing me to spin back so that we were face to face once again. “I didn’t answer but he left me a voicemail. I still have it and I can play it for you right now.”

“I don’t want to hear it Novian.” I denied.


“I said that I don’t want to hear it! Nothing on there can make me change my mind Novian! Do you hear me? Nothing!” I yelled as I placed my hands over my ears. It felt like all of my emotions were pouring out of me. I needed to stop them. I fell to my knees the weight of everything pulling me down. I knew where this would lead. My temper was just as bad as his. Only I would end up trying to hurt him emotionally. The room grew silent as I sat there folded into myself. I needed it to stop. Even if it was just for a moment. Images of my dad smiling with Novian played beneath my eyelids. How could this be Novian’s fault? My dad loved him like he was family. Novian wouldn’t just leave him there to fend for himself? Would he? Why would Novian be his last call? How come he didn’t call me? What could they have been hiding from me that lead to all of this?

“Hope I’m sorry. I never wanted you to find out like this. I never intended on you knowing.” He said sounding broken before the sound of my dad’s voice filled the room.

“Novian where the hell are you? Both Hope and I are worried and I’ve been looling everywhere for you. Look I know you fear that she might be pregnant and think that you aren’t already, but you are you don’t have to run. I’ve watched you grow from this vibrant, easily angered young boy to the man you are today. I am both proud and honored to be able to say I watched you grow up into who you are today. I’m here for you Novian. Do you here me? I’m here for you. Please don’t do this. Please don’t just leave her out of fear. I know that the two of you together are ready for this if she is. You have nothing to fear. At least call one of us and let-”

There was the sound of a horn blazing and tires screeching before the impact of a car hitting another one rang through the phone. Tears flooded down my cheeks as another voice I knew well ranged out.

“Mr.Evans. Oh my- no. No no no. Mr. Evans wake up. Wake up! You have to wake up. Please! We need you. Hope needs you. I need you. No no no. I’m so sorry. I’m so-”

That was it as the phone cut out. I sat there and stared at Novian waiting for him to explain some more. My dad died looking for him, but it wasn’t really registering like it should’ve.

“A passerby heard everything and called for help. The ambulance arrived first. As soon as they loaded him in I ran.”

“What....” I sobbed choking on my words. “What happened? H-how?”

“It was raining. I seen as your dad’s car pulled up to the changing light. He was going in the opposite direction of the restaurant and I just knew he was looking for me. I was so surprised and stuck by thay level of caring that I missed the green light. I felt like a coward running away from you because of my own fear. Mr.Evans wasn’t my biological father, but he still came chasing after me. I was on my way back when I got that call. The moment the light changed your father began to drive and some idiot ran the light. He swerved to avoid them and ended up crashing right into me. I was stunned before the adrenaline kicked in. Hope I had no idea my arm was broken until I turned myself in. I-”

“YOU TURNED YOURSELF IN! IT WASN’T YOUR FUCKING FAULT NOVIAN!” I yelled fed up with this self-blame.

“Hope I lied to you! I left because I was scared of being a father! I took blame for something I didn’t do so I wouldn’t be here! He came looking for me and that right there is the reason why he isn’t here today. How can you still forgive me?”

“Because Zach has Beniyah!” I yelled the words finally coming out. “And I hope you can forgive me for it.”

“W-what?” He stuttered.

“I gave temporary guadianship to Zach Novian. Your brother is raising our child.” I cried. He stared at me with the upmost look of betrayal on his face.

“H-how c-could y-you?” He stuttered backing away from me.

“Just like you I was scared.” I spat back. Needless to say, Novian hated his brother. He’s hated him since he found out that Zach was the one who took my virginity. We had finally reached a point of no return.

We sat in stone cold silence just glaring at each other. The tension was building, growing stronger by the second. It was only a matter of time before one of us snapped and I was positive that someone was going to be me. I was right as uncontrollable laughter spilled from my lips. I wasn’t amused by any of this, yet I couldn’t contain my laughter. I could hear the small evil voice in my head yelling with enthusiasm to hurt him some more. That he deserved to be broken in the same way that I was. I wanted him to hate me. To throw me out of his apartment and turn his back on me forever.

“Do you love him?” He asked every ounce of fight gone from his voice. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that he was speaking of his brother. I wanted to tell him no. To tell him that I loved him and him only to ease his mind, but the evil voice was only growing strong. It begged me to crush him is worse ways than he crushed me.

“He’s the only one who’s proven that he actually loves and cares for me.” I snapped.

“I haven’t?” He asked actually sounding surprised.

“Oh you have. You loved me so much that you got yourself thrown into jail for three years just from the mere thought of having to raise a child with me. In the process you got my father, my bestfriend, killed.”

“Hope I-”

“I don’t want to hear it Novian. I just don’t want to hear anymore. I’m done. I’m done with this, I’m so done with you and I’m beyond done with us. I just don’t care anymore. I don’t have the energy or the strength to keep going back and forth like this with you. It hasn’t even been a full month since you been back and already you’re making my life hell. Damn it Novian already I’m hating you.” My eyes widen as those last three words reached my ears. I hadn’t meant for them to slip, but they were out now and I couldn’t just take them back.

“Hope don’t say that.” He begged grabbing a hold of my hands. “You don’t really hate me.”

“Why not?” I asked pulling away from him. “Why shouldn’t I speak the truth Novian? Isn’t that what we’re doing here? Speaking truths. Well the truth is out. I hate you. I hate everything about you. I hate that I met you. I hate that I fell for you. I hate that I gave myself to you. I hate that I was pregnant by you. I hate that you’ve come back and ruined everything like you somehow manage to always do. I hate that I can look into your almond chocolate colored eyes and can immediately tell when your lying to me. I hate that I feel protected under your 6′2" stature while in your strong arms. I hate how much I loved running my fingers through that long hair of yours and laying on your chest until I drifted off into a deep slumber. I hate the memories we share. I hate everything and anything that reminds me of you. I FUCKING HATE YOU AND I WISH YOU WOULD’VE STAYED GONE!” I yelled trying hard not to maintain my tears. I was tired of crying over Novian and our past that for some reason we couldn’t just put behind us already.

“Do you wish I would’ve died that night instead?” He asked causing me to take a step back. “Do you wish it was my brother that got you pregnant? Tell me have you ever cheated on me with him. He was your first right? You gave yourself to him before you ever thought about me in that way. You say the kid is mines and you really expect me to believe that, but you gave him away to literally the last person I’d want raising him. Whose to say the kid isn’t my nephew instead of my son. Whose to say you aren’t a whore with some very loose lips.” He spat venom filling every word.

“Novian you’re scaring me.” I cried as my back hit the wall. He had me trapped and it was clear he wasn’t with me anymore. I had successfully pissed him off, but now I feared what he would do next.

“I DON’T CARE! ANSWER ME HOPE! Is the kid my son or my nephew?” He stared at me his eyes glazed over with unshed tears. I opened my mouth but the words just wouldn’t come out. “Answer me.” He whispered his voice breaking. I had done it. I had broken him. I sighed as I looked down at my feet.

“He is your son, but if I had gotten pregnant four months earlier he would’ve been your nephew.” I blurted. All secrets were on the table now. He knew everything.

“H-huh?” He stuttered tears falling down his cheeks as he stumbled backwards.

“It was four months before everything happened. We were arguing and I ran into Zach. It was one time and I had been drinking. A month later I found out I was pregnant. A few days after that I got an abortion. You weren’t supposed to find out. We were back in a good place and I didn’t want to ruin the possibility of us having a family of our own. Something that I’m just finding out you didn’t want regardless of my decision.”

“Get out.” He mumbled backing away from me even more. His entire body was shaking and there was a blazing fire in his eyes.

“W-what?” I stuttered.

“GET THE FUCK OUT HOPE! JUST GET AWAY FROM ME!” He yelled grabbing my bags and throwing them out in the hall before turning back towards me. He was less than two inches away from my face. “I don’t want to ever see you again, hear your voice or anything else that involves you. You’re absolutely nothing to me. You might as well be dead.” He spat as he stepped aside. I stood there dumbfounded wishing he’d just look me in the eyes. When I still didn’t move he grabbed me by the arm and put me out before slamming the door in my face. I sunk to knees cursing myself for what I’d done. It wasn’t long before Destiny was sitting onside of me.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” She snapped.

“I wanted to hurt him.” I shrugged as if I didn’t care when deep down it was killing me.

“So you lie?! What the hell Hope? What is it with you two that brings out the worst when the both of you are upset?”

“He didn’t want Beniyah anyways Destiny and he didn’t even know I was pregnant yet. What makes you think he would’ve wanted that one?” I spat. “So yeah I told him a white lie. He doesn’t care. He never did.”

“So instead of saying you’re hurt by that, you tell him it was Zach’s child? That’s low Hope. Even for you.”

“What do you think is going to happen when he finds out that your dating the brother he hates? Aren’t you supposed to be like a sister to him.” I smirked as her face dropped. She was the last person I’d have to push away.

“Nothing. I dumped him when I found out he was the one raising the nephew that I thought didn’t make it.” With that she stood up and stomped away. Now I was really alone. Smiling I grabbed my bags and headed back to my apartment. What was the point of having anyone when all people did was keep secrets? Shaking my head I unlocked the doors and stepped through only to see Jake sitting at the kitchen table.

“Glad you’re back. We’ve got some things to discuss. Sit down.” He demanded pointing at the chair across from him. I said nothing as I did as told. Hell I had nothing left to lose else left to lose.

Novian’s p.o.v.

I paced the length of my kitchen as I tried to calm myself. I couldn’t believe the things I just heard and I was losing it. I couldn’t stop hearing her saying those same words over and over. That smirk and her laugh seemed to haunt me as I pulled at my hair trying to contain myself.

“Ahhhhhh!” I yelled punching yet another hole in the wall. At least seven of them littered the walls. I stared at them feeling my chest tightening. It was like I couldn’t breathe. I was in disbelief. I nevee though that Hope could get under my skin like this. I never wanted to believe that she was this vile of a person. I needed to get out of here and I needed it to be soon, but I couldn’t. I had nowhere else to go and if I did leave I was only going to head straight towards her apartment and ended up being stupid for her all over again. Sighing I pulled out my phone and called a number I hadn’t used in awhile.

“Hello?” They answered.

“I need to talk to you. Can you come over?” I pleaded.

“I’m already here.”

“The doors are open. I’m in my room, I’ll be out in a minute.” I hung up as I laid down on the bed to take a breather. I really needed someone to vent too. Someone that I could trust, but first I needed to relax myself.

“Are you okay?” I looked up to see Destiny standing in my doorway wearing a concern expression. I sighed as I shook my head no and the tears started. I was both angry and hurt. Hope had really gotten to me and it hurt to know that was her intention from the jump. I clenched and unclenched my fist attempting to stop the tears, but was only failing. Seconds later she was embracing me in her small arms as the sobs shook me. “Novian what happened?”

“She was someone else Destiny. In all the time that I’ve known her I’ve never seen her like that.”

“Who Hope?” I nodded. “Well people do change Novian and it’s better that you seen it now rather than later.”

“Not as drastically as she has. Even when her mom overdose while she was laying there on side of her she was still fairly the same person. She’s not my Little H anymore. Not with all that I found out. I feel like I don’t know her anymore.”


“It’s crazy though.” I blurted cutting her off. “I still want to make sure she’s okay and that Jake ain’t get to her yet. I want to hold her until she’s back to the girl that I know and love. The one that I fell in love with.” I cried.

“Don’t you get it Novian. That is who you fell in love with. The thing with your brother and all the harsh words when you did something SHE didn’t like or approve of. Even if you were defending her. Hell, I wish I had someone that cared for me as much as you care for her.” I paid no mind to her words or her hand that was now rubbing against my thigh. My mind was only on Hope. I prayed that she was okay, that somewhere deep down she was still my Little H. Something was off about her today and it was killing me not to know or be able to help her. “Look I can help you get your mind off of it.”

“You’re going to check on-” before I could finish her lips were pressed against mines in an unloving kiss. It felt weird. Like I was kissing my sister and even though my brain begged me to push her away I only pulled her closer. I knew the reason I was kissing her was unfair to her, but I couldn’t help it.

She pushed me down on the bed as she climbed on top of me her kiss growing more and more impatient. I knew what it was that she wanted, but I just couldn’t give it her.

“Destiny...we can’t...I can’t.” I breathed unable to hurt her as I finally pulled away. She smirked as she realized what I was saying. Or so I thought.

“I can get you there.” She breathed confidently as she kissed down my torso and stopped at my waistband. I shook my head no as images of Hope flashed before me. This was wrong. I shouldn’t be doing this. I barely had time to push her away as my cock disappeared down her throat and she just stayed there. I sat there shock positive that my pubes were in her nose and she couldn’t breathe. It seemed like air was a mere option for her as her tongue licked around my shaft yet she wasn’t moving. Despite this being Destiny I was definitely turned on by her lack of a gag reflex. I groaned as she started bobbing up and down before sucking my balls into her mouth and tossing them around with her tongue. That was all it took before I threw her over the bed and practically ripped her clothes off. I didn’t care anymore. I needed this released. I thrusted into her a blind rage filling me.

“Ow! Novian slow down!” She cried. I didn’t stop because didn’t care if I was hurting her. She deserved this. Why would she do this to me? Why would she have sex with brother again? Why would she the first time? How could she do something like that to me? How could she knowingly hurt me like and not care about it? How could she sit there and actually laugh in my face about it. The more I thought about it the angrier I got and the harder I thrusted. I could hear her screaming and crying, but I didn’t care I kept going harder until I was close to cuming. I pulled out and forced her to her knees spraying my seed all over her face like the whore that she was. “Novian I love you. I’ve always loved you and what we did proves that you have some kind of feelings for me.” I stared wide eyed at Destiny as I took a step away from her. What the hell had I done? None of that was supposed to have happened with her. Again I had let my anger take control of me.

“Destiny I...I don’t see you that way.”

“But we just had sex. The best sex I’ve ever had at that.” She whined.

“That’s the thing Destiny. I thought that you were Hope. In my head she is who I was just having sex with. My anger got the best of me. I just don’t see you that way. I’m sorry.” I admitted. I watched as her face fell and knew a shitty day was only about to get worse.

“She doesn’t even care about you. She does the dumbest things and rejects all the warning just so you’d come and save her. I don’t understand how or why you put up with her bullshit Novian. You deserve better than that and I’m better than that. I care for you so much more than she ever will. She only cares about herself.”

“Destiny just stop you sound stupid to be blunt. You know damn well Hope isn’t like that. She’d tell you a shit storm of lies to push you away if she thought it’ll keep you away from her. Just to keep you from getting hurt.” My eyes widen as my words hit my ears. I was just now realizing what she was doing. How did I not realize that in the first place? She was only trying to protect me from her and I’d thrown her out for you. “You have to go.” I spat as I hurried to redress myself.

“Why? So you can go back to an ungrateful bitch who will only continue to stab you in the back and walk away from you. She didn’t even blink when I introduced her to that dirtbag Ronaldo. She jumped at the chance to get in bed with someone different. Didn’t ask any questions about or nothing. She was off without a second thought about you. I WOULD’VE WAITED FOR YOU NOVIAN! I DON’T CARE WHAT THE SITUATION WAS. I WOULD’VE WAITED FOR YOU!” She cried as I felt my anger rising again.

“You knowingly introduced her to someone who hits women?” I spat through clenched teeth. “Who the fuck does some shit like that and you’re suppose to be her friend.”

“I hate her. I only befriended her to get close to you.” She spat back. I grabbed her by her shirt and pulled her close until we were damn near kissing.

“Well obviously that didn’t work. Now get the fuck out of my apartment.” I spat shoving her out of my room. She stumbled as she landed on her hands and knees and stayed there just staring at me. I growled as I grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the door. “I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT!” I yelled throwing her over the threshold amd slamming the door shut. I had never put my hands on a women in any type of way, but that bitch deserved it. Now I just had to find a way to get Hope to talk to me.

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