i became friends with my bully😳

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a kid in mariellas schools continues to bully her until she hears his biggest fear. she found it funny and continued to make fun of him for that until the become friends.

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chapter 1 why did we meet?

*a group chat of friends*

sammy:hey guys!


hailey:what's up?

sammy:question, what school did you guys pick?

mariella: i think i picked karasuno

noya: so did i!

sammy: oh i picked hampton..

hailey: awe, i pick karasuno too

noya: oh well i can show you some of my friends on my volleyball team!

sammy: well tell me how it is i got to go bye!

(mariella POV)

i was really upset to hear that sammy wasn't coming to the same school but i couldn't do anything about it. all i could really worry about is the kids noya was talking about. "Mariella! It's time for dinner!" my mom yelled up the stairs. i shut my phone off and left it on the bed as i rushed down the stairs. we were having spaghetti and meatballs, my favorite. my little brother logan started eating and chose to have a meatball first. but you see me going for the spaghetti. i probably had about 2 plates until i was full and rushed back up the stairs. i opened my door and jumped on my bed. my phone was right next to me, so i watched youtube. after about 2 hours it was already 9 pm. my mom knocked on my door and said to get off the phone. i threw my phone on the charger and watched the office until i fell asleep at like 11 pm. the next morning i woke up to my mom screaming in the bathroom. my dad was at work and my brother was a heavy sleeper. i ran to the bathroom to see mom pointing at a spider on the floor. so i had to kill it. i grabbed a paper towel and squished it so it was dead. "oh thank you mariella! oh since your up you should start getting your school supplies together for school tomorrow." she said as she still had a smile on her face. i nodded my head and went to my room

*noya text*

mariella:hey noya! i just wanted to know what some of your friends are like!

noya: well ones six feet tall and super strong! we always get along named asahi. ones a dark blue hair boy who really likes volleyball and is kinda mean named kageyama.

mariella: so should i even speak to him or..?

noya: you can try.. but anyways there's one named hinata who is a tiny bit taller than me and really nice! there's said hi and suga but they'll introduce themselves. finally there's tsukishima who is really tall and has glasses. he has a little friend named yamagucci.

mariella: oh cool do you wanna hang out before school tomorrow?

noya: sure you can come here... OOO YOU CAN MEET THEM!

mariella: cool see ya.

noya: wait! i forgot to tell you about tanaka. he likes pretty girls and is really nice and focused.

mariella: alright thanks!

(mariella POV)

well now i get to see how his friends are. as i got my phone and hoodie, i texted my mom i was hang out with my friends. as i walked out the door i saw a lot of kids were walking to noya house, they looked at me and walked in noya's house. i was right after them walking in too. i put my hood up and saw noya. "hey noya.." noya looked up and got a smile. the whole team looked up at me too. "noya, who it the pretty girl?" i'm guessing it was tanaka. kageyama looked at me while holding his milk and hinata was grinning. "hello, i'm daichi and this is suga." as he said that a guy with grey hair stepped foward. "noya, can i invite kenma over? i think her bad kenma would get along! well if she likes video games." hinata said looking at me. "i like video games i guess.." i said shyly. "well you don't have to be shy mariella, they won't make fun of you." looking at tsukisima. he looked back confused and just shook it off. as i walked to the kitchen, i heard a knock at the door. noya opened it and it was kenma. he had his nintendo in his hand and walked in. he looked at me then at hinata. i grabbed a soda out of the fridge, "does anybody want anything from the fridge?" i asked. "water." hinata asked. i threw him a water. i shut the fridges as i sat at the table playing games on my phone. kenma came up next to me and asked me what games i play. but after that we realized we played the same games and went to the living room. i beat him a couple times and then we got up and went with the group. "why don't we go in the backyard and go in the pool?" he suggested. we all agreed and went outside. i had my bathing suit on since i had a pool too and was planning to go in. i was the first one in, i screamed go karasuno as i was under water. they all looked and cheered except tsukkishima who just rolled his eyes. one by one the did the same thing and we were all finally in the pool. we all played volleyball and i wasn't that bad, they were all impressed as i spike it passed tanaka. "noya, you didn't tell me this woman had moves?" tanaka asked in confusion. kenma and i cheered and hinata came up to us and cheered. we were all good friends but i never got to talk to tsukkishima. it was like he was avoiding me. after that i cooked them some steak and burgers. all of them were drooling as they smelt it. "noya, she can cook too?!" tanaka shouted in shock as he stuffed his face with a burger. i sat down next to him and hinata, legs crossed. i chose to have a steak and slowly ate it. " so since your a club, who's your manager?" i asked when i was done. "kiyoko san!" noya and tanaka said happily. i nodded as i put my shirt on and went to grab something inside. i grabbed my phone and sent in a beach chair. kageyama came up to me, "hey.." he mumbled. he bent down and told me, "what's a good way to make someone happy..?" he asked softly. i was in shocked he asked that but i had to answer." surprise them with what the like besides volleyball." i told him. i went up to hinata." hey hinata, besides volleyball what do you like best?" i asked him. he thought for a couple of seconds before he said meat buns. i likes those too and went back to my beach chair. kageyama was staring at my lock screen. " when did you too do this?" he asked me while showing me my phone. " we've known each other since we were kids so we have a lot of photos together." i told him a rolling through my phone. he nodded his head. just then i had a craving to go back in the pool so i took kageyama and threw him in the pool after that i jumped in after him. everybody stared until noya jumped in and go on my back. after hinata jumped in and got on kageyamas back and we were not wrestling. i was versing kageyama and they were having their battle up there. i managed to beat kageyama as him and hinata fell down.

(kageyamas POV)

woah she's really strong. she would be a great manager for us. "mariella, you should be our new manager. just saying." i told her. as noya got off her back and hugged her she said it wouldn't be the worst thing. as she and hinata we're talking, tanaka kept asking how to ask her out. we kept telling him to just be straight foward.

(tanaka POV)

oh just be straight foward? that isn't so hard. i walked up to mariella and ask to talk to her in private. as we walked by the house i just straight asked her, "mariella will you go out with me?" i asked calmly. she smiled. did she think i was joking, would she say no.?" of course tanaka, i would love too." she said with a smile. i now has a smile on my face,"tonight..?" i asked. she nodded her head telling noya the news. she was really happy and so was noya and everybody else except tsukkishima.

(mariella POV)

this was my time to see why tsukkishima wouldn't talk to me. i walked up to him and said hi. he waved his hand. "why won't you talk to me..?" i said in a little upset tone. "i do not like you enough to talk to you." he said walking away. it was a reasonable response and i was fine with it.i really wanted a plushie for who knows why." does anybody wanna go to the store, i want a dinosaur plushie!" i screamed out putting my slides on. noya,tanaka, and hinata came with me. i got my dinosaur, hinata got a volleyball and noya got a ice cream

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