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Conor Gallagher a 16 year old drops out of secondary school to pursue a dream everyone doubts to happen. Conor on his 18th birthday gets kicked out of the house by his divorced mother after still refusing to work or continue school. Conor ends up living on the streets for months until a foreign girl studying in Dublin lets him live in her rented apartment with her. Conor's life twists dramatically.......

Drama / Mystery
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Chapter 1 (16TH BIRTHDAY)

Conor starts his Sunday celebrating his 16th birthday, constantly staring at the phone for a call from his father 'George', who divorced his mother 'Megan' when he was 12 years old. Conor hasn't since been doing well generally in life, leaving him really not interested in school.

After not receiving a call from his father all morning, Conor eventually gave up. He tried to continue on his birthday, and went downstairs to find out that his mom was preparing a party for him. Conor shook his head with a smile saying "mam I'm not a kid anymore, I don't want a party anymore", his mom then replies "but I've worked so hard to plan this since morning, I've even ordered a custom cake with your favourite game on it". Conor: "mom thank you but can I just have some money, I'll take some of my friends to the cinema and then have a meal or something". His mom disappointedly reaches out for her purse, handing him over €200, leaving her with €100 for the next 4 days until her next salary. Conor: "mom I know everything you planned cost a lot of money but I'm sorry I'm not a kid anymore to blow candles".

Conor meets his 3 best friends at mall Zack, Ben and Brian, all of them were shocked, Zack: "bro you not having a party anymore?", Conor: "guys I'm sorry but I just don't find birthday parties fun anymore, let's get something to eat and then watch a film", Brian: "I would have preferred a party but ah well".

The day ended very disappointing for Conor, his friends didn't seem to enjoy themselves at all. Before going to bed Conor checked his calls for the last time to see if his father rang, still nothing…

The next day Conor lazily started dressing up for school, with very little effort puttin on his uniform. His mom knocked on the door before entering saying "Conor what are you doing, you have 10 minutes to leave and you're only dressing". Conor: "mom just a sec I only have the tie left". His mom eventually drove him to school just about making it on time."

The whole day Conor seemed very bored and lazy, asked by the teachers several times if he's ok. During break time his friend Zack noticed his strange behaviour and started asking him

"bro what the hell is wrong with you, are you ok?".

Conor: "I don't really feel like going to school anymore I don't feel like it's gonna help me, my grades are terrible anyway".

Zack: "so what's your plan".

Conor: "You know I turned 16 yesterday and legally you can now drop out".

Zack: "you for real your mom will never let you drop out, and do nothing".

Conor: "yeah but I want to do something else in life that I enjoy, like 'real' jobs don't even pay that much. I'm thinking about dropping out and becoming a Video Game Developer".

Zack: "bro your dreaming big, that's hardly gonna happen, man go school and forget about it".

After school on his way back home Conor kept thinking about dropping out, and telling his mom. When he made it home he lightly dropped his bag on the floor and told his mom "we need to talk". His mom, very worried, asked him "what's wrong, you seem very upset".

Conor: "I'm not upset, it's about school, I don't really enjoy it anymore, my grades are terrible and I don't see it helping me anytime soon, I'm thinking about dropping out and pursuing my dream job as a Video Game Developer".

Mom: "Conor not everyone succeeds that easily in life, dropping out of school will leave you with no job or money, I want to support in life but by doing this I can't, becoming a Video Game Developer is all about luck there's no guarantee you'll succeed", if you want to drop out you can, I will play my role as a mother, but if you don't start taking some action until you hit the age of 18, I'm afraid you'll have to leave this house, because I'm not gonna wait all my life for you to pursue your dream".

Conor: "I'll do my best to support this house financially, while also trying to pursue my dream job".

Another day goes by, Conor waking up earlier than usual knocking on his mother's door asking "are we gonna go drop me out of school today?" His mom replied "I can see how excited you are waking up this early".

A couple of minutes after the school bell rang Conor and his mother made it to the principal's office dropping him out. On their way back driving home his mom told Conor "so you've dropped out, now what? You're gonna wake up everyday doing nothing". His mother Megan shooks her head and continues on her way back home.

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