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" I want to feel and connect to life, to be bad and enjoy it. I want to move on to a different stage like others and embrace all the tragedies moments to myself. I want to go deep into adventure and experience a crooked life. "I need your help. Callie Anderson tells her best friend Isabella white who hesitates but finally agrees to help. Misadventures follow as her life gets harder and harder, finally leading to a disaster that leaves Callie facing her family and learning to value what she has.

Drama / Romance
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Callie's pov

Callie! I heard mom call with her thin voice Isabella is here. I snorted and tossed myself over and over again on my soft and comfy bed. Did she just say Isabella was here? Shit I yelled as my eyes finally opened and I realized it was Monday morning and I haven't even showered or had breakfast.

I'll be downstairs in a minute, I shouted back as I hurried to take a quick shower. I wore my clothes and rushed downstairs. "I God Callie don't tell me you just had your bath" of course not I replied. You know you are not very good at telling lies. She said again. Your hair is undone and wet, I rolled my eyes turned to mum and greeted her with my eyes focused on the breakfast I was about to miss.

I took the sandwhich and left the orange juice untouched. Izzy and I waved goodbye to my mum and my exasperating twin brother cole and headed to the car.

"What's with the rush Izzy" I asked as she was pacing very fast like a fisherman ready to catch fishes from the sea." You are so mean this morning" I said as I finally got into the car. You know we are twenty minutes late and act as if we are twenty minutes early, she replied harshly. Okay fine, fine am sorry I pleaded with my down lip stuck out like a baby denied from taking candies.

A cute smile form on her beautiful little lips,"much better" she exclaimed.

Hopeway college is one of the biggest college in America and certainly the biggest and most academic in Newyork. The school comprises of many students from countries all over the world but what I dislike most about the school was the high level of racism. Since college is not far from our homes, I always go with izzy's car and she has amazing driving skills.

Isabella and I have been best friends since high school and we have a lot of commons, she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and her blonde hair makes her look perfect. I am ever grateful to have a best friend like her.

"Shit cals" This faded jean again she said , bringing me back into reality. For once can't you not wear this , it's too worn out now can't you see. I looked down at my jeans but still didn't utter a word leaving the car still silent as it was. I watched as we headed to the parking lot. "Take this and brush that hair of yours". She said, I grabbed the hairbrush and brushed my hair neatly to impress her

The stern look alone she gave me , showed that I shouldn't wear that jean again. I smiled and i gave a slight peck on her cheeks and we parted our ways to our various lecture halls.
BTW hope you guys enjoyed the chapter one of my first Inkitt story , I need you encouragement and support love you all❤️😍😍.

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