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Chapter 2

As I entered my first enlish class , I apologized to miss Yvone and I was warned not to come late to class again. "Where is cole?" she asked since this is the only class I have with cole.

" He is down with fever, I replied heading towards my seat. Although I heard her say something like speedily recovery ,my eyes were focused on my colleagues giggling as if I was displaying a comedy show. I sat down as fast as I could unperturbed and thanks to miss Yvonne the class was as quiet as it was before I entered.

After morning lectures, I headed to look for Izzy and my other best friend Matt at the cafeteria. Matt is also one of my best friends, and three of us have been best friends since high school, we applied for the same college and hopefully wesucceeded. He is obe of the handsome people in this school . His blonde and wavy hair and blue eyes attracts most girls and not to talk of his tall and fit body. He was exclusively admiring and charming. My two best friends were two the most important people in my life and they will do a lot for me so do i.

I headed straight to the table we normally sit on and there they were. Already seated devouring their food , I made preparations got my food and sat with them. " Hey Cals, izzy and Matt said together". Hey wats up " I replied"." Callie guess what I have good news for you," izzy said happily. On come on it's my new I have to say it matt said facing me.

Isabella rolled her eyes playfully and waited for Matt to begin. " The football coach has appointed me to be one of the football players and I will be starting practice on Friday. For next weeks football game". He said happily. " O goodness I am so happy for you Matt I knew you will be appointed".

" I am sure coach also appointed him because of his handsomeness" Jane said with her tiny voice. Jane was one of our friends but we met her here in this school. She is very quiet and smart and overall pretty we loved her. And always teased her with Matt. " Thanks Matt said with a shy smile," just there Isabella cleared her throats as a sign of teasing them we all laughed and continued eating as we spoke about classes and our favorite teachers.

"Callie where is cole I haven't seen him today". He is down with fever and I hope it continues throughout this week. I Rollie's my eyes and Matt gave out a loud laugh . "I will follow you home after school and see how he is doing okay ". Sure I replied. Izzy and Jane also agreed they will too.

Just there and then Molly entered into the cafeteria and as usual everyone's eyes were on the queen. She went to sit on Max Wells laps . The most famous, handsome and richest boy in the school. He is every girls dream boy and most of all the football captain of the school. Here in hopeway the school was just like high school and university combine together.And we the first years were grouped on our own . So we weren't combined with the other sophomores and seniors.

They kissed did heir flirty things together which was none of our business. We continued talking and it was time for our next classes, Jane and I had the same class so we waved goodbye and headed to our classes.

After lectures I headed to look for my other friends,so we could go to my house. "This faded jean again, "I headed someone say at my back , I decided to ignore and continued my search but the giggles caught my attention . I turned and saw Molly and her squad as they are called. Looking at me with disgust. " My parents know here parents an they are very rich . Her dad is the owner of the Anderson company and tower and her mom works at Green vile hospital . Quinn one of Mollys friends said , I hated molly so much not to talk about how popular she is in the school.

"She acts like she has no parents or they don't look after her well" . Molly said and they gave that stupid giggle again.This really got to me and I stomped angrily managing to catch a taxi and I cried the entire way home.

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