Angel beside Me

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Chapter 4

Kenzo's POV

Tell me, does anyone ever loved Mondays? Because I certainly don't.

I mean, it's the start of your working days again. The feeling was like having a hell of a hangover from your short vacation. Only that mine wasn't a pleasant one and was actually far from it.

To worsen my morning, I woke up just before my alarm rang. What's the point of setting it in the first place when you're going to wake up minutes ahead?

I stood up sleepily and head towards the bathroom. I splashed a handful of water on my face to awaken my slumbering spirit. It didn't take long before I started preparing my breakfast. Maybe I should consider having Cass stay here with me. I'll make her cook for me in exchange of free boarding. From the way I see it, there's nothing wrong with living with your best friend under the same roof. She wasn't a stranger so I guess it's fine. I got to remind myself later to ask her about this. One more company isn't that bad.

I fried two eggs and cooked the rice. Hmm. I think there's a leftover beef broccoli from last night. I checked my fridge and took out the tupperware and heated it in the microwave. This should be enough for Luci and I.

"Hey Luci! Get up! Time to eat. Don't want you hungry" I called my dog and sooner, I heard him barking looking exciting with the smell of the food. See? I'm not the only one in this household who liked Cass' cooking. It appears to me thag Luci love it as much as I do.

We ate in a fast paced manner and I walked towards the bathroom to do my rituals. As the water hit my face, I wonder how was Venus doing? Is she alright? Of course not. But at least I hope she's getting by. I wished she was taking care of herself just as much I took care of her when we're together. Then my thoughts drifted to Cass.

To be honest, she's been exceedingly cryptic after the day I saw her at the park. She was still her, but something definitely changed about her. Confusing right? But I couldn't find a better word to describe it. It felt like she's so near yet so far. She's here with me yet she's not. She's laughing yet she's sad. She's acting like she's walking on a fragile line. One wrong move and it would completely destroy her. She knows a thing yet she refused to say it. She wanted to tell me something yet she refrain herself from doing it.

Does she have a problem? I'm her best friend so I guess, somehow, I deserve to know what is going on with her. What are you hiding from me, Cass?

Maybe I'm being paranoid. Maybe it was the aftermath of not being able to talk with her for the past three years. And I regret it big time. I seriously did.

Come to think of it, I know nothing about her after the last get together we had several years ago. I wasn't even aware that she overcame her phobia. What a horrible friend I was to her. I didn't even attended her eighteenth birthday where she personally asked me to come as I'm her last dance. It is kind of a wishful thinking hoping that she didn't get mad at me for that. I did promised her before that I'm going to be there on her birthday no matter what happens. Yet afterall, she still here sticking up for me in every situation.

She really is a great friend and I couldn't asked for more. If I were to live as another person, I would definitely search for her in this world just to be friends with her again.

She was always the kind of a friend to forgive you no matter how grave you hurt her. She was the type of a friend who is 'one-call away' in every circumstances.

Hopefully, inspite of everything I've done to her that caused her so much pain, she wasn't feeling like I'm taking advantage of her kindness because I'm not.

I stopped my reverie and closed the shower. Too much thinking. I'm going to be late because of this!

After fixing up my look and checked myself in the mirror, I started heading to my bike but not before I left Luci with the Landlady. Well, I could say that she's very fond of my fur companion here so she volunteered herself to look after him whenever I leave.

Hearing Bumblebee's engine roared, I set off to work.

Ah! Work. Here we go again with this place. Let me tell you some background about my work. I'm working as a junior marketing assistant on one of the top toy company here in the Philippines. Of course, there's a lot of pressure with the sales, strategies and so on and so forth. It is the way this job was made.

But hey! I think there's no job in the world where you wouldn't be stressed out. Because if there's any, then I would have signed up for that already.

"Goodmorning, Sir!" One of the guards greeted me as I walked passed the entrance door of the building. I answered him with a nod and scan my index finger on the biometric scanner to punched my time in.

Afterwards, I waited for my turn on the elevator as my working space was stationed on the fifth floor of the building. Taking a glance around, I can see people who have the same expression as I do. Guess we do really hate Mondays. Hooray for not being alone. Feel my sarcasm please.

The elevator opened and I got in. The space inside was a little bit crowded due to people trying to beat their time as they were likely to be tagged as late. Well, this happened because biometric scanners were only for the higher department such as us. Sales Division have a different time keeping tools and it was a bit old school.

I was pushed to the back and have my foot stepped on. I scrunched my nose in annoyance but the man seem to ignore it. I frowned. Not really a good way to start the week.

Soon, I was able to get out of that big box of people and I headed to my station.

"Bad morning?" Lace asked me. She's one of my teammates. She's the typical office girl. I could say she's pretty. With her doe eyes and long blackened eyelashes. Her eyebrows were drawn into a perfect curve. Powdered face and red lips. Her cheeks were stained with dark contour and blush on. Her brown hair were shoulder length. And she always wear a formal dress which tightly hugs her body matched with a high heels. Yes, she's pretty. But not for me. Not for my liking. I prefer something so natural, raw and bare.

"Having my foot stepped on and not receiving a single apology? Yeah. Not a good way to start the day" I retorted back.

"Want some coffee?" She offered me as she operates the coffee maker. I nodded in response. Maybe a cup of coffee might save the day.

"Good morning team!" Sir Alvarado's voice boomed in the office. Well, someone must have had a great morning today.

He's our team leader. Everything we proposed must go passed him first before we present it to the managers amd the board. He was probably in his late 30's. He was a bit chubby and short for a guy. He has this 'dad bod' people like to call it. Well, he's a married man so I guess it is fine saying that.

As a leader of a very competitive team, he showed promising skills. However, what I don't like about him was sometimes, he gets a little too ambitious. He would do anything just to climb the ladder or get where he wanted.

"Morning Sir!" Ashton replied to him with the same enthusiasm. Together with Sir Alvarado, they define the old saying of 'birds with the same feathers flock together'. Maybe that's why he got him as his protege. Their attitude were too similar you could mistake them as father and son.

"Manager Kath informed me that there's a meeting at 1 o'clock pm. She's probably going to announce the winning team this month." The ever so compliant Kharis butted in. Out off everyone here that is present, she was the most work driven. She cares so much for rules and follows it strictly. She would also nagged at everyone in the team if she found us slacking off. She could pass as a teacher if she would hold a stick with a chalkboard behind her. To me, she looked like a modern version of Ms. Minchin from the child tv series Sara ang munting prinsesa.

I massaged my temple and looked on the window adjacent to my space. The sun was up in the sky like a king shining down on his kingdom. Birds flew around showing me how free they were. To have the ability of fly wherever they wish to go. Freedom. They symbolizes the word freedom.

A hot cup of coffee was placed near my knuckles and I immediately withdrew my hand. It snapped me back to reality I could never escape from.

"Oops sorry! I've been calling your name but it seems your mind was off to somewhere." Lace quickly apologized and I let it passed.

I smelled the sweet aroma of the coffee and I'm thankful that Lace offered me this. It somehow calming every nerves in my body.

With this, I started doing my work. I continued all the unfinished emails, proposals and such that I left last week. I tried to get myself busy so that I wouldn't think of my own problems. But it wasn't a thing I can easily do. Especially if it happened just recently. I'm spacing out and I'm praying that Kharis won't notice me.

Hours rolled by rather quickly and soon, I found myself eating lunch alone in the cafeteria. My team was nowhere to be found. I think they ate somewhere else. Not like I care about it. I kind of isolated myself from them. I don't like much of their attitudes to be frank. The only time that I would talk to them was if it involves our line of work. I'm not that talkative when I'm with them. But I'm not rude to ignore them completely. Just the right amount of professionalism and respect to them as my teammates.

After I'm done eating, I checked the phone for the time. Good, I still got fifteen minutes left before the meeting.

Mindlessly, I opened the gallery and saw hundreds of pictures of me and Venus. I scrolled down and marked all the pictures and tapped 'delete'. It's better this way.

A group of voices called me from behind and motioned me to join them as they head to the meeting room. I sighed and put my phone back to my pocket.

There were five teams in the meeting room, including ours. All were excited to know who won this time. However, I'm not slightly interested. What can I say? I don't belong here.

"Alright! Good afternoon everyone!" Manager Kath greeted us cheerfully. She was holding a folder that contained the name of the winning team.

"As you all know, we have reviewed every proposal you submitted and taken into consideration the presentation you showed us from the previous meetings. And I can proudly say that you all did a great job. However, only one team got the approval of the board. And that team was lead by none other than Mr. Alvarado!" Not to be boastful but, it's kind of given. Knowing how persuasive and cunning Sir Alvarado was.

Everyone congratulated our team. What a bunch of hypocrites. They were all ready to pounced each other during the brain storming days. Now they were hugging like they mean it in the first place. We've been in a cross fire a month ago with the other team. Surely, there's some who's not contented with the result. It's in the nature of people to always seek for more than what they had received.

The day passed by and all I do was stare at nothing. The breakup affected me more than I wanted it to. I'm so out of my mind all day that I never noticed that I'm already at the parking lot.

I shook my head. I'm so distracted. Before I could wear my helmet, my phone suddenly rang.

Who would call me this time? There's only two people who would have the reason to call me and I'm not expecting the other 'one' to. Even if i was expecting it to be Cass, she wasn't one to call but rather show up on my apartment unexpectedly. So was it?

I checked my phone to know who the caller was. This is strange. They never call me on a daily basis. And the last time I talked to them was months ago. What do they want with me now?

I picked up the call and answered the caller.


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