Angel beside Me

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Chapter 6

Kenzo's POV

Wide eyes. I got to her side and looked at her. She seemed confused with her brows knitted and her head shaking from left to right.

She was still clutching her stomach and let out a huge sigh. She wasn't wheezing in pain or maybe she was trying hard not to show it to me. I grabbed her hand that has been clutching her stomach slowly only to see her shirt ripped open.

No blood. A breath of relief made its way out of my lips.

I checked her entire body to see if she was anywhere injured or hurt somewhere. Nope. She was completely unscathed.

"Are you hurt elsewhere? Tell me." I asked her. Worry evident on my voice. I'm not going to lie. She scared the shit out of me with her little stunt.

"No, I'm fine. It was just my shirt that got torn" She answered back. Still fazed from the moment.

"How the hell did you do that?"

"I punched him with my shackles." She replied dryly. Her hands lifting up showing me her bracelet that looks like it came out from a medieval movie. It was the same black bracelet I noticed she was wearing when I found her on my veranda.

Woman must have put it around her fist acting like a brass knuckles. That must have hurt. And looking at the guy, I could say she literally just had a score on him. His nose was broken. I know I've been punching him hard before he tried to stab me but all that resulted was his busted lip. So, that deformity was from her punch. Her bloody punch.

I looked at the other guy, the one who held her up and man, his face was now unrecognizable. He was also knocked out unconscious or was he in daze after receiving a pack of Cass' fists?

The police officer asked us to join them at the station to get our testimony of what happened. Afterall, we were the target for the crime.

Cass just shrugged and head straight to the car waiting for us. I followed her right after. She was looking out of the window and was having a series of deep sighs. I slipped my hand into hers and gently squeezed it.

"Hey, it's going to be fine. I'm here with you." Those words rolling out of my tongue.

It should be comforting her but it seemed like I was saying those words to myself. Because in all honesty, I'm so scared of what might become of us this unfortunate night.

"That's my line, dummy." She continued to gaze at the window. It felt like her mind just gone on a trip to Disneyland.

I was absent mindedly playing with her soft fingers on mine when the police told us were already at the station. I tugged her arm with a little force getting her out of reverie.

"We're here. Let's get this done with."

I couldn't look at the two guys convicted of crimes in front of us. First was because I'm still too mad at them for trying to hurt Cass. Second was because I'm trying to control myself not to shoot them dead. Okay, this one was exaggerated but you get my point. And third was that their faces were so messed up that I'm cringing just by the sight of it.

We gave our statement and sooner were allowed to go. The officer was kind enough to take us on a ride back to the eatery since we left my bike there.

Cass was still silent the way back. Maybe she was traumatized or something. Who wouldn't? She was held at knifepoint. She could have lost her life in that very moment.

I wonder what's going on inside that big brain of hers. Have I already told you that she is what people like to call beauty and brain type of a woman? I remembered her acing all our exams without reviewing anything. I would just see her chatting at the day and sleeping in the afternoon. She's too smart and any guy would have a hard time reaching out to her standard. If there's any by the way.

We reached my bike shortly and I handed out to her my spare helmet. She shook her head and gave back the helmet. I raised my brow at her. She wouldn't want a part two, does she?

But her eyes were off looking to somewhere. Nope. It was rather something.

Hiding from the shadows of a narrow alley was a black fury cat. His slit eyes bore in hers like they were having a secret mental communication which I'm not part of. She moved towards the cat and began to stroke it's head. The cat purred in a tone that means he likes what she was doing.

Cass picked up the purring feline, cradling it in her arms. I warned her from the dirt and germs she might get from holding up a stray cat but from what I observed, it wasn't just a stray one. Its eyes were in different shades of colors resembling something so cosmic. Like his eyes were pools of galaxies. One you'll get drawn in once you stare. Its fur were so shiny black like it was bathe with the most expensive shampoo in the world. His owner must be rich. One lucky cat.

"The owner must have been looking for him. Let's give it back to them." I told her.

"He doesn't have an owner. That I'm sure of. I'm taking it with me." She answered.

We walked towards my apartment building instead of riding my bike. The eatery wasn't that far from my place. I'd say it just around the block.

Cass' silence was starting to bothers me. I known her for being talkative and bubbly. And silence isn't her thing. She was still carrying the cat in her arms like she was holding a baby.

I parked my bike on the parking area and knocked on the Landlady's front door to get Luci. Soon afterwards, I heard him barked and excitedly jumps on me waging his tail.

"Thanks for looking out for him, Aling Nieves." I thanked her politely.

"It's all good. I'm fond of him anyway." She replied.

We headed to my space, Cass was behind me and her cat. I opened my door and let them in. She placed the feline on top of her lap and played with it as she got herself sitting on the sofa.

"Are you going to adopt him?" I questioned her while rummaging my cabinet for a spare of tee. I don't know if it will fit her, but I think she wouldn't mind it a bit bigger than her.


"What's going to be his name then?" I said while tossing her my shirt. I'm not going to let her go home with her shirt torn open. Not gonna happen.

"Azrael." She whispered while looking at the cat. She got up and started to pull up her shirt and changed her top. IN. FRONT. OF. ME. Damn woman. I immediately turned my back at her and took off my polo too and throwing it on the bed.

"You are naming your cat after the angel of death?"

"Wow, that question came from a guy who named his dog afted the devil. Destiny perhaps?" She retorted back.

I made another 180 degree turn hoping she was done changing which she was. Phew. I squinted my eyes at her only to find her being adorable and cute with her new companion and my dog. I took my phone and captured a picture of those three.

Another addition to my collections of memories with her.

You see, I'm planning up on compiling all these stolen pictures of us. I couldn't think of something to give to her birthday and maybe, this little things would save my ass from thinking too much about it. I mean, what else would she wanted? She already have everything.

I heard a weird sound and I asked myself why am I still surprised? Her stomach growled. A sign that this little rabbit is hungry again.

She looked at me with a pleading eyes. Like a lost puppy begging for food. The unfortunate event might have stressed her out and consumed all the energy she got from our food earlier.

I chuckled at her. I know very well that eating was her stress reliever. She's the same as me anyway. We eat when we're happy. We eat when we're sad. We eat when we're distressed. We made eating as a good diversion from whatever feeling there is. And I think everyone could relate on that.

I checked my fridge and the cabinets to see if there's anything I could cook for her quickly. Luckily, I found a pack of pancit canton. Instant noodles always save the day. Hooray for that!

I put a cup of water on the caserole and heated it on the stove. As I'm preparing her food, I found her sitting on my bed strumming my guitar and the cat and Luci listened intently with her every note. Those pair could be a good audience to any recitals. They were too cute to look at. With Azrael the cat lying against Luci's furry tummy. My dog's arm were wrapped on the feline's fluffy body acting like a seatbelt or some sort of a protective gesture.

What a view from my favorite companions! I took another photo and smiled to myself. Things I should be living for.

The water simmered and I dropped the noodles on it. Gently stirring it until cooked and voila! Put the seasonings and I'm done with my masterpiece.

If life could be as simple as this.

With the plate in my hand, I walked up to where Cass was. She was singing a slow song. It sounded like an angel singing a song for me. Her soul was speaking every words with delicacy.

I smiled to her as I sat beside her. I don't want her to stop playing the guitar and making the best sound I ever heard. So I thought of the same way I used to feed her when we were eight. I grabbed the fork with the noodles around the prongs and placed it in front of her. The simple gesture made her cracked a smile. She must be remembering our good old times.

I used to feed her when we were little. She would arrive at school so early and would asked me if I got my homework done. She would checked to see if I got it all correct. And when she see mistakes, she would teach me the right one. No guys, she won't let me copy her answers but rather teach me how to get it correctly. She would always skip her breakfast so that she would have the time to teach me our lessons. Whenever that happens, I made sure to bring two food packs for us. I'm not a cuckoo brain kid. It's just that, I understand the lesson if it was her who's teaching me instead of our teacher.

She finished the food and I shook my head in amusement. After all this time, she's still a messy eater. Little bits of noodles and some oil was on the side of her lips. I snatched the polo shirt I was wearing a while ago and wiped her whole face with it. She giggled as I ruffled her hair.

She stood up and gently placed my guitar on the far end corner of my table and looked at me menacingly. She's thinking something crazy again.

I put the plate away as she marched down towards me slowly. Her mouth in a grin before she yelled.

"Tickle torture!"

She jumped at me and I had no choice but to lay on bed my face down. I felt her weight on my back as she began the torture. Minutes later, I grabbed her elbow and forcefully pinned her down below me.

"My turn, rabbit!"

We were both laughing and panting hard after what felt like hours of tickling and wrestling.

I laid beside her and pulled her into another bear hugs. At the end of it all, she's still the same little girl I met way back. The one I run to whenever I need someone. The one who listened and still willing to listen to my every rant. The one who always stays when everyone left. The one who always wait and still willing to wait. The one I can always call home.

"Hey rabbit."

"Hmm?" She answered while her face was buried on my chest.

"Don't ever pull that stunt ever again."

"And get you hurt in process? No thanks." She replied to me.

"You don't understand. We just got reunited and you're doing things that might take you away from me." I tried to make her realized my point.

"No, it's you who don't get my point. If there's anything I could do to save you, I'm down for it. You'll do it too for me, right?" She reasoned out.

That's right. If she was in that situation, I wouldn't hesitate to take the hit for her.

There's no use in talking to her about this at this point. She clearly made her stand and I couldn't do anything about it. Let's just hope nothing like that happens again in the future. Or I'm going to lose my mind.

"Anyways, what do you want for your birthday?" I changed the topic.

"Something worth remembering."

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