Angel beside Me

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Chapter 8


Set me free, leave me be

I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity

Here I am, and I stand

So tall, just the way I'm supposed to be

But you're on to me and all over me

I'm not drunk am I? That's really Cass, right? I mean, doesn't she have a work or something? I felt like she was appearing at the place where I am, it became too often, I'm starting to question her life.

She was still singing, her voice becoming the only sound I'm hearing as I drank my nth glass of alcohol. The people piped down from the wild music and sobered up a little bit. I even saw a lady being escorted by some of her friends outside the building. Too drunk to even walk on her own. Some guys followed them right after. A couple from my left decided to initiate a slow dance on the floor. Not too long, others followed their lead dancing with the slow tune. Some made out and shared passionate kisses. I ignored everyone around me and focused on the performer.

Her eyes were closed as if feeling the moment. Living the time she was playing the piano. This was her when she's making music. It would always feels like she is one with the song. A great story teller.

I looked at the group of men on my left side frowning. They were talking about my best friend in a way I do not like.

"Yo bro, how about we play a little game. You up for that? 5OO, I'll get her name." The guy in a hoodie said with a smirk.

"1000, I'll get her number." The white shirt guy looked at his friends.

"5000, She'll go out with me." One guy remarked as he put down his shot glass and took a glance at Cass with a lustful eyes.

Nope, idiots. I'm not going to let that happen. You don't play and bet for a game with a lady as your prize. That's fucking sick and disgusting. Heck, you don't even play with them.

I glared at them. My mind already planning how I would bury them six feet under ground. You just do not disrespect my best friend. Or all hell would break loose.

Her song finished as she pressed the last key on the grand piano. She got her mic and thanked everyone who listened to her. Her eyes scanned the audiences and stopped as her gaze landed on mine. She was about to go off the mini stage but then the crowd requested another song. She sat again and obliged with their request.

She played another set of keys and notes. The song was unfamiliar but with her enunciating every word clearly, it was understandable. She connected with everyone through her songs and with that, we were able to appreciate her singing.

You are my sweetest downfall

I loved you first, I loved you first

Beneath the stars came fallin' on our heads

But they're just old light, they're just old light

Your hair was long when we first met

She closed her eyes and I watched her more until everything around us seemed to fade again. It's like taking me into another world where only the two of us can go. A secret world where she was naked nude of emotions before me. She was showing us her vulnerability and I had mad respect on her for doing that.

I asked for another bottle of beer when the waiter passed me by. How many bottles of alcohol have I already taken down? I already lost count. But that doesn't matter now. I'm here to unwind for a moment to forget all my problems. My love. My dreams. My family. My work. My friends. Everything.

Samson went back to bed

Not much hair left on his head

He ate a slice of Wonder Bread

And went right back to bed

Oh, we couldn't bring the columns down

Yeah, we couldn't destroy a single one

And the history books forgot about us

And the Bible didn't mention us, not even once

You are my sweetest downfall

I loved you first

She looked at me as she sang the last words. Note to my self, I'm going to search for this song. It sounded haunting and heavenly at the same time if that was even possible.

For the second time, she stood up from her seat and walked down the platform. The guys from before immediately got up from their table and headed towards Cass. Knowing their intentions, I quickly strode passed them and snatched Cass hands leading her to another less crowded spot. The three idiots threw me a murderous look and I arched my brows at them. Cass frown from the scene and grabbed me by my elbow as if stopping me from brawling with the idiots. She looked at them with disgust. Her mouth then turned into a grin as she raised her middle finger at them and yelled.

"My middle finger salute you all dick heads!"

Holy crap. I didn't expect that. We were all left with our mouths hanging open. Some people around us laughed at the scene. Of course this is Cass. She would curse without a remorse. She wouldn't even regret it afterwards.

"What the hell Cass! Were you looking for a fight?" I asked her as we sit on our seats.

"You were about to lose your cool, man. From where I'm standing, you were also on your assault mode earlier." She replied back.

"That's because I can't stand you being disrespected by a bunch of scums!"

"Language my bro. Anyways, enough about those shits." She talked back.

Look at this woman! She was the one who scolded me a few seconds ago for the curses and yet she says the word without thinking about it. Unbelievable. Really.

"Care to tell me why you're here alone sulking?" She asked me as she ordered for a full bottle of vodka. Does she plan on being wasted? I hoped not. I don't want to be a babysitter.

"Well, for starters, my life sucks."

"Every life sucks you know. Come to think of it! Nobody dies a virgin." She exclaimed. Wait, what? Nobody dies.....a virgin?

"Oh? How is that so?"

"Because life fucks us everyday." She said it in a little cheerful tone and sipped her shot. I should've known what she was about to say.

"Aren't you supposed to be sleeping at this time of the night? You know, you're short and all." I teased her.

"You jerk! I'm older than you. You can't say that to your ate!" She shot back.

Then we both cracked up and laughed. She's almost 22 and yet she's only 4'11. I bet she's been at some point mistaken as a high school student. A freshman to be exact. Her face turned red as she wheeze. She's cute. So carefree. So full of life.

We were talking about the happenings in the past few days. But all those talks, she never mentioned about her that leaves her being mysterious for me. I mean, I know her name. But with the years that we haven't seen each other, I hardly know anything about her.

"Hey dummy, wanna hear something sweet?" She asked while wiggling her eyebrows. Should I ride with her joke? I mean, it should be a joke, right? It can't be a meaningful conversation. But does she mean to comfort me? Who knows.

"Alright, shoot!"

"Kisses, Hershey, Cadbury, Toblerone, M&Ms, Meiji, Goya, Skittles, Nutella--" I stopped her.

I'm an idiot for believing she really has something sweet to say. I made a face but then cackled up with her. She was hitting the table and my shoulders with her hands. She clapped like a retarded seal. She even knocked her glass from so much laughing. Why do girls have to slap somebody when they're too happy? It doesn't make sense.

"But seriously Cass. I got something sweet to say to you too." I told her. My face all devoid of emotions. Should I tell her? I may receive a punch or two.

"What is it?" She asked while wiping away her tears. Tears from so much laughing.

"Leche flan, Jelly Ace, Ice cream, Cake, Cotton Candy, Gelatin, Fruit salad, Coffee jelly-- mppfffff!!!" She covered my mouth preventing me to say another set of deserts.

"Man, talked about no originality." She beamed at me shaking his head.

"Have a taste of your own medicine, my baby rabbit!" I poured another shots of vodka on our glass.

Not sooner, we emptied the bottle and Cass grabbed my arm leading me to the dance floor. Oh no, is she drunk?

"Hey, it's Friday. Dance the night away!" She shouted at me as she took the mic from the music booth. She whispered something to the DJ before she held my hand again and sang while we all dance to the groove of the song.

Come on, come on, turn the radio on

It's Friday night and I won't be long

Gotta do my hair, put my make up on

It's Friday night and I won't be long

We were both having so much fun. And for a moment, with her, in this crowded place, I felt alive more than ever.

We were dancing, jamming and singing along with everyone on the floor. It was a blast to say. The crowd went wilder as I dragged her out of the center circle.

Still hand in hand, we made our exit at the back door of the building. I looked at my watch and saw that it was already two in the morning. We decided to go home since we were both exhausted from the evening.

I was about to booked her a grab car but then realized that she will be left alone in that car with some stranger. The group of men from before were also at the vicinity and that added to my worry of her safety. There's no way I'm going to let her go alone.

"Hey Cass, why don't you stay at my place for tonight? It's pretty late. I don't want you being all by yourself at this time." I asked her.

"Your place or mine?" She joked at me winking.

"You and your algae-filled mind! Get a grip of your thoughts!" I scolded her. Must be the effects of the alcohol.

"Just kidding! Geez, do that always and you'll turn into a grandpa in no time!" She scowled at me.

Cass was making a face and still insisting on going home.

"You brat, I'm not really going to let you go alone." I told her with finality.

The drunk group of men slowly made their way towards her. They were the ones who made a betting with her as the prize. My whole body went alert as I pulled her close to me. She was squirming from my iron grip on her waist. She probably haven't noticed the men after her yet.

I held her firmly and motioned for the men. She rolled her eyes at me as I gently lead her towards my bike since she's going to crash at my apartment. Cass was still looking at the men and raised another middle finger at them. I flicked her forehead hard enough to get her attention.

"Hey what was that for?" She whined while holding the spot I hit. I didn't answered her but carried her with her stomach on my shoulders before she could protest.

"Try to stay still for a while, rabbit." I told her before I tossed her my helmet.

"Nope. You want me to stay at your place, fine. But you wear the helmet. I'm good." She handed back. I sighed.

"You sure?" She nods her head and sat at the back. I reached for her hands and encircled it on my waist. Her left hand pinched my stomach and made me squirmed a little.

"Awww you have abs? No fair." She whined again before biting my shoulders.

"No Cass. That's not abs. That's just a toned muscle of mine. You pinched the wrong part. There's the fatty one." I told her as I guided her hands on my side. She chuckled and I did too.

That's right people. I don't have full eight packs of abs. My body was just a little toned but I still have small fats here and there. And Cass always enjoy pinching it when we were kids. She always said that she loves all my imperfections because that would mean I'm just a human like her. She always said that flaws make humans more fun and desirable.

Even as a kid, Cass seemed to think way beyond our years. For instance, she talked about time. The past, present and future. She even argued to our English teacher that time has really no definite place in this world. She once said that the past was once the present and future of another past. The present was once the future. And the future would be the past soon. When you think of it that way, she's actually right. I mean, how would you expect an eight year old to think like that?

We arrived at my place not too long. Cass was silent during the whole ride. Her cheeks rested on my shoulder. I guessed she fell asleep. I didn't bother waking her up and carried her towards my room. But before I could place her on my bed she opened her eyes, jolted up and screamed.

'I'm up! I'm up!" Her hands in the air.

I released her from my grip and she landed on the floor butt first. She shot me looks and crunched her nose holding her plump butt.

"You're heavy. Were you aware of that?" I teased her more.

"I thought dead people weighed lighter because I'm practically a ghost." She murmured which I don't quite get.

"You were awake the whole time I carried you." It wasn't a question but rather a statement.

"My lazy ass don't like my feet to get tired. Don't want to dragged my body up unto the 6th floor. Besides, it's a good exercise for yah!" She reasoned out before giggling.

I reached for my drawers and cabinets and got her some shirt and some boxer shorts she could wear in the mean time. I grabbed some for me to change too.

"Change your clothes Cass. And please, do it in the bathroom."

She hummed as she strolled towards the bathroom. When she's done, my laughter filled the room.

"You looked like a scarecrow hahaha"

Well I gave her one of my biggest shirt. With her small frame, my shirt looked like a dress on her. And she's wearing my boxer short. I'm amazed she didn't bat an eye on it and complained. She told me that as long as it is wearable, and all her private parts will be covered, she's fine with it.

"I'll take the right side of the bed!" She yelled and jumped on my bed. I'm surprised Luci was still asleep with all her screaming.

"You're okay with me sleeping next to you?" I inquired. Well, most of the girl would demand to take the whole bed themselves.

"Bitch please, as long as I can sleep. I got no qualms. Get your ass here and rest. I know you're tired." She wasn't lying. I'm really tired. So I obliged.

We lied in silence. A comfortable silence until she broke it.

"Hey bro? You wanna hear something sweet?" She asked while she faced me. I looked at her checking if this is another 'sweet talks of her including deserts and chocolates'.

"Shoot it." I mean, there's no harm in listening to another sweet talks.

"We're best friends and I'm claiming my responsibility of looking out for you in this cruel world. You will always have me by your side." She said giving me the warmest smile. My eyes tingling. I smiled back to her and kissed her forehead.

"Thank you, Cass. Goodnight." And with that, we both fell asleep.

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