Angel beside Me

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Chapter 9

Kenzo's POV

"What the hell? Arghh--"

I groaned while massaging my temple. I had a terrible headache. Curse the whole bottle of that vodka!

I'm not a wuss when it comes to alcohol but did we actually finished a whole bottle all ourselves?

I looked at my right side and there still my best friend sleeping peacefully. She has taken all the pillows by herself hugging it like a teddy bear. She also had all the blankets wrapped around her making her a giant human lumpia. So that's the reason why my neck hurts so much and felt stiff and all the coldness I felt the whole night.

I looked at clock on my table. The small hand was on eight and the big hand was on two. 8:02 AM. It's still early for a Saturday morning and I wanted to sleep more. So I grabbed the pillow under Cass' head and the blanket she was wrapped on. I pulled the sheets a little harshly not minding if she would wake up. She stirred a bit and held the other end of the blanket closely to her chest. I pulled it towards me again. She moaned a little before pulling back. I can't believed I'm having a tug of war with this half asleep woman beside me!

"Damn it, Cass. Don't take the whole blanket. Let's share!" I scoffed.

"Hmmm. Mine!" She murmured in her sleep.

"Sorry Rabbit. You already have it all the entire night. It's my turn now." I said before I rolled her over successfully pulling the sheets out of her grip.

I turned my back on her facing the wall. It wasn't a minute long when I felt her both legs swung over my back. She was facing the ceiling and her hair sprawled all over her face. We actually formed a letter 'T' from our position. Soft snores came out from her little parted lips. Her shirt were drawn a little upward showing her flat stomach. I turned around and reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it down before turning my back again. I'm gently tapping her legs like what a mother would do to her baby when she's making it sleep.

Not too long until I fell on a light slumber. I wouldn't even call it asleep because I woke up from a slap on my arm.

"What the hell?" I mumbled just as I realized that I was lying on Cass' head when I stirred. We were still looking like a letter T only that her feet were now dangling at the end side of the bed. She just made a complete one hundred and eighty degrees turn while sleeping. Wow.

I grunted and got up deciding that I wouldn't be able to sleep now. I only slept for about another hour after waking up at 8 o'clock. Great. I sleepily walked to my bathroom and do my thing. I splashed water on my face and brushed my teeth.

As I got out, I saw Cass' sleeping body almost at the edge of the bed. I shook my head as I started marching towards her. Well, she was about to fall off so I picked her up and laid her down at the center. I placed all the pillows around her so she wouldn't fall. Heck, if I could tie her up, I would so she wouldn't stir so much.

"Morning, Luci. Are you hungry bud?" I greeted my dog and he replied with a bark happily before walking to the balcony and barked at someone or something.

I went straight to kitchen to cooked food. Foods that might ease hangovers. I stared at my almost empty cabinets and fridge.

"Hmmm. I think I need to do some groceries." I told myself and started cooking whatever was available. I think this should be enough for us. I turned off the stove and went to wake Cass up.

I was a little worried when I found no one on my bed. Not a trace of Cass as the bed were made up nicely. I checked the room and the bathroom in case mother nature decided to call her but saw no one. Crap. Where did she go?

As if on cue, I heard a faint giggles coming from my terrace. I think I know where she went. She might have felt my presence as she turned to look at my way with a familiar black cat she's cradling close to her chest and Luci lying on his back, his head at Cass' lap. These trio made my place a private play ground of theirs.

"How are you feeling? Hangover?" I asked her while I sat down and ruffled my dog's fur.

"I think I'm good." She simply stated without looking at me.

"No headache?" I followed up.

"Nope. None. Although there's a weird feeling......." She trailed off.

"What is it?" Worry evident on my voice.

She grinned at me before saying the most obvious reason she has. "I'm hungry."

"Yeah. I know. Get up crazy brat. I cooked you breakfast." I said as I helped her stand up. She was immediately on her feet and was happily bouncing running on to the kitchen. We wasted no time before digging up our foods.

"Cass, you've got something to do today?" I asked her as she helped me wash the dishes and do some little cleaning on the place.

She crunched her nose before answering. "None, why?"

"What do you think of coming with me to buy groceries?"

"Why do I need to be with you while you buy your groceries?" She tilted her head while asking.

"For starters, you've been eating a portion of my food stock and I bet you would still do in the following days." I was mentally listing up the things I need to buy when I suddenly had my head whacked. Cass was throwing me daggers with her looks before smiling sweetly upon realization that I was right.

We finished the chores and Cass left immediately. She agreed to come with me and decided to just meet up at the mall at 2 PM.

Hours passed, and here I am fumbling with my phone trying to contact Cass. She's late and she hasn't texted me after she got home. I was busy tapping the screen when someone yanked it away from my hands and held out a cup of Cookies and Cream milktea in my face. I was about to grabbed it but Cass stretched her arms away from me and stuck a tongue out.

"Cookies and Cream is mine, Mister. Go get yours." She simply said motioning to the stall. But I want Cookies and Cream too! How could you Cass! Did she forgot we liked the same flavor?

Pouting, I marched grudgingly towards the hypermarket. Cass was laughing as she followed me all the way. I made a face when she poked my right side before offering her drink. A changed of mind I guess.

"Here! Don't ever give me that pouting look again, you dummy." She said before running to get the small basket cart. I finished the drink first and followed her after.

We passed by a few food racks when she stopped walking and looked at me with bored eyes.

"This is boring. I want to do something crazy. Let's have some fun. You up for a game?" Isn't she crazy enough?

I frowned but answered nonetheless, it wouldn't hurt to join her ideas and besides, she wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Alright carrots, what game?"

"Oh, the classic! Let's play never have I ever but with a dare if you can't answer or lied!" How is that not boring and mainstream?

"Fine, I'll start. Never have I ever picked my nose in public." I want to play it easy at first. But then her questions became a little too hard to answer. But that's the purpose of the game so I played along.

"Never have I ever had a crush on someone while I'm in a relationship." Oh sht. I couldn't answer that. Well, I'm not going to admit anything to her. I might received a whipping if I did. So I remained unresponsive.

She looked at me wide eyed before thinking of a dare.

"You see that free taste stall?" She directed me towards it.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Go get some and help salestalk customers." It wasn't hard though. So I did give it a try. All the time, the sales lady was smiling. I had to admit that it was tiring to do her job. From standing all day to talking and trying to sell out her items. She thanked me saying I was a big help and she was doing this hard work all for her son and family.

We exchange dares and questions. This time, I challenged her to sing in the middle of the store. I had a doubt that she wouldn't do it because it was kind of embarrassing. But I guess, she wouldn't mind it at all. She walked shyly in the middle and released a huge breath before opening her lips and sung a little too loud.

Everyone I've ever loved is here within these walls

I'm sorry, secret siren, but I'm blocking out your calls

I've had my adventure, I don't need something new

I'm afraid of what I'm risking if I follow you

Into the unknown

Into the unknown

Into the unknown

Oh crap. Of all the songs she could think of, she really did picked the one with the loudest and highest vocals. People started looking at her as she actually made fun of the song, gliding and dancing around. Some kids even danced and sang along with her turning the store into a musical theater.

I got to give it to her. She handled that well. So much for being shy and timid at first.

We were laughing as we paid for the groceries at the cashier. The guards and the crews were smiling at us. Well, it's not like everyday you would see a lady doing all those Idina Menzel song publicly. And it doesn't hurt to have fun once in a while for those hardworking people.

I guided her towards the baggage counter and left the bags of groceries as I realized one more thing I needed to buy.

"What are we doing here?" She inquired as she looked the racked of polos.

"I have an event this Friday. I need to wear something formal. It's a masquerade and I was hoping you could help me choose what should I wear." I answered her rummaging another rack of clothing.

"Now you need my expertise. Rest assured young prince as I got your back." She playfully said as she curtsied.

She pushed me inside the fitting room and started tossing me polos and asked me to try them out. I did so as she waited outside. I lost count of how many I had fitted and all I'm hearing was her never ending "Nope, next please." before I tried the second to the last.

"Well, that looks good on you. You should get that." I think out of all that I tried, I like this one too. See? She could help me with this because she knows the things that I preferred.

After buying what needs to be bought at the department store, we headed outside to eat for dinner although it is still a little early to eat. I thought of treating her to some casual dining restaurant but she refused saying she wasn't satisfied with the servings and she just wanted a fried chicken with unlimited gravy. Well, princess got her wish granted.

We were done eating dinner, when we decided to talk a small walk outside of the mall where it was near the bay. Resto-bars lined up the area connecting to the main building. Stages were set up and bands were performing live. We sat at the nearby bench and just listened to the music and smelled the breeze coming from the bay.

I looked at her fron my view and saw that she was staring at the sunset. Her face illuminated by streaks of yellow rays. Her whole being was like glowing. Her hair blowing and her eyes reflected the golden sun beyond the horizon. It's like her eyes were a mirror of dancing flames. So hypnotic to looked at. I took another stolen picture of her. This scene in front of me looked surreal. Like it wasn't possible to happen.

"You seemed very fond of the sun. I watched you watched the sun rise up and now set." I whispered to her softly.

"I'm in love with the sun. When the sun rises up, it means there's another chance for us to do things. To correct our mistakes. To have another set of choices. To have another hope of living. And when the sun sets, it gave us a view saying that no matter what happens, you can still end your day beautifully. And when tomorrow comes, he rises up there like a proud king. Ready to face another battle. Ready to conquer the world." She said meaningfully and cryptically.

I stared at the sun who's almost at its last rays and back at Cass.

Well, I hope you wouldn't run out of light, for my world is dark and you are my sun.

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