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The Shadow

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Not a father's daughter. Not a sibling's sister. Not a lover's love. And maybe even not a mother's offspring. Every relationship played it heavy on her, so did fates. The last straw jabbed through her heart and threw her off the cliff. Now, who is to be blamed? Family? Friends? Love? Or The fates? Camilla wanted to live but life was survival. She wanted a garden but life was a battlefield. She carried a knife but it was a shoot out. She wanted hands to hold but it just pushed. She wanted happiness, but expectations just kill. Dive deep into the mind and life of a vulnerable Camilla, where all roads lead to disappointment/dead ends. After the last straw, will she walk another road or right into the dead-end? Read further to find out.

Drama / Children
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The Shadow


A young girl ran to her mother, crashed into her legs, and pleaded, “Mama, I’m sorry.”

She took a deep breath in and continued, “Please, Mama asks them not to take me away. I won’t be able to survive. I’m begging you, Mama. Ask him not to do this to me. I’ll apologize, Mama. But please, please ask him to stop this. Please, Mama.”

No sooner did she say this, two women held her arms and tried to carry her away. The naive child started screaming even louder, “Mama stop them, please. I beg you, Mama. Please, let me go. My life will be over, Mama. Please.”

She, somehow, managed to release herself from the two ladies’ hold and kneeled down. She begged the man.

She held his legs and pleaded, expecting mercy, “I know very well that you hate me. But show some mercy, please. I had lost my mind at that time. I was a fool to do that. Please, do not let them take me. If they will take me, my dreams will burn down to ashes. I have worked very hard. Have mercy on my poor soul, I request you. Please don’t do this to me. I will walk out of your lives. I will never bother you ever again. Punish me. But do not let them take me, please. I will do anything you ask me to. Don’t send me away. Please. I will leave this place forever. I will never return. Please, let me go. Don’t cut my wings off, please.”

By the time she was done, tears were streaming down her face. Her eyes were swollen and the whites had a brighter shade of red. She joined hands and begged. But a stone never melts, so did the man’s heart. It did not melt. Not at all.

The man stood like a statue carved in large stone. With hands folded and a serious ‘no-nonsense’ face, he looked in the front. Not once his eyes moved downwards, at the crying figure in front of him. The young girl looked at him, expecting some ounce of mercy.

She, instead, saw an unmoved selfish statue, probably, wondering, “When are the women going to drag her out?” Reality had struck her hard. The man was never going to change. He was a heartless cold-blooded man.

It was as if the clock had stopped ticking for her. She was trying to decipher the man’s reaction. Suddenly, she was tackled down by the two women with a thud. She thrashed and screamed. Her agonizing screams pleaded for help but everyone just looked around as if life was normal and it was a bright sunny day.

The girl received a hard blunt on her head and it hurt her pretty bad. She looked at the man who was horrified by the way the girl had been tackled. She saw confusion and concern in his eyes. Soon, her eyes became heavy. The last thing, she saw was her mother, her Mama, crying and wiping the tears with her soft long fingers.

Hey guys,

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