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Different stories of different people

Drama / Children
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Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a little girl,a little girl that loved to right stories.Her name was Issy,Issy would get made fun of from all the the other people because of how short she was.But she would never care what they said.But one day when she was at school on the playground,on the playground there were some older boys that were laughing at her.The teacher that was outside saw this so she went up to the two boys and told them to stop.So they dis stop but when the teacher went away they started to laugh,call her names,and point at her.

LATER THAT DAY............

Later that day she was crying for the first time about getting bullied.The teacher then saw her and told the class to finish there math homework if you have any,otherwise you can talk quietly to your neighbor.So she announed that and then came up to me and asjed me what was wrong?So I said that there were some older cboys that were bullying me at recess.The teacher then asked me who these boys were.I replied:"They are in 6th grade,they're very tall like 5.11,brown hair,and are the only twins in there class.....Oh and one more thing they have very messy hair."I said with a sniffle after saying all that,so that's when the teacher went down the hallway at the very end of the hall and knocked on the 6th grade classroom door.

The 6th grade teacher said"come in."So my teacher went in and when she got inside she asked the 6th grade teacher if she could talk to the twins in this class in the hallway.

The 6th grade teacher said "sure" and then said"Twins miss.Mic (ETC. ISSYS' TEACHER) wants to see you in the hallway please go with her.She said in a calm voice.

So the boys got up and out of their seats and went into the hallway with Miss.Mic.

Wile they were going out in the hallway the whole class was like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!But there teacher told them to quit it get back to work!

But anyways when the boys get out in the hallway the teacher said"Boys,Did you bully anyone in my class today?"With a stern look.

They said"No" at the same time,but had a small chuckle afterwards.She then asked if they were lying and they said"No" once again.So she asked them one more time to see if they wanted to tell the truth,and they of course........

Said"Yes,sorry for lying we're truley really sorry we were just scared to get into trouble."They said with a frown on there faces.

The teacher said"Ok so for the bullying and the lying you guys have 3 weeks detention."She said with a stern voice and look.

"Ha!We've had longer"said one of the boys.So the teacher then said"Oh really so would you like longer,ok then 6 months of detention."

Uhhhhhhh!That's sooooooo unfair,but he said with a groan we'll take it,because we are the ones who said we wanted longer.

So they then talked a little more with the teacher about their behaviour then went back to there classroom.Once they went and got in there seats Miss.Mic said thank you to the boys teacher and then went back to where Issy was and said"Ok,so those two boys got 6 months of detention for lying to me and bullying you.Ok now let's head back to class."she said with a calm voice.

LATER THAT DAY...........

Later that day she was sitting outside after school writing her stories when the two boys came walking up to her like they were so cool swinging there arms and wearing sunglasses when it's not even sunny out.When they got up to her they took off their sunglasses and said"That we are really really sorry for bullying you.Will you accept my,are apology?

She then was about to say something when she heard them say NOT quietly.

So she was shocked and decided to stand up to them and said"WHAT DID YOU SAY?"

But instead of answering her they started to tease and bully her again.And the teacher saw it again,so she came up and asked her if everything was fine over here.Issy skope up and said"these boys are bullying me agian.While speaking inbetween sniffles.

They then said"No we're not we just came over to say sorry and that we'll stop talking to her."

"They're lying!"Issy said with sniffles

"Is that true boys?"She asked and they daid they were telling the truth.

But the teacher didn't believe them so she said sternly at first but then had a calm voice"Issy would never lie she's to good for that.Right Issy?

"No I wouldn't"She said while calming down from crying a little bit ago.

See now why were you bullying her again?The teacher asked once again with a stern look to the boys.

They at first hesitated to speak but finally one of them spoke and said"We wanted to be her friends but we thought that she wouldn't wanna be friends with us so we thought that if bullying her we could somehow hang out with her.An........."

But before they could finish what they were saying Issy interrputed them and said"You,you wanted to be MY friend?I would've of had said yes."

"You would?"asked one of the boys and she said in a calm voice"Yes"

"Well we should of juat asked,we're really,really sorry"

Wellllllllllll...........Would you like to be my friends now?"She asked with a questionable voice.

And so the boys looked at eachother and said"Heck ya,and once again we're really,really sorry about hurting you.

The teacher than spoke while wiping a tear by her eye and said"Boys you will have a extra week of detiontion for bullying her again but otherwise you're free to go home."

They then sighedand said ok and then laughed it off and asked Issy to sit by them on the bus,and she said sure.So they walked off to the bus and they actually became bff's for life and they also ner bullied or teased her again.....................



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