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Chapter 2

We stood there looking
There was two buildings they were both made out of cotton candy one of them were colorful and the other was pink.

The person yelled "choose a home people"

There was about 16,000 of us and we all had to choose a home in them...

We choose the side of the colorful one.

Once we choose our side we went to get our stuff,the walk was long to get it.

Once we got it we went to bed.


We all got up early around 8:00'clock and was told to stand in a line by the commander.

We stood in the line and they told us that they were going to assign us to a house.

When it got to us they said that my brother could choose and ge decided the far away one that is plain pink.

My brother and mom went ahead while my dad and I walked by eachother and complaining about how we have to go so far.

Once we got there my mom told my dad I to go get the stuff while she sat down and looked at her phone.

We went to go get it and bring it back.Once we were done putting stuff away back at our room I thought that it was night time already but I guess that was just a piece of plastic covering our door.It was actually 2:00 and not dark out yet.

At around 3:00 my brother and I grew bored,so my mom said that we can go outside to play but be back by curfew.Which the leader set so we dont get eaten by the animals outside.

We went outside and we went by the colorful cotton home.We were going to look at our other place to see if we left anything.

But instead heard people talking.

"Is our dog in there"she asked "Sadly she didn't make it sweetie" I'm guessing her husband said.(The part we were staying at a few hours ago fell apart.)

We walked pace them quietly and saw that the man was a soldier with his with who was hugging him and crying.

Once we got past them behind the building I said "That's so sad losing your dog"

My brother said "ya it is"

After that we went to go play volleyball.

But then boom I'm inside my school looking for something but I was in my elementary school.

My 5th grade teacher came up to me and asked how I was and stuff.But what confused me was the question why weren't you at J.E.M.S yesterday.She didn't even go to that so how....

I just said it was because I babysat my brother and then I forgot all about it and then remembered then my parents kept getting caught up in something.

Then my cousin appeared bringing me to the high school.

There was people behind us who said "I want to look at the school more."

Anyways we were walking down the hallway and while walking down the hallway walked past my english teachers' classroom.My cousin asked "what do you even learn in there"While pointing to her room.I said "We do grammer and ummmm?Ya,and stories."Ok" she said then

I was then walking back with my brother and my cousin to the campsite.When we got there we heard the whistle blow.The speakers saying room check."Oh no"my brother said "Quick try to run quietly and secretly back before we get caught.

But before we could run this girl said "you" he said pointing at my brother "get in line there!"He did as she said"And for you two"she said "join these girls" so we got down and started doing push ups.The other girls were complaining and sweating.My cousin did about ten of them before complaining too along with them.She put her leg on my back while doing push ups.After awhile she stopped which I suppose ment that I was doing better.

Then I started to go one had when groups of people came in the last group came in and one of our girls who had been doing push ups said "look it the team we won against."And another girl said "Actually we won 5 and lost 3"

The girls from the other team sat down.

Then the commander cam in asking people if they felt sick."Jhon" she yelled and more names until nat stood up and said "I have something to tell you"Oh no I thought she has the virus,meaning we have to quarantine for a year....

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