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Snake in the Corner

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Hi am I Tina Pierce, and this is a story about my life. My change of faith, love and career. Where i hit rock bottom. I realize what life is all about. How i need to change for more than one reason. What age do you really become an adult and when do you stop being a kid. What happens when you have no friend no money no job, What do you do? Ill tell you right now. Pick up a pen, find a piece of paper and starting writing. Trust you have more than a 100 good to tell. And a million people who would love to hear it. The hardest part is start or waking up. The hardest for me was quiting drugs and waking up. Realizing i hated my job, coworkers, most of my family and most of all i hate myself for missing the chance of marrying the girl of my dreams Miss Pearl. But then again how many chances do you really get? Time to Call Mom

Drama / Humor
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Snake in the dish pit.

So my name is Tina Pierce. And i have some crazy stories to tell you. some of them good some of them bad and some of them are key points in irony. Yes it wont make sense until you hear everything. But trust me it will blow your mind. Real true thought of someone else life experience. Now I'm not going to start from the beginning cause that would take years. But I'll start from the restaurant cause this is where i believe it started but to tell truth im not hundred percent sure when it started. Or who started it.

I work as a linecook for a restaurant call Cactus National. We get the name from the National park across the street. We're a popular restaurant because the property has historical landmark. Now were in the middle of the desert. Just outside of city limits. We have a huge patio area where if you come at sunset. You can see the gorgeous sunset and the entire city light up before night falls. Now at night is my favorite time in the restaurant. We are busy during the dinner time rush. Plus we have live bands playing on the patio which attachs huge crows. Where everyone dances and drinks at the open bar. The band play country or old rock song. Which you cant help but to enjoy.

Now one day during lunch time. I should of noticed it a game. I didnt notices at first, like the snake in the dish pit. How would i? I was busy making orders well everyone else was taking their break. Its was just me and Armando the prep cook in the back of the house. Well Jamiee was at the bar. Charles was the other prep cook who was outside with Jesus, Mack one of the servers and Kimberly the dish washer. Now i was already cursing Jesus out in my own head. Cause he was lazy as fuck and barely did anything but he was one of the favorites. You know over paid and still got his 40 plus hours. But chilled outside for at least 3 hours a day. And good ole El Chefo didnt say anything but jesus your in charge. Well he went to a restaurant down the street to get drunk. God help me i need to smoke. And this kid Jesus is 5 years younger than me and still placed in charge. When the bosses arent in the restaurant. Even though i have more management experience and actually did more than i was supposed to do. In hopes to steal Dicks job. Mostly cause Dick was a Dick. For person who call themselve chef but never touch line. Are you really a chef if you never cook food? And when you jump on line to help you slow everyone down line down. Yes i wanted Dicks job. To be El Chefo number 2. I deserve it. But who am i kidding. Im not lazy. Im a female i belong in the kitchen. But to get paid less than some of these asshole. Are some of the realest problems woman chef face when working in the kitchen. Everyone talks shit. About how no one does anything. But the one female in the kitchen gets called out for everything. Fuck i hate being a girl. Because some lazy piece of shit who made more money than me but does less work tells me to clean up walkin cause its slow but cuts the prep cook early. When its the prep cooks job to clean the walkin. Instead of cutting me early when i stocked all 3 situation and worked line alone. all because he didnt want to make food. Now im cleaning the walking and making food. Well Dicks outside smoking ganja and laughing at meme always made me angry. Now i need a drink. Do you know how much money i could of saved the owner in Labor alone. But hey who am i? Solder? Thats fake.

Armando says to me. "Tina is that a snake in the dish or am i tripping im really fuck up. And can't tell if im hallucinating or not. Please tell me thats not a snake." Snapping our of my own thoughts. Snake??? As i replied " I hope not cause im fucking scared of snakes, where is it?." I walked to the dish pit and sure enough there was a snake. Not only a snake but a rattlesnake. I said Nope! Turned around and had thats above my pay grade. Armando say he was out of here. " Im scared of snakes to." I wanted to leave too but i had orders to make. Jamiee walked in the kitchen and said " Did i seriously hear someone say there a snake in the kitchen?" I reply " Yeah in dish pit." Jamiee was Like shut up. Your kidding me. I'll call the fire Department. Jamiee walked back to the bar and Armando was heading outside. I yelled hey mando get Jesus in here. I cant make these orders by myself. Im to creepy out i can barely concentrate. My fear for snake is no joke. I feel them all over me just by the thought of someone saying theres a snake. Even if there or not. Jesus come in and says really there's a snake in here. Laughing like he didn't believe it. Charles right behind him "where's the snake I'll catch him." I thought thats a stupid idea. Just wait but i didnt say anything. I just wanted to get outside. We finally the orders. And everyone was trying to get a piture of the snake. Then Charles comes around with a poll and a bag we normally put dirty towels in. Funny thing there was a huge hole in the bottom of the bag. Before Charles attend to get the snake Jesus stopped him. Cause he thought Charles didn't know what he was doing. Charles is kinda of slow bless his heart. Plus we all would of got in trouble if Charles tried and something bad happened. We all had our phones out video taping waiting for someone to caught the snake on video. But it was pretty messed up when the Fire Department showed up. They parked right in the front of the restaurant. Only one firefighter jumped out of the truck. Grabbed a Bucket and a pair of tongs from the back of the firetruck. Now everyone see the fire truck from inside the restaurant Perfect view from the open bar and sitting on the patio. Some of the Guests looked confused cause no one was panicing. There was no real emergency. He walked around the patio and head towards the front door. Walks in and stop. Don't say any. Looks at Jamiee. Whos washing dishes. Saw that the bartender was there and walked straight for the kitchen. Asked where's the snake at? Jesus, Charles, Kimberly and myself pointed to the dish pit in the corner of the kitchen. He walked over to dish pit grabbed the snake by its head and place the snake in the bucket. Like it was the easiest thing to do and anybody could do. Turned around stop and say you guys wanna see it. Without anybody even answering, cause we all had our phones out anyways. He pulls the snake out of the bucket to his surprise he says. " It's a female and i think its pregnant." Placed it back in the bucket shut the lid and walked back out the front door. Walked pasted the patio and his truck went straight for the dumpster and released it right next to the dumpster. Heads back to his truck and was gone. I couldn't believe he released it back on to the property. But at least it was out of the kitchen. Or so i thought.

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