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A Beyoncé and Kehlani love story

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Beyoncé POV

As my heels clacked against the hard ground as I walk towards the tall building which had

Shawn Incorpate in big white letters I smile seeing my husbands name as I continue my walk as I finally reach the building

I was greeted the by receptionist Hayley who was a sweetheart

"Nice to see you again Mrs. Carter." Hayley says as she greets me and my cheeks turn slighty red at the special greeting

"I miss you too love." I said hugging her as I made sure not ruin the lunch I prepared for Shawn and I since he was on his lunch break

"Is Shawn fat lip self up there?" I ask her and she bursts into laughter

"Yes ma'am you can go right on up." Hayley and I smile as I walk towards the elevator I see the doors open and what seems liek a very distressed Kanye coming out

Shawn and I met in middle school I was thirteen years and Shawn was fifteen we started dating when I was sixteen and he was eighteen and got married when I was eighteen and he was twenty

Kanye was Shawn's right hand, the best man at our wedding, and mutual friend of us both

April 12,2003 is when we tied the knot and we've been married for seven years and all seven of those years were blissful

"Hey Yeezy you alright?" I ask approaching him and he jumps seeming a little startled hearing my voice

"Bee um what are you doing here?!" Kanye which makes me smile falter slighty

"Oh c'mon Kanye you know Shawn and I always have luch on his break." I said laughing, but I stopped once I seen he wasn't joining in

"Kanye what's going on?" I ask him and his eyes shown an emotion unfamiliar to me

"Bee just go home." Kanye said and I look at him puzzled before pushing past him to the elevator and he runs behind me

"Bee!!" He yells, but the door close taking me all the way to final floor... His floor

As I got closer to his officer I felt suspense as if I should turn back and save myself from whatever it is I'm about to witness

The closer I got I heard strange noises coming from inside his officer a thumping noise

I stopped at least two from the door a took off my heels as not alarm him that I'm here

I saw his office door was cracked open and I walk towards it and peep into my heart shatters

Through the crack I see a younger light skin woman mounting my husband though I could not see her face I can most certainly tell she's younger

"Fuck!!" Shawn moans gripping her bosom as her whimpers become more louder as and she mounts him faster

"Ahhh!!" She moans the noises, the scene I backed away from the door dropping the food as the noise stops

"Daddy what was that?" The feminine voice asks from inside his office

"I didn't hear anything baby." Shanw voice booms and the noises got started up again as the tears fell heavily down my face I ran getting on the elevator as I cried running past people who seem to stop and stare

"Mrs. Carter!!" Hayley yells but it was no use as I ran holding my heels in my hand my feet stinging at the roughness of the paved road below, but the pain in my heart ached far worse

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