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Chapter 2

Kehlani POV

"Finally." I said hearing the woman over the intercom announce we'll be landing in Oakland, California in a fee minutes

I was damn near itching to get off this damn plane these nasty, flavorless, seasonless snacks and dinners they have been feeding me I ought to report these people to the FDA

"Ughhh!!!" I groan strecthing as I patiently waited in the line as we all got off one by one to make it easier for everyone to get off safely

Once I got off the plane I was hit the heat of the sun and I smile

"I'm home bitches!!!" I said making my way into the airport I called my best friend Hayley and she answers

"Bitch you here yet?!" Hayley asks yelling into the phone

"Well damn hey to you too, but yes a young nigga done touched down." I said and she squeals into the phone

"Alright bitch I'm on my way to come get you give me twenty minutes." Hayley says and hangs up

I text all my other best friend Bryson and he immediately facetimes me

"Nigga you back for real?!" He asks making me laugh

"Yes I'm back for real!" I yell into the phone screen causing a few bystanders to look at me weirdly, but shit I didn't give a fuck I was happy to be home again and this time permanently

I was deployed in the army for about five years and I finally retired I just can't wait to have a regular life again not having to move from state to state, although I'll never forget that night in Michigan her caramelized skin, her hazel eyes, and the way her legs were wrapped around me as I pleasured her

When I woke that morning she was gone and I never seen her again

"Yo nigga is you there yo ass in space or something?" Bryson ask bringing me out the clouds

"Yeah man I'm just so stoked to be home and this time I'm not going anywehere

"Man we gotta lit ya know that right?" Bryson says with a smirk and I groan

"Mannnn I just got back I want to sleep." I whine

"Ain't not sleep, sleep is only for the dead folks." He says and I shake my head

"You wrong for that, but what you got in mind?" I ask him and he chuckles rubbing his hands together like Birdman

"Just wait and see." He says hanging up and I sigh knowing this about to be a mess plugging in my headphones pressing the shuffle button to listen to my music until Hayley slow ass comes

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