Broken Girl

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First heart break

Hi. I’m ... Jamelle.. Jamelle Pasely people call me mell:).. haha. Weird right?🥴.yes... it’s fall time . Btw my birthday is October 8th! But yes. I’m a teenager.. 15! I’ll be 16 in 5 more days🤧.. & this is my story ....

Jamelle- Ugh. Highschool! Worst ever .. total blow off. Keeping track around here is kinda mind blowing. But hey !.. that’s life right.. *walking in school building*

Staci- MELL!!

Jamelle- that’s my bestfriend. Staci.. she’s such a funny, kind & overprotective person .. & she’s 2 days older then me !

Jamelle- HEY!!

Staci- omggg it’s been F O R E V E R.

Jamelle- you litterally saw me last week.

Staci- ugh! Get over here . *hugs tightly* *walks down the hallway*


Jamelle- that’s bre .. she’s our childhood friend .. she’s very smart, mean sometimes.. & very antisocial around most people.

(Mell & Staci together)- HEY BRE!! *all hugs*

Bre- wow.. have I missed you guys .:(

Staci- we missed you more ! We would’ve invited you over last week.. but you weren’t home! *says sarcastically*

Bre- UGH I know .. family trip.

Jamelle- must be nice ..

Bre- what are you talking about? Your house is so fun and big.. lucky!

Staci- *laughs*

*bell rings*

Bre- oops! Sorry guys gotta go! See you in lunch!

Staci- you got it !

*Staci & Jamelle walking to class*

*everybody walks in*


Jamelle- that’s Ms Hilton.. she’s our reading and history teacher .. she’s very loud and truthful about her words.. I like her .. kinda.

Ms Hilton- sooo how was everyone’s break?

*everybody talks out of turn*

Ms Hilton- ONE PERSON !! What are we animals?

*boy raises his hand*

Joeseph- mine was great! I went bowling.. I went out of town.. and rock climbing... not really cool but .

Staci- *taps mell* are you STARING!

Jamelle- what?!! No ! Uhh.. what time is it?

Staci- your blushing!! Ouuuuu

Jamelle- stop!

Ms Hilton- Jamelle and Staci.. quiet you two!

Staci- whatever.

*class goes on for 40 minutes*

*bell rings*

Staci- UGH .. I’m out of gum.

Jamelle- that’s what you get! You always chew all of them at the same time .. !

Staci- shut it! & by the way.. can I come over today? Parents aren’t home.. I hate being in the house by myself!

Jamelle- scardy cat! .. and of course.

Staci- yayy!! *smiling hard*

*days go on.. they are at jamelle’s house , they later invite bre over too.. around 7 pm.*

Jamelle- momma! Staci’s down here ..

Staci- hey ms brenda!

Brenda- Hey baby! Glad you came back over !

Jamelle- yeah.. that’s my mom. Crazy.. bipolar.. and fun sometime:)..

Brenda- am I cooking or we ordering pizza?

Jamelle- Cook-


Brenda- good! I don’t feel like cooking ..

Staci- yesssss!!

Jamelle- yeah whatever *laughs*

*Jamelle and Staci go upstairs*

*knock on the door*

Brenda- Hey bre! Your joining the crew?

Bre- yes ma’am! How are you ?

Brenda- I’m good honey ! Such good manners.

Brenda- the girls are upstairs!

Bre- okay:)

*bre walks in*

Bre- heyyy my girls !

Jamelle and Staci - hey breeee!!

Bre- what y’all doin? I bet y’all probably online shopping ! Without me!

Staci- well.. I mean we’re not shopping for dogs this time !

*Jamelle & Bre laughs*

Bre- ouuu!! That top is everything!

Jamelle- guys look! These shoes are fireeeeee!!

Staci- if only I had the perfect money .

Jamelle- I hope my birthday is successful.. with lots of cash ..& love of course.

Staci- same ! And now my moms calling.. gotta go! Love both of y’all ! *all hugs tightly*

*staci walks out*..

Jamelle and Bre- WE LOVE YOU TOOO!

*Bre crawls over too Jamelle*

Bre- so what are we getting her !

Jamelle- thought you would never ask!

Jamelle- I was thinking about this necklace! *shows picture*

Bre- that is....... BEAUTIFUL!! Get it GET IT!!

Jamelle- okay okayyy!! .. I can put all of us on the picture, and put it in the necklace!

Bre- *smiles brightly*

* hears a loud crash outside*



*brenda walks in*

Brenda - y’all okay?!!!

*together* - yes !

*all goes outside*

Jamelle- STACI!!!!!!

To be continued.....

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