3rd Time’s a Charm

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Wow, I, Alyssa Isabella Montgomery has been cheated on twice.. Recently my ex Miles cheated on me with some girl at a party. I found out the next day and I was heartbroken and upset. So I played along with it and acted like I didn’t know anything for a good 3 days. 2 days later I had an idea to seduce him. Little did he know I was gonna get my revenge. Once we arrived at my house, we started kissing and got to the bedroom. I tied him up to the bed, and claimed I wanted to try something new. Then, I brought out a little surprise for him. His brother, Matthew. You should’ve seen the look on his face. Once I was done fucking his brother in front of him, I untied him and left him speechless on my bed, and told him to get out. His brother stayed with me for a couple of minutes , he made sure I was ok and started a small conversation with me. Once he left I didn’t think much of it.. little did I know that night was gonna have a huge impact in my life in the next couple of months.

Drama / Romance
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The Day After

Here I am walking from the mall after treating myself, the day after I forced my wonderful ex Miles to watch me have sex with his beloved brother Matthew in front of him while he was tied up to the bed. Yeah, that kinda sounds badass but sad at the same time. You’re probably wondering “What the hell did he do to deserve that” or “You're a bitch for doing that” First of all, correction. I AM a bad bitch for doing that. Second of all.. he cheated. Yeah... that’s not really cute isn’t? But.. while I’m walking home might as well tell you about my life and my miserable love life as well.

The name is Alyssa Montgomery, the place my mother pushed me out of her vagina was in the wonderful city of New York, I turned out as a disappointment and a brown eyed brunette baby with some pale skin. 21 years ago I was held in my mom’s arms looking like the most ugliest baby in our wonderful family. (Just kidding I was quite cute) My parents and my siblings moved away to California 18 years after I was born, for better “experience” as they say. While I just stayed here in my hometown with my friends. Now for my past relationships. I’ve had 2 exes my whole life. (+ kindergarten exes but we ain’t gonna talk about that) My first ex, was obviously my “ first love”. His name was Jordan. Our relationship was literally the best thing ever. Such an amazing experience but sadly, he cheated on me.. twice. Yeah.. I kinda gave him a chance to redeem himself. That failed miserably. It was pretty heartbreaking when we broke up. Anyways, thank you next! Now for the 2nd boy.. Miles. We already know where this one went. A party, hooked up with a girl without me knowing. Then.. the rest plays out. For some reason I always attract the boys that end up cheating on me. I don’t really know why but, I find myself thinking about what we had sometimes but you gotta let go of the past. But for some reason I can’t stop thinking about Matthew..

I got so distracted by talking to you about my miserable life I just realized, I’m standing in front of my door. So I open up to find my big and modern studio loft. Yeah that’s kind of a flex but you can’t do anything about it <3 I set my things down on the counter to find my stomach rumbling and tumbling. So I check the fridge to see if there’s any food. I see some fruits and some ingredients for caesar salad. I mix the salad up, put it on the plate as well as the watermelon in another. I start enjoying my delicious food, then I check my phone to see 5 missed calls from.. Miles.

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