My soulmate

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From the first time I saw her to the time I watched her take her last breath I was in love. The memories we made and the ones I look back on now feel like I was in two different worlds. She was, and will always be, my soulmate.

Drama / Romance
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My soulmate

From the first time I saw her, rushing through the crowds, pushing past the people of London, I knew we’d meet again. That time I felt as if the world had been slowed with everything rushing past me like I’d never seen before, except her. She was the only one I looked at. She was the only one I saw in that moment. And the only one I wanted to look at for the rest of my life. My brain had been flushed, forgetting why I was even there. She was the only one I was thinking about. But now I will never feel the same way.

My heart broke.
Everything I needed that day left me.
That was the day when the touch of her hands against my skin had never felt the same.
It was like a movie that I couldn’t bare.
Pieces of my heart ripped to shreds which I knew where never going to make it together again.
I was left sitting next to her hospital bed heart-broken.

My wife was the only thing I had left, she was the only thing I was really living for. Although the day she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, was the day my whole life was ruined.

Everyday was the last day, we lived it to the fullest until the day came. The day were I knew and I had to axcept that she wasn’t going to come out of hospital and that was the day when my life began to slowly fall apart. It was as if she was disintegrating, peacfully falling out of my arms. It was painful to see her suffer although I couldn’t let her know I suffering with her.

I held her hand as she gasped for air, I wouldn’t let myself leave her side because if I did and she left me, I would never forgive myself.

I knew the day had come were I had to say my goodbye. The words barely came out of my mouth.

That day I held her hand so tightly, and that was the day she let go.

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