you are my cure

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on one school summer, a boy who doesn't even care or look at girl has fallen in love with one nerd girl that help him with his disease and also his study and one day......

Drama / Action
Heang Nitha
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mr cold and ms little pie

ok my name is Micalty let me tell you sth that special to me is that I got a strange sickness it might sound a bit crazy but also a bit messy, my life change after I meet one nerd girl who helps me with my illness and also my study I was the only child in the family so when I want it I got it you know. but after you read more you started to know more about me. born in a rich family doesn’t mean I get any happiness money can’t buy happiness. every girl who loves me just loves my money. my first girlfriend was tily the first girl that I talk to at school but after she walks with me her attitude changes a lot only wear sexy cloth only ask me for money to shopping and after that, she cheats on me when I can’t give her any money so we broke up on the day I caught her with my basketball enemy he was the guy who wins the basketball against my team his name was Nicol on his fu*k face he was so proud of himself. it was also savage my ex she came to me and ask for a new start after Nicol dump her in front of the basketball court so you know I was the second one that dumps her at the basketball court starts from the day I learn my lesson I was named as MR ice I don’t look at or talk to a girl so yea that the first story of my first school love and me the rich boy. On the day my disease was getting more worst after I get out of the bathroom but one ugly nerd girl from medical class help me in time so after I woke up I’m in the school hospital you know the doctor keep the smile at me I feel weird so I run straight to the door but a big group of girl stands in front of the door so the only choice is to stay in the room with the doctor after the bell rings those girls get back to their class. At the time I get out from the school doctor room I saw the nerd girl who helps me got bullied by my ex-girlfriend and some of her friend they kick and want that nerd to give them the homework so I run as fast as I can to help her back [song on: it you ](at the right time in the right moment…) what the! why the movie director put this song put it a bit more swag ok. [song on: we will rock you] (we will we will rock you ~…) so while I get to the bullied place tily and her friend just run to class and I help the girl up we missed our art class because we go to the school park and we talk a lot she seems shy but smart. And that nerd girl name Haston but she told me to call her ton only she got no friend, she tells me that I was the first person that talks to her and want to be her friend.

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