A Teen Story

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Chapter 8


I'm staring at my mom with my eyes wide open. I really hope she doesn't know anything. I'll die if she does! She'll never let me go out 'cause she'll think it might happen again.
"What do you mean mom?" I laugh nervously.
"Let's take this conversation upstairs," she says and starts to make her way out of the kitchen. I'm so fucking scared right now. I don't want mom to know anything. She won't react well to it.
We get into my room and sit on my bed. I stare at my fingers silently as she looks at me.
"Who is he?" Holy fuck!!
"Who is who?"
"The guy you were with last night. Who is he?"
"What makes you think I was with a guy?"
"I tried calling Tina but she didn't pick up. Her father did. He said you weren't there."
"Really?" I laugh nervously and she looks at me with a frown.
"I won't be mad if I found out you were having sex. I just want you to explain to me why you lied last night." She thinks I'm having sex? She's lying so I can open up to her. Mom will freak out if she found out I was fucking some guy. I know that!
"Mom, I was at Bryson's."
"Are you two having sex?"
"No. We were just hanging out."
"Why did he lie when I called him? You know I don't mind you hanging out with him. Did something happen?"
"No. We just didn't know how you'd react so he told you I was at Tina's."
"Aria, I'm your mother. You can talk to me about anything. I know you're hiding something from me but I'm not going to force you to open up. I know you will talk to me when you're ready. Please, just don't lie to me anymore. It hurts me when you do so," she says and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear.
"I'm sorry mom. It won't happen again," I say with a small smile.
"I really hope everything is okay with you honey," she says.
"Everything is fine." Some guy tried to rape me last night but Bryson saved me and now I'm afraid to tell you 'cause you'll keep me in the house like Rapunzel.
"Okay. I'm going to make dinner." She gets up and leaves my room.
Thank God! She doesn't know anything about what happened last night. I don't want her getting all protective and shit. It was a one time thing. I'm not sure I'll go to any party again. I can't let myself look so weak in front of someone. I failed to protect myself from some stupid guy I could just kick in the balls. No one can balme me though. I was weak 'cause of the stupid drink I had.
My phone starts to ring and I immediately pick up.
"Hello," I say.
"Hey Aria. How're you doing?" Oh, it's Leo.
"Fine. How 'bout you?"
"I'm fine. I just wanted to check up on you. You barely picked up my calls and I really missed you," he says, "Tina just left. Would you like to come over?"
"I can't. Sean came home today and I wanna catch up with him a little. I'll try to pass by."
"Okay," he says, "you sound tense by the way. Is everything okay?"
Should I tell Leo about what happened? I've always opened up to him about stuff but I don't know if I can tell him this. Every time I talk about it, I feel like crying. I don't think I can tell Leon. I'm not ready.
"Yeah. I'm just a little tired," I say.
"Okay. I'll see you around."
"Cool," I say and he hangs up.
Why can't I just forget about what that asshole did to me last night? Why is it so hard to pretend that none of that happened? I wanna scream and shout. I want to punch Darren and beat the shit out of him. How could he do that to me?
I'm fucking going to his place. He has to understand that I'm not some object he can throw to his friends.
I grab my keys and purse as I rush out of my bedroom. I make my way downstairs with a frown on my face.
"Where are you going?" Cole asks.
"There's something I need to take care of. I'll be back real quick," I say and head out the door.
I get into my car and drive off immediately.
I can't let this go. I'm not some stupid girl. He thinks I'll stay away from him and hide but he's so wrong!
Darren opens the door after I ring the bell twice. I immediately slap him across the face and he cups his cheek.
"What the fuck Ariana!" He growls.
"You deserve that and this," I kick him between his legs and he falls on the ground as he yells in pain.
"How could you do that to me you asshole?!"
"I didn't do anything. What's your fucking problem?'' He groans.
"You gave me that stupid drink and took me to your room. Did you think I wouldn't remember anything?" I get on my knees on top of him and punch him.
"Get off," he groans and I punch him again. At that very moment, I feel his bulge in between my legs. My eyes widen when he gets up and pins me to the ground. He's now on top of me.
"Listen here you crazy bitch, I know you're only here to seduce me. I gave you that drink last night 'cause my friend asked me to. He wanted to fuck you and I told him you wouldn't allow so he planned his shit. You should be punching him and not me! Admit you're only here to get a taste of me and we can forget everything that happened last night."
"Fucking let go of me! The last thing I'd do is seduce you. Let me go!"
"If you weren't a girl, your face would be messed up by now but I can't beat up a lady. Plus, I'm attracted to you so I won't hurt you," he says with a smile. What?!
"Where is he?"
"He went back to Campus. He lives really far so forget about ever meeting him again. It's just you and me baby," he winks.
"Darren, I'm not here to joke around. I have to leave!"
"Kiss me first."
"In your fucking dreams!" I say as I try to get away from the ground but his body is really heavy. Why are guys so heavy!!
"Come on. Just a little kiss," he bites his lip.
"Seriously," he smiles.
"Fine, we'll just stay on the ground as my dick acts," he laughs.
"Come on Darren!"
"Kiss me," he says.
I connect our lips for a brief moment and he tries to deepen the kiss but I push him off. I get off the ground and I hear him chuckle.
"I want more," he gets up and stands really close to my back.
"Go fuck yourself!" I say and storm off.
I run outside and get into my car. I drive off immediately with nothing but confusion running through me.
I went there to teach him a lesson but he ended up making me kiss him. Why am I so stupid? He set me up for rape and I kissed him.

I just got home and the fam is eating dinner. I knew they wouldn't wait for me. I don't even want anything but ice cream and a movie. It's the only way I can relax after what happened to me.
"Aren't you going to eat with us?" My mom asks when she sees me making my way to the stairs.
" I'm not hungry," I say with a small smile.
"She's acting weird," I hear her say when I'm going upstairs.
They're starting to realize that something is up with me. I want to open up to them but they'll make a very big deal out of it. I don't want any problems. I just wanna forget everything.
I can't believe I kissed Darren! I went to his house to yell at him but ended up kissing him. I just hope he doesn't mention it. Was he serious when he said he's attracted to me? I know I should be mad but for some reason, I'm not. I'm only mad at that stupid guy for trying to take advantage of me.
I lay on my bed and at that very moment, Sean comes in with a plate of food. He's such a good brother.
"Hey," he says as he sits next to me.
"You didn't have to bring me food. I'm not really hungry." I say as I sit up.
"I can't let you skip dinner," he says, "mom is worried about you. She says you're acting weird and lying to her."
"I already explained why I lied. She doesn't need to worry. I'm fine."
"You're not," he says, "Aria, you're acting different. I've only been here for a few hours but I noticed you've been a little distant."
"I'm just a little bit tired. I've done a lot of tests this week and I'm exhausted."
"Aria," he sighs, "from when do you hide stuff from me?"
"I'm not hiding anything. I just need some rest and I'll get back to normal."
"I have a feeling it's something much bigger but I'm not gonna force you to tell me." He says and I give him a small smile.
"How's college?"
"It's really cool. You'll love it."
"Don't give me details. It will take all night," I chuckle.
"Alright," he smiles,"Come with me downstairs. We're gonna watch a movie and I got you ice cream."
"You're the best." I get on his back and he carries me down the stairs.
We went downstairs to watch a movie but ended up talking and playing weird games. I really miss having Sean around all the time. I've never been bored with him around.
I'm now picking an outfit for school tomorrow. I wanna be ready in time. I should also stop skipping breakfast. Those apples and chocolates I eat every morning do nothing but make me even more hungry.
"Hello cousin."
"What do you want from me Jade?"
"I just wanna talk a little. You need to be watched thoroughly after what happened to you." She chuckles.
If Jade knows, she's gonna tell mom. That girl can't leave me in peace!
"What are you talking about?"
"That college guy. He had you in his bed last night. I heard Darren drugged you," she sits on my bed and looks at me with a smile on her face.
"That's none of your business. How did you even know this?"
"Amanda and I were in the audience my dear. We saw everything! When I say everything, I mean everything! From the moment Darren carried you in there. We even heard you scream for help. You sounded so pathetic," she chuckles.
She was there with Amanda? She didn't even try to help me. What kind of cousin is she?! She was ready to let some guy rape me. Doesn't she have a heart?
"Get the fuck out of my room!" I yell, "if possible, pack your bags and go back to your mom!"
"I'm here for a long time honey and there's nothing you can do about it. Don't you dare yell at me 'cause I can go tell your mom why you've been lying lately."
"You're stupid! Get out!"
"Geez. Calm down," she laughs, "goodnight Ariana."
Little bitch!
I hate her. I hate her. I hate her. Mom shouldn't find out from her. Why does Jade humiliate me? She has only caused me problems from the day we met. I just can't stand her!
Ugh!! Could this day get any worse?! I'm in Math class and nothing is getting into my brain. I'm just so worried about Jade telling mom what happened to me at Darren's. I didn't even tell me I was going to a party that night. I'm gonna be in trouble if she finds out from someone else. It will be less worse if I'm the one who tells her.
"Aria, are you okay?" Bryson asks quietly. I look at him for a brief moment then tear a piece of paper from my notebook. I write there, 'Jade knows. She kinda witnessed everything.'
He looks at me after reading what I've written, "have you told your mom yet?"
"No. I just couldn't tell her. It's not easy," I whisper.
"Yeah. I feel you."
"Excuse me. Um...Ariana?" Alya turns to look at me. She's seated in front of Bryson and me.
"Do you mind exchanging seats for a while. I'd like Bryson's help on a few numbers in the activity," she smiles.
Did I forget to mention? Bryson, the pussy hunter is a great kid in school. I don't know how but he's better than me.
Teachers thought he cheated but they went on testing him till they found out his grades were real. He's not a straight A student but he's really good in school.
Why does Alya want his help today? We studied harder things but she never asked for Bryson's help. Plus, there are better guys in this class. They can help her. It doesn't have to be Bryson.
She looks at me when the teacher goes out to answer his phone. I get up with a fake smile and we quickly exchange seats.
I'm not comfortable! She sits next to Leah and she's no fun! How am I gonna get this work done without Bryson.
I look at my notebook and start to figure a few things out. I'm not that bad at Math.
"Bryson, you're so good at this. How about we meet after school and study?" Alya says but I don't turn to look at her.
"I don't really do such," he says, "if you came over, we'd do something different." Does he have to flirt with her?! I almost forgot what a jerk he is! He was really nice and different yesterday. I thought he was gonna change. It was my first time seeing him that humble. No one can blame me! I just wanna throw Alya off my seat and shout at her.
"I'd love to do anything with you Bryce," she whispers. It's a little too loud though.
Bitch! No one calls him Bryce except for me! Know your limits!
I should've known she only wanted to flirt. She wouldn't even speak to Bryson in her dreams!

After that stupid class, I rushed to the cafeteria to meet Tina. She's seated alone with a lot of food on the table. Did she get me lunch? That would be so nice of her.
"Hello Tina," I say as I sit down.
"Hi Ari, I got you lunch." She smiles.
"Thanks honey. I'm starving," I sip from the bottle of water next to me.
"So, how've you been?" She asks.
"The worst!" I groan.
"How come?"
"This girl Alya says my name in the middle of the Math lesson and asks to sit next to Bryson so she can get some help on the activity."
"What's wrong with that?"
"They did nothing but flirt. I get it, Bryson's a playboy but that doesn't mean she can just flirt with him."
"Aria, Bryson has flirted with so many girls that and it never seemed to bother you. Are you jealous or something?"
"Me? Jealous? Ew!"
"What is it then?"
"I just don't like Alya."
"Okay." She chuckles.
"Hello Baby," Bryson sits next to me.
"Aren't you supposed to be with Alya?" I ask without looking at him.
"She's not my type," he grabs my burger and takes a bite.
"Since when do you have a type?" I roll my eyes.
"Tina, Is Ariana jealous?" He chuckles.
"She doesn't like Alya," Tina says.
"Go get me another burger," I give him a serious look.
"Easy girl. What's with the bad mood?"
"I'm not in a bad mood. Go get my burger and we'll be okay," I smile at him and he gets up to bring me my burger.
This day sucked! Everything about it just pissed me off. Alya kept chasing after Bryce. I know she likes him but it doesn't haven't to be that deep.
When I'm making my way to the car, someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn to look at the person and see Darren looking hot in a sweatshirt and jeans. I know I'm supposed to hate him but it doesn't mean I can't call him hot.
"What do you want?" I ask.
"You," he pulls me up against him, "I know you hate me burmt that doesn't stop me from wanting you. I just wanted to look at you before you left."
"You've seen me. Now, bye!" I push him off but he grabs my arm.
"I've missed you. Aren't you gonna be a little nicer?"
"You don't deserve good treatment. You're an asshole!" I yell at him and that second, he smashes his lips on mine.
I push him off, "what is wrong with you?!" I yell.
"Don't pretend you didn't like it," he smirks.
"You're insane!" With that being said, I make my way to the car and drive off.
How could he just kiss me like that? Doesn't he have any sense? I've heard about Darren and how he never takes no for an answer but that doesn't mean he can just whatever he wants!
I would've kissed back if I wasn't aware he was such an asshole.
I step into the house and throw my bag on the ground. I get to the living room and find Jade, Sean and mom seated there. Jade's eyes are puffy and mom looks upset. What's going on Here? I hope no one died.
Cole didn't come home with me. He went to hang at a friend's place.
"Hello guys," I say with a smile.
"Who is he?" Sean asks quietly and I'm left confused.
"What do you mean?"
"Why didn't you tell us some guy took advantage of you?!" Mom yells.

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