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Chapter 9


I can't believe Jade snitched on me! I should've told mom earlier. She's so angry right now.
"Mom, I promise you. Nothing happened! Bryson got me out of there before the guy could do anything," I say.
"And you thought there was no need to tell me 'cause nothing happened? You're my daughter! You should be able to talk to me. Instead, you kept it a secret and got distant."
"Mom, it wasn't easy for me to tell you," I say.
"You didn't even tell me you were going to a party. You lied to me and acted like it was okay," she yells.
"Maybe you should think of my situation and decide if yelling at me is going to change anything," with that being said, I make my way to my room.
I get on my bed and bury my head in the pillows.
Mom is supposed to understand me and not get mad. She's supposed to help me forget about it but the only thing that's bothering her, is the fact that I lied.
How was I supposed to tell her about that? Did she expect me to just tell her that some guy was gonna fuck me but Bryson saved me and it's no big deal?
I had to lie. I had to! It's so hard to talk about. Most especially with my mom.
Jade just had to tell them everything! What a bitch! Can't she keep a secret for once in her life? She always finds a way to go make my life terrible. I hate her!
"Ariana, open the door!" Mom yells. She's still yelling even after what I said? Doesn't she care that some stranger hurt me! All she's thinking about is the lying I've been doing.
"Ariana, open this damn door now!" I pick up my car keys and phone. I need to get out of here before I go crazy.
When I open the door, mom is standing there fuming in anger. I ignore her and make my way way down the stairs.
"Where do you think you're going?"
"Mom, I need some time away from here. You need to think about what happened and ask yourself what's more important. Don't worry. I'll be back home." I walk out the door and make my way to the car. I get in and drive off immediately.
Leo opens the door for me after a few rings. He's wearing a hoodie and shorts.
"Hi Ari," he smiles at me.
I'm here because I need to talk to Leo. He's being kept in the dark and it's not fair. We're best friends and we've always told each other everything. I'm not going to hide this from him. I know I could've gone to Bryson's but he already knows everything. I want to open up to Leo.
"Hi Leo. Are you busy?"
"I'm not really doing anything," he lets me in and we make our way to the kitchen. He hands me a soda and his dad walks in.
"Hello Ariana," he says with a smile.
"Hi Mr. Garcia." Martin Garcia is Leo's father. He looks so much like his son. The eyes and sharp jaw plus hair colour. They share so many features. Leo's dad is Colombian and his mom is Italian. Such a hot couple, right?
"Nice to see you again my dear," he says.
"Nice to see you too."
"Leo told me you were in Miami for the summer. I hope you had a good time."
"I did," I smile.
"That's really good to hear. Leonard, your mother and I are heading out in a few. Call if you need anything."
"I will," Leo says, "come on Aria, let's go upstairs."
"Don't forget to use protection. There are condoms in my dresser," Mr. Garcia says and I feel my face heat up. Leo smiles at his dad's joke as he leads me up the stairs.
"He's just kidding."
"I know."
We get into Leo's room and everything looks the same. What was I expecting? I haven't been here in weeks. I'm such a bad friend.
"I was gonna call you," Leo says.
"I didn't come here in weeks so I thought I'd pass by. I also need to talk to you about something." I sit on his bed and he sits next to me.
"You haven't been here since you came back from Miami," he says, "I thought you didn't want to talk to me 'cause of what happened the other day."
"Just forget what happened. I didn't have to get angry. You never wanted to hurt my feelings and I get that. Have you asked Kate out yet?"
"Yeah. We went out twice. She's really nice and she likes you. She says you're a sweet girl."
"Am I not?" I chuckle.
"Of course you are," he chuckles, "so, what do you want to talk about?"
"I went to Darren's party on Saturday."
"Why would you do that? You cant be around Darren. He's a jerk! He might try to do something to you."
"I went with Bryson so we could have a little fun. I met Darren in the kitchen and he got me a drink," my eyes start welling up as I remember what happened.
"Bryson and I started dancing. I felt really dizzy after a while and I told him I was going upstairs. I almost fell down the stairs and Darren caught me. Everything was starting to get all blurry but not completely so when he took me to his room...." I can't say this. It's so hard to talk about.
"Did he fucking take advantage of you?!"
"No. Some other guy tried to. Darren gave me that drink and took me to him. He left me there and the guy forced himself on me. I don't even know who he is."
"That son of a bitch!"
"If Bryson didn't follow me upstairs...." I cry and he gives me a hug.
"I'm so sorry Aria."
"I couldn't tell mom. I kept it a secret for a day and Jade knew everything. She saw me but didn't bother helping. She even told mom everything." I cry.
"Why would she do that to you? It's none of her business. She should've kept her mouth shut."
"Mom yelled at me. She's mad at me because I lied to her. She didn't show any concern towards what happened."
"I can't imagine what you're feeling. I'm so sorry this is happening."
"That asshole Darren will see no peace!"
"You don't have to do anything. I went to see him."
"You what?"
"I had to. I couldn't just sit there and let him laugh at me."
"Did he hurt you?"
"I hurt him." Is it safe to tell Leo that I kissed him? He's gonna freak out if I tell him about that stupid kiss.
It feels so good to be in Leo's arms. He really cares about me. I shouldn't have kept a distance.
My phone rings and when I look at the screen, it's an unknown.
"Hello," I say as I make my out of the room.
"Hi babe, I'm waiting for you at my place. Someone's here for you." It's Darren.
"Where the fuck did you get my number?"
"It doesn't matter. Just be here in less than twenty minutes. Trust me, you'll love this." What does he want and who is that waiting for me at his place?
Leo gets out of his room and stands next to me. "Who's that?"
"Just an unknown," I say, "I need to go now. I'll see you at school?"
"Sure. Take care of yourself."
"I will."
Darren opens the door with a smirk on his face. "It's so nice seeing you here again honey," he says.
"This better be quick," I say.
"It might take time." What's so important here? Why is he always home alone? Who is here for me? I have so many questions to ask.
When we get to the living room, I start to shake. That guy from the party. He's here. He's actually standing in front of me. I want to hit him and beat the shit out of him but I'm shaking.
Darren told me he was far away. He lied to me and set me up again! I'm the most stupid person! How could I just show up at Darren's doorstep 'cause he asked me to? I'm so lame and pathetic.
"Hello Aria," he smirks. He's such an asshole?! What does he want from me? Why did I come here? I'm such a fool!
"Darren, why would you do this to me?" I yell.
"He wanted to see you," Darren says.
"No, no, no! I'm leaving!" I turn to leave but some guy locks the door.
"You can't leave yet," Darren states.
"I want to talk to you Aria," that strange asshole says.
"How do you know my name?!"
"Darren told me a lot about you." Creepy, much!
"I'm not talking to you about anything!" I yell, "Darren please let them open the door for me."
"You guys are so fucked up! What the hell do you want from me?!"
"My friend here wants you in his bed and I'm just helping him though I happen to want the same thing." Darren grins.
"Go to hell! I don't want anything to do with any of you! Open the fucking door and let me out of here!"
"Darren. Please let me go," I plead.
"Okay." He nods. Oh! Thank God! I'm gonna be out of here and I'm never returning.
"You will get out that door after you do one thing."
"What is it?"
"You will let me have sex with you. You will only leave after that is done."
"There's no way in hell I'm doing that!"
"Okay then, you'll stay here with me and my guys. One of them isn't afraid to do the same thing he did at the party," he smirks.
"I fucking hate you Darren! Go to hell!" My eyes well up as I yell. What am I gonna do? There's no way out. Why did I come here in the first place? I'm so stupid! I can't believe this is happening to me. This is a nightmare! What did I get myself into?!

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