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Chapter 10

I can't do it! There must be a way for me to get out of here. Why did I bring myself here? I can't sleep with Darren to get out of his house. I'm leaving. I have to leave now!
I'm seated on the couch and Darren has been staring at me for a long time now. It's starting to freak me out. That strange guy left a while ago. I was scared of him and I insisted he left. He said he was gonna pass by again.
My phone is in my hoodie pocket. I could go somewhere in the house and make a call. I need to call someone to come get me.
"Darren, where's the bathroom?"
"Jerry will lead you," Jerry is the guy who locked the door. I saw him put the key in his pocket.
"Cool." I get off the couch.
"But first," he says a little too loud, "give me your phone," he smiles.
What the fuck?! How am I supposed to get out of this? I can't give him my phone. I have to call someone to come get me out of here.
"My phone's in the car," I lie.
"Are you sure about that?" He takes a step forward.
"Take off the hoodie," he says.
"I'm not wearing anything else. You can't make me do that." He places his hands in my pocket and takes out my phone, "give it back!". He puts it on the table and smiles at me.
I'm fucked!
He takes a hold of my hand and leads me up the stairs. I try to fight him off but his grip is so tight. I'm so sick of this guy. Why is he keeping me here? He already knows my answer. Why can't he respect my decision and let me out of here.
Once we're in the room, he shuts the door and locks it. He puts the key in his back pocket and smiles at me.
"Aria, you don't know how much I want you. I've tried. I've been trying for a long time to get over these feelings that I have for you," he takes a step forward and I take one back. I can't believe he's saying this.
Is he really into me or is he trying to trick me into sleeping with him? It's Darren. What am I supposed to expect from him? He's a jerk!
"This is not fair Darren! You can't keep me here against my will."
"You wouldn't stay alone with me. I had no other choice."
"You had a choice! You could've left me alone," I yell, "I don't want anything to do with you! Why don't you understand that?"
"Everyone knows me for one thing. I never take no for an answer. I'm not gonna let you leave without giving me what I want."
"Darren, please let me leave. I just can't. I've never done something like this and I don't want to. You're the last person I'd give my virginity to! You're a dick!."
"Aria, I promise to make your first time the best," he steps closer and wraps an arm around my waist.
"Darren, let go of me," I take his arm off my waist.
"Aria," he whispers my name and buries his head in my neck. I step away from him and stand next to the door.
"Why are you doing this?" My eyes well up. I'm so messed up. How am I supposed to leave?
"Nothing. I'm not gonna force you to do anything. It's your choice. If you wanna leave, give me what I want."
"I hate you!" I shout and he takes off his shirt. Is that supposed to make me want him? He should know that I'm disgusted!
"Just one time," he pins me against the door and smashes his lips on mine. I can't do this. Not with Darren.
I have a plan to get out of here. I'm gonna play along and try to get the key out of his pocket unnoticed.
I kiss him back and he lifts me off the ground. My legs wrap around his waist as he deepens the kiss. It doesn't feel so good to kiss him. I'm just doing this to get out of here.
"Darren, I want you," I say breathlessy and he immediately lays me on the bed. Once again, it's just a trick. I hate Darren.
I run my hands down his back slowly and stop at the back pocket. He's so distracted that he doesn't notice what I'm about to do. He pulls my hoodie up as he trails kisses down my neck. I quickly fix a hand inside his left pocket and grab the key. Realization hit him and he tries to get the key.
"What are you doing?" He groans and I push him off with all my energy and he falls off the bed. In your fucking face! Asshole! I kick him in the balls really hard and he groans in pain.
I rush to door and open it. I lock him in and make my way down the stairs. That Jerry guy is in the living room.
"Where are you going?" He takes a hold of my arm.
"None of your fucking business! Where's the key? I wanna leave."
"I can't let you out," I knee him in the balls and he hisses in pain. I kick him continuously and he falls on the ground. I begin to check his pockets as fast as I can. When I get the key, I stand up and smile to myself. I knew it was in his pocket! Jerry grabs my leg and I try hard to fight him off. Why is it so hard to get out of here?
I use my other leg to kick his arm and quickly make my way to the table. My phone isn't here anymore. Oh God!
When I turn to leave, Jerry is standing infront of me.
"You better get out my way!" I yell.
"Someone open the fucking door!" Darren yells from upstairs.
I knee Jerry in between his legs again and quickly unlock the door. I run to the driveway and get into my car. I drive off immediately feeling nothing but relief.
I can't believe I got out of there. Darren thought I was dumb enough to give him my body. He's so wrong. I've kicked a lot today. That's the only means of self defense that I'm good at. With the guys. They're gonna need some ice.
Darren has done enough and I'm not going to get involved with him. He's so stupid! How could he keep me in his house to have sex? He even took my phone. I'm so lucky I was able to run.
I've never been in such a situation before and I wasn't ready to give up. I did what I had to do. I'm so glad that strange guy (aka the guy who tried to take advantage of me at the party) left. It made things much easier for me.
The moment Bryson opens the door, I give him a hug. He wraps his arms around me and we stay like that for a while.
I feel so safe in his arms. I can't believe I got out of there on my own. I'm with Bryson now.
"Aria, is everything okay?" He asks as we pull away.
He lets me in and we get into the living room. Leo is here. I have no problem. I can just tell them both right now.
"Hey Ari," he smiles.
"Hi Leo," I give him a small smile.
"Ari, your mom called and told me you left the house when you were angry." Bryson says.
"She was pissing me off so I went to see Leo and Darren called me," I say.
"Darren?!" Leo exclaims.
"Yeah. I don't know how he got my number. He told me to go to his place and I...."
"What did you do? You didn't go, right?" Bryson asks.
"I did."
"Aria, how could you just go to his place 'cause he asked you to?! It's Darren! You can't trust him!" Bryson yells.
Is it just me or Bryson's reaction is a little too much? He's so angry.
"I agree with him." Leo nods.
"He told me someone wanted to see me and when I got there, it was that guy from the party."
"What the fuck Ariana?!" Bryson yells, "what fucking took you there. You could've told him you didn't want to go!"
"Bryson, I know I shouldn't have gone there. Getting out was really hard!"
"What do you mean?" Leo asks.
"One of his friends locked the door and I couldn't get out. He said I would be able to leave after having sex with him."
"That fucker!" Bryson exclaims.
"Why didn't you tell me it was Darren on the phone?" Leo asks.
"I didn't think he was gonna do something like that."
"Expect the worst when it's Darren you're dealing with," Leo says.
"Did you have sex with Darren?" Bryson asks.
How could he ask me such a question? Does he think I'm so stupid?
"I didn't. How could you even ask me that?"
"How did you get out then?" Leo asks.
"Darren took me to his room and started talking shit. He was trying to trick me into sleeping with him. He said he wouldn't force me to do anything. I would've left but the door was locked. He started kissing me and I kissed back_"
"You did what?" Bryson interrupts me before I can finish my sentence. Why is he reacting so quickly? I didn't even say everything!
"I was only doing that to distract him. I got the key from his pocket and pushed him off. Once he was on the ground, I kicked him really hard and made my way out. The guy who locked the door was there. Long story short, I kicked him the way I kicked Darren and got the key. Now, I'm here."
"Aria, do you realize how lucky you were?" Leo says.
"Yeah. I'm not dumb either. I saw where they kept the keys."
"I'm going to see Darren," Bryson says.
"Don't you dare!" I get up and place a hand on his chest, "don't go. I don't want you to get into trouble because of me."
"Aria, he's messing with you and I want him to stop."
"Bryson has a point. That guy is no good. He's not gonna stop anytime soon. Someone has to knock some sense into him."
"Guys please, I can take care of myself. Darren will leave me alone! I'm the one who'll knock sense into him. You don't have to do anything."
"Why are you so eager to let this go Ari?" Leo asks.
"I just don't want any trouble, okay?"
"You're not going near Darren anymore. Not in anyway? Do you understand?" Bryson says.
Geez! Why is he acting like this? I haven't seen him this angry in a long time. I got away from that asshole. He's not supposed to overreact.
"Fine," I say and make my way out of the house. I can't be here any longer. Bryson is yelling and it stresses me even more.
I'm just gonna go back home and face mom. I was hoping to talk to Bryson the way we did last time. We were both so calm and we listened to each other. I was comfortable but today, he was a different person.
Mom opens the door and looks at me with no clear expression on her face, "welcome back Ariana," she says but I don't respond.
"Some guy is here to see you. He says he's a friend,"
"What's his name?" I ask.
"Go to the living room and you'll find him there."
"Okay," I say and start to make my way to the living room.
Darren is seated there with a smirk on his face. Why? Why? Why? Why is he here? If mom finds out he's the one who gave me the drink, he'll be in trouble. Did he follow me? Why are the problems all coming in one day?!
"Hello Ariana," he smiles.
"What are you doing here?"
"You forgot your phone and your jacket at my place," He hands me my phone and a jacket which isn't mine. Mom is watching us. Is he seriously trying to get me in trouble?
"I didn't_"
"I'll see you around," he says before I can finish my sentence. He makes his way out and I'm left standing in the living room with my mom.
Someone save me from this woman!

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