A Teen Story

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Chapter 12

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This can't be true. Darren and I did not have sex. I don't remember doing anything. I know I didn't do anything. I'd never let him touch me. I've never imagined losing my virginity like this.
My eyes well up as I sit up on the bed. I cover myself and stare at the ground as tears roll down my cheeks.
Where are we right now? This isn't his bedroom and we're not in Kate's house. I need to leave. If I stay here one more second, I might commit murder. I wanna beat him and hit him hard on his head but I can't. I'm in a state of shock.
"Aria, say something." Darren says and touches my arm.
I get off the bed with the covers wrapped around my body.
"What do you want me to say Darren? What? You want me to thank you?" I yell.
He rolls his eyes and I get even angrier. How can he just act like he didn't do anything bad. I just hate him so fucking much! "Why did you do this to me?"
"You liked every single thing we did."
"I was drunk!"
"You let me fuck you."
"I fucking hate you Darren. Don't you ever come near me again!" I pick up my dress, heels and purse. I get into the bathroom and dress up as fast I can.
When I get out, Darren has his boxers on. He stands up when he sees me and I immediately look at the ground.
"Aria, please don't leave," he pins me against the wall.
"I'm not gonna yell at you Darren. I've said enough. You should fucking learn to take no for an answer. If you stayed away from me, this wouldn't have happened. From now on, you're invisible to me. I don't want anything to do with you. Don't ever remind me of what happened last night. Don't even talk to me again! I'm sick of you causing pain all the time!"
"Staying away from you is going to be very hard. In fact, you're the one who'll come running to me a few days from now. You will need me," he smirks.
"The last thing I'd do is come near you after I walk out this door!" With that being said, I open the door and leave.
I don't know whose house this is and my car is at home. I need to find the front door and leave this place before I start screaming.
I've never hated a person as much as I hate Darren. He does nothing but humiliate me. I'm so tired of all this shit. When did my life become such a mess? What did I do you deserve this?
I barely had any sleep last night. I've been thinking about Aria. She's always on my mind these days and I like it.
Every time I close my eyes, I see her face. I see that beautiful smile and the cute eye roll she does every time I say something stupid. I don't always observe a girl's appearance but when it comes to Aria, my eyes fail to look away.
I know she's mad at me 'cause I've been avoiding her. It didn't feel good when she took my hand off her thigh. I didn't think she'd have a problem with it.
She made it pretty clear that nothing could happen between us without even saying it to my face. The problem is that whenever I'm around her, I want to touch her and If I do, she'd feel bad.
She looked really hot last night. I wanted to tear that dress off her body and feel every single part of her on me.
Honestly, I don't even know why I avoided her in the first place. That wasn't a smart thing to do. I just thought that if I stayed away, I'd figure out what I really want from her. I wanted sex but now I feel it isn't enough.
I should apologize to her today. I can't avoid her anymore. She'll attack me.
My door swings open and my mother makes her way in. She looks really tired.
"Good morning son," she sits on my bed.
"Morning." I didn't know she was home. I thought she had finally gone out. She stuck around for the past few days and it has been a little strange.
"Did you sleep okay?"
"To be honest, I didn't even sleep last night," I say.
"Why not?"
"I've been busy."
"Are you sure you weren't thinking about your little crush on Ariana?" She smiles.
I've never had one of those. I don't know what if feels like to have a crush on someone. I don't even know how it starts.
"I don't have a crush on Ari," I say.
"Don't lie to yourself. I know you like her,"she says.
"I'm glad you're starting to catch real feelings for a girl." She's not gonna let this go.
"I'm starting to wonder," I say.
"You've been at home a lot. Now you're in my bedroom and we're sort of having a conversation."
"I'm your mom and I want to show you that I love and care for you. I've been reckless but it's all over now."
This is fucking weird. She hasn't said such a thing to me in a long time. I don't know what to say. The only reason we're having a conversation is 'cause I'm in a good mood.
I know I shouldn't be but I am. I got the feeling that Aria was jealous last night. She saw me with Alya and freaked out. I saw her drinking but I don't know if she got drunk. I left early 'cause I wasn't feeling that party and I was kinda horny. I didn't have sex though. I came home and did my own things.
Leo and Ethan came over about an hour ago. I was about to go to Aria's but they came in. Now we're working on our song. I kinda sing so this isn't so hard for me.
Every time I wasn't thinking about Ariana, I was working on this song with the boys.
"How do you find out you have feelings for someone?" I ask and the boys look at me with no clear expression on their faces.
"I can't fucking believe this bro! Who is she?" Ethan exclaims.
"You're wasting your time asking," Leo chuckles, "it's obvious that he's dying to be with Aria."
"That's not what it is. I just wanna know. Just in case," I shrug.
"Look at you becoming a man," Leo smiles, "you were out there fucking girls like there was nothing better to do now you're here feeling for Aria."
"When are you gonna tell her?" Ethan asks.
"Guys, I don't have any feelings for her. We're just friends." Who am I lying to?
"Yeah Leo. They're just friends," the sarcasm in Ethan's tone is more than obvious.
Aria opens the door for me after a couple of rings. She's dressed up in a tank top and sweatpants. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun. It's so amazing how she looks beautiful in everything she wears.
Her puffy eyes catch my attention and I Immediately give her a hug. Why has she been crying? What happened to her?
Aria leads me to her bedroom and I shut the door once we're both in. She sits on the bed and stares at the ground.
I sit next to her and stare at her. Something big must've happened.
"Aria, what's wrong?" I ask.
"Are you done ignoring me?"
"I wasn't ignoring you."
"What were you doing then?"
"This isn't about me Ariana. It's about you. I'm asking you why you're crying."
"You already know. I was crying 'cause of you."
"That isn't the matter."
"I don't have to explain anything to you Bryson."
My phone starts ringing and I pick it up almost immediately.
"Bryson. I'm pretty sure Ariana already told you everything." Darren?
"What do you fucking want?"
"She won't pick up my calls so I thought you'd deliver the message," he says.
"What message?"
"Tell her I have a sex tape." He hangs up before I can say anything else and I'm just left confused.
What sex tape is he talking about?
"Aria, that was Darren on the phone. He says he has a sex tape? What does he mean?" She widens her eyes in shock and they started welling up.

I cannot believe Darren did that! How could he just film a sex tape? I didn't even know what was happening. If that tape gets out, my life will be ruined. I can't let him ruin me.
I have to be strong to get through this. I can't keep crying. It won't fix anything. I should see Darren and knock some sense into that head of his. What does he gain from all the shit he does to me?
How am I supposed to tell Bryson about last night? He's going to freak out. He won't even stay here one more second after I tell him. He's gonna go to Darren's and they might and up fighting. I don't want that to happen. If Darren gets angry, he's gonna make sure that video gets on the Internet.
"Did you have sex with Darren?" Bryson asks. He figured it out himself. I mean, it's obvious. Why would Darren tell me there's a sex tape if it didn't concern me?
"I was drunk," I say, "I don't remember anything."
"You lost your virginity to him?" He yells.
Did he have to yell? The last thing I want is getting yelled at. Come on! I don't remember a thing!
"Don't yell at me."
"Why not? You're letting all the wrong things happen to you Ariana!" He sighs, "I'm out of here." He makes his way out of my room and I immediately start to cry.
He's being an asshole when I need him the most. What have I done to deserve all this? My best friend isn't here for me this time. I could always go to Leo but I'm not sure I have the energy to go to his place.
I just wish something happens and that stupid video disappears. I'm not sure I'll ever sleep in peace knowing that Darren has a sex tape.
I'm in biology now. I came to school super early 'cause I didn't really sleep last night. All I could think of was Darren and that sex tape. He has completely fucked my life up.
When I came to class earlier, I didn't expect Bryson to sit next to me but he did. He's just not talking. He's so focused on the lesson.
I don't even remember a thing from two minutes ago. I have so many things on my mind right now.
How am I going to approach Darren? Should I go to his house or just text him and ask to meet up somewhere. I just want this whole thing to end as soon as possible.
I'm waiting for Bryson to say something but he's not even looked at me. It's kinda freaking me out.
I tear a paper from my notebook and write, 'quit being an asshole!'
He looks at the note and looks at me with a frown before writing back.
'Stop overthinking. We have a test tomorrow.'
I widen my eyes on reading what he's written. A test!
Why? I'm not ready for a test. I haven't been paying any attention in class 'cause of all the shit that has been happening to me and I barely even studied. How am I gonna do the test?!
I'm in even more shit right now. I should study after school. I'll go see Darren then I'll get back home and focus on my school work.
I'm in my car right now with Tina and Cole. Before I drive, I text Darren, 'we need to talk.'
He replies almost immediately, 'I'm home. Where do you wanna meet up?' Did he even go to school today? I haven't seen him around. I'll go to his.
I text back, 'I'll be at yours in a few.'
I drive off as Tina and Cole talk about stuff. I'm not really listening. I just want to get them to Kate's as fast as I can. They're gonna hang out there. I was kinda shocked when Cole said he was joining them. I didn't know he hung out with Kate.
"What are you guys planning to do at Kate's?" I ask.
"We're just gonna hang out. Calvin's gonna be there too," Tina says.
"Sounds fun," I say.
"Yeah. It's better than locking yourself up in a room and watching endless series," Cole says.
I'm not gonna say anything. I have a lot of things on my mind and the last thing I want is a pointless argument with Cole.
Darren opens the door with a huge grin on his face. I make my way into the house feeling nothing but regret.
I'm here again even after assuring him I'd never come back. This is urgent though. I have no option.
"I knew you'd come back," he takes a hold of my hand and I immediately pull it away.
"Get rid of the sex tape," I say.
"No, no, no baby. The video is so hot and every time I watch it, I get really hard. Your moans and your naked body beneath me. It was such a beautiful moment," he says as he inches closer to me. I take a step back and look at the ground. I can't believe he watched it. Such a creep!
"Darren, there's no point in all that you're doing. Just get rid of the video," my eyes well up when I say this.
"I'd never get rid of it. It's a precious memory," he says.
"If you don't get rid of it, I'll_"
"You'll what?" He asks before I can finish my sentence. "There's nothing you can do to harm me Ariana. I have a video that could ruin your life. If you make one small mistake, it'll be on the Internet."
"Don't fucking do that!" I yell.
"Fine," he smiles, "I'll get rid of it only if you do one thing." This son of a bitch! What does he want now?
"You'll be my girlfriend."
No fucking way! I'll never date such a dick. How could he ask for something like that?
"I'd rather die!"
"Okay. Before you die, allow me get the beautiful video online."
"I'm giving you the day to think about this. I'll approach you first thing at school tomorrow. If your answer is yes, you'll kiss me and if it's a no, slap me. Agreed?" What?!
"I don't have time for this!" I make my way out the door and get into the car.
What a dick!

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