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Chapter 19

Bryson dropped me off about an hour ago. I'm now in my bedroom. Mom said she wanted to talk to me. I'm kinda nervous. I don't know if I'm ready to tell her anything.
I upset her and she's probably gonna give me a long lecture about...stuff.
I've suffered a lot. Way more than I could imagine. It's almost like nothing good has happened ever since I came back from Miami.
I can't blame anyone though. I let those things happen to me.
I'm so glad Bryce and Leo stepped in. I'd never do that myself. I think I would've made some dumb move instead.
I wonder what Bryson is doing right now. Is he thinking about me or fucking some girl?
As much as I'd like to admit that I have feelings for him, I just can't. I can't accept it. I can't let myself fall for him. I might feel something but I don't want things to
I don't wanna end up getting hurt. Bryson can't be with one girl. Me liking him won't change that. I don't wanna fight for him and get I know I'll never have him.
He said he had no reason to stop sleeping around. He might've kissed me but did that mean anything to him? He called me sexy and looked at my body. I'm more than sure that he doesn't feel anything for me. He just wants to have sex and I'm not up for that.
He cares about me and I really appreciate that. He has always been around when I needed someone and he did everything he could to protect me but that's all because we're friends.
It's really crazy. Sometimes I think about him and picture a lot of things happening between us. Things that would happen if he was a loyal guy.
"Aria," my mom comes into my bedroom.
"Hello mom," I give her a small smile.
She sits on my bed and looks at me in silence.
"Are you okay?" She asks.
"Yes," I say.
"I'm glad you're okay honey," she says, "that's all that matters."
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you," I say.
"It's okay," she gives me a small smile, "are you going to your dad's with Cole?"
"I don't think so," I say, "I'll go visit him just not this weekend."
"Fine," she says.
"Do you still want an explanation?" I ask.
"No," she says, "I kind of know everything. Leo and Bryson explained the whole situation to me.
"When did you talk to them?" I ask.
"Ask Bryson," she smiles at me. She's acting kinda weird.
"Why don't you tell me?" I ask.
"He's downstairs," she says, "he'll come in after I leave."
He dropped me off an hour ago. He could've stayed if he wanted to talk.
"Am I still grounded?" I ask.
"I don't know," she says, "are you?"
"Come on mom," I whine.
"I hope you study more," is all she says before making her way out.
I guess I'm not grounded anymore or maybe I am. I don't really know. I just hope she gives me back my car keys.
Bryson comes in and shuts the door. He lays on my bed and I stare at him silently.
"Hi," he says.
"Why are you here again?" I ask.
"What do you mean?" He asks, "I didn't even leave."
"But you dropped me off earlier," I say.
"Did you see me leave?" He asks.
He was here for the past hour and I didn't even notice?
"What were you doing for the past hour?" I ask.
"I was hanging with Cole," he says, "the guy is way cooler than you."
"I'm just being honest," he smiles, "what were you doing in here for the past hour?"
"Thinking," I say.
"Let's go for a walk," he says.
"I'm not sure I'm up for that," I say, "maybe some other time?"
"Nope," he gets up, "we're going now. You need to go for walks more often. It's good for you."
"Come on Bryce," I whine, "I don't wanna get out."
"Just come with me."
He takes my hand and leads me out of the house.
We walk down the street and even then, he doesn't let go of hand. It's kinda chilly out here. It feels really good having him hold on to my hand. I look down and smile.
I should start a conversation. I really don't like it when we're silent.
"Do you still go to therapy?" I ask.
"Sometimes," he says, "but I didn't go this week."
"I didn't want to," he says.
"You shouldn't miss your appointments Bryce," I say.
"I can if I want to," he says, "my therapist thinks it's okay. She doesn't get upset when I don't show up."
"Your therapist is a woman?" I ask with a small smile. He probably hit on her. Let's not forget how flirty he gets with almost every girl he meets.
"Yeah," he says, "why are you asking?"
"No particular reason," I say, "just curious."
"Okay," he says.
"How old is she?" I ask.
"I think she's 31," he says.
Thank God. I don't know why I was worried. She's his therapist. She's wise enough to knock some sense into that head of his and I said I didn't want to feel anything. Bryson is a player!
I wonder what they talk about. Does he talk about me?
"What do you talk to her about?" I ask.
I'm asking so many questions. I hope I'm not irritating him.
"My feelings," he says, "she also asks a few questions about my late father every once in a while. I wasn't comfortable at first but now I'm used to it. I like to talking to her but sometimes she asks me about my private life which I don't like talking about."
"Why not?" I ask, "she might be able to help you."
"How?" He asks, "I don't think I even need help on that."
Of course not. I don't even know him as much as I think I do. He doesn't tell me everything.
"Do you tell her about your crushes?" I ask.
This is starting to feel like a Q&A. I should stop asking questions but then he's gonna want to talk about me. I don't wanna talk about myself. Two hours ago, I was afraid that Darren would upload the video and now his mom is taking him away.
Speaking of...what happened to the flash drive? Why did Bryson sneak in yet he already talked to my mom?
"I don't have any crushes," he says.
Is he serious? He's literally obsessed with girls. I'm pretty sure he's just kidding.
"You're kidding," I smile.
"No, I'm not," he says, "I've never had a crush on any girl before."
"Are you serious?" I ask.
"Yeah," he says, "and when I talk about you, Leo and Ethan say that I have a crush on you."
Does he not? He kissed me not so long ago. It was great and I thought that maybe it meant something to him.
"Do you?"
"What do you think?" We stop walking and stand there looking at each other.
I don't know what to say. If I say yes, things will get all awkward and if I say no...nothing will happen. I'll say no.
"I think you're just a horny monster," I say.
"Ouch_?" That sounds more like a question. I'd lack what to say too if I were in his position, "you still have a crush on Leo?" He asks.
"No," I say, "I'm way past that."
"Yeah, you are," he rolls his eyes.
"Whatever," I start walking quickly and he catches up with me almost immediately.
"You didn't ask about the sex tape," he says.
Oh my God! I completely forgot about that.
"Did you get it?" I ask.
"I got all the flash drives her had in his room," he says, "he didn't make copies. How dumb!" He chuckles.
I can't believe I was afraid of that troll. He didn't even have a copy?! That's super dumb. I wish I had the courage to get that flash drive and get it over with.
"Don't you think he's got it in his phone?" I ask.
"His mother took his phone," he says, "she's probably gonna check."
"Good," I sigh.
"I just don't want you to worry about anything," he says, "everything is okay now and I'll never let such jerks come near you. I'll protect you and make sure you're happy. I'm sorry," he looks down, "I pissed you off and you got drunk. It was my fault."
"Oh my God!" I wrap my arms around him, "none of it was your fault. I'm the one who got drunk."
"Were you mad at me 'cause I was with Alya or was it because I wasn't talking to you?" He asks.
I'm done acting like a fool. I've never been afraid of telling Bryson what I think. I got mad him for both reasons.
"Both," I say, "you were a dick."
"So," he smiles, "were you jealous?"
"I hate Alya," I say. I know this isn't the answer I'm supposed to be giving but hey, who cares?
"Of course you do," he chuckles, "she stole my heart."
The fuck!?
"You just said you didn't have any crushes," I say.
"I say a lot of things," he laughs, "let's go get you something to eat. I'm pretty sure you're hungry."
"I want a cheese burger," I say.
"Let's go get you one then," he smiles.
Classes ended a few minutes ago. People are leaving and the hallway is getting empty by the minute.
I just need to get my textbooks and I'll be out of here.
I'll do my homework right when I get home. Tina wants to hang out later and I wanna make sure I do that work before going to see her.
I haven't seen or spoken to Bryson all day which is pretty strange 'cause he always looks for me. I wonder why he didn't do so today.
"Aria," it's him.
"Hey there," I turn to look at him and find a girl standing next to him. She's holding on to his arm and he has his other one wrapped around her waist.
It's more than obvious. He has been flirting with her and he's now gonna take her home.
"Hi, I'm Angela," she smiles at me.
She's really pretty. That flawless smile must be one of the reasons why Bryson got attracted to her.
"Nice to meet you," I give her a fake smile.
"She's my friend from middle school," he says, "she's gonna start school here and I was showing her around."
"That's really great," I say, "I hope you like it around here."
Now I get it! Bryson has been with her all day. That's why he didn't talk to me. Is she gonna have him around all the time? What am I gonna do without him?
"It's really cool around here," she says, "I love it.".
Did she have to join this school?
"Cool," I say.
It's pretty hard to tell that they're just friends. They're way too close (physically). I'd do something about it if I could.
"I gotta leave," I say.
"I'll come by later," Bryson says.
"Don't bother yourself," I say, "I'm hanging with Tina today."
"Okay," he shrugs.
I make my way out and head for the car. Yep...mom let me drive. Turns out I'm not grounded but I will be if I mess up my studies. It's going to be really hard to focus when Angela is around Bryson.
First Alya then Britney and now this Angela girl. How does he get girls to like him? Do they only consider his looks?
It isn't confirmed that Angela likes him but I'm pretty sure she does. It's obvious. Anyone can tell from the way she looks at him.
I'm starting to get really uncomfortable. I've been trying to convince myself that he's not a good guy to get involved with. It didn't work.

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