A Teen Story

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Chapter 2


How does Bryson know this?! The only person who knew about my crush on Leo was my closest cousin Maya. She promised she wouldn't tell anyone. There's no way she could've told him that. She wouldn't even do that to me.
What if Bryson picked her up and fucked her then she told him?! God, no! I can't believe he knows. Bryson can't keep a secret from Leon. He's gonna tell him and our friendship will get ruined! Leo is gonna start acting different and he's gonna get all distant. I don't want that to happen at all! That's what happened when Karen told him she liked him. Hell! I can't live without Leo.
I should really call Bryce. I don't want shit to happen 'cause of this!
I rush upstairs and lock my bedroom door once I'm in. I call Bryson and he picks up on the first ring.
"How did you find out?!"
"I'm fine, thanks. How are you?"
"Stop fucking around! How did you find out!?"
"I knew since last year. Apparently, everyone knows about your little crush on your best friend. Don't you find it a little weird to call him that? I'm your best friend!"
"How does everyone know? I didn't tell anyone!"
"Bitch, we're not blind. You look at the guy all the time and blush when he touches you in the slightest way and you talk so much about him."
"That's not true!"
"Your little secret is out. It has been out for so long. It's stupid that you didn't even notice."
I can't believe what I'm hearing!
"Does Leo know?"
"Of course he does. He just didn't want things to get awkward between the both of you."
"I'll see you at school Bryce." I hang up and sit on my bed.
I can't believe Leo knows. He knew about it and didn't even tell me. He didn't even show any signs that he likes me back. This one sided shit is going to kill me! I can't believe I was so so stupid to think that he'd feel the same thing. I wanna cry and I wanna punch Bryce for telling me the truth.
Why does it have to hurt so bad?! Leo is such an asshole for pretending he didn't know about it. Couldn't he at least hint that he knew? What made me even think he'd like me back? I'm so stupid. So stupid!
My phone rings and I look at the screen to see who's cslling. It's Bryson. Why the fuck is he calling me?!
"What do you want?!" I say in a shaky voice.
"Ari, are you crying?" He's concerned.
"No. I'm just tired."
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have told you. Please don't cry."
"It hurts so bad," I sniff.
"I'm sorry baby. Do you want me to come over?" He asks.
"No, I'll be fine. We'll talk tomorrow."
"Sure." He says and I hang up.
I go back to the kitchen and Cole is making out with Amanda. Why the hell don't people listen to me?! I told them not to flirt and now they're kissing!
"Stop!" I yell and they pull away. Amanda rolls her eyes.
"Dinner's ready and your mom got back from work a few minutes ago," Amanda says.
"Cool," I mutter.
"Why are your eyes so puffy? Have you been crying?" Cole asks.
"No. I'm just tired," I lie.
"You're lying!" They both exclaim.
I shrug and open the fridge to get a bottle of water.
"I'm leaving. Gotta get home before my mom starts calling." Amanda says.
"Okay. Thanks for helping me out tonight Amy."
"Anytime," she smiles.
A few days have passed and I've been a mess! I avoided Leo and he didn't even notice that I was doing so! He thought I was just busy. Bryson kept me updated and damn it I'm not happy! He didn't mention so much 'cause he doesn't 'gossip'. How is any of this gossip?!
Leo has been leaving flirty comments on Kate's Instagram posts. Bryson told me the guy is attracted to her! It's almost like I'm not even here anymore. Every time Leo gets attracted to other girls, I feel like a rock hit me on the head!
Kate is the perfect model figure at our school. She has lots and lots of followers on Instagram. Guys like her a lot and she's a straight A student. How in the world?! I've envied her for a long time but came to realize it was stupid.
There's nothing I want right now more than to kill her. Leo gets intimate so fast. They're gonna date and have sex. He'll ignore me and my stupid feelings.
It's Friday and I couldn't be any happier. I'm gonna sleep in tomorrow. I'll not step out of this house for any reason! I'm so tired and I need rest. Mom will have to count on Cole to go grocery shopping.
After getting cleaned up, I dress up in a pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt.
"Aria, get the fuck out of there. We're gonna be late!" Cole shouts from downstairs.
I rush out of my bedroom and grab a chocolate bar before heading out of the house. I haven't had normal breakfast all week! Just apples and candy bars.
I drive in silence as Cole texts. Why does this boy love texting so much?! I just don't get it. Who is he always texting?
"What are you doing?" I ask.
"Are you kidding me?!"
"Why are you_"
"I have my reasons." He says before I can finish my sentence.
The bell rings immediately we get to school. I have less than a minute to grab my books for class.
Once I'm done getting my books, I rush to my biology class. Everyone is settled and the teacher got in just a few seconds before me. I sit next to Bryson who's looking at me with a smirk.
"Looking good baby," he says.
"Thanks. You look good too," I say.
"What's the colour of your bra?"
"Fuck you!"
"I'd love that but we're in class. How 'bout later?" He winks.
"Bryson, please shut up. I wanna take notes today."
"I'll not talk but only after you tell me one thing."
"The color of your bra," he winks.
"Do you really have to know?"
"It's black," I roll my eyes.
"Oh shit!" he groans.
"What?" I ask.
"I'm horny."
"It's eight in the morning!"
"You're wearing a black bra and I just pictured you taking it off. Don't you think that's enough to make me horny?"
"You're just so weird!" I roll my eyes.
It's lunch time and I'm seated with Tina and her friend Calvin. They're really funny and I'm having fun talking to them.
I'm not avoiding Leo anymore. The next time he comes around, we'll talk. I don't think not talking to him will fix things for me but he's my friend and I just can't stay mad at him any longer.
Bryson and Ethan are probably picking up girls right now. I heard there's a party at Kate's tomorrow. Everyone is excited for it and I'm pretty sure Bryson will have a threesome at that party. He's a sex addict!
Leo is going to hook up with Kate and I know it. I'm not going to that party! I don't wanna see that happen right before me. They can fuck if they want. I'm not going to be there to stop anything from happening.
I'll sleep in. I'm not stepping out of the house. It's a vow!
Leo joins us with a huge smile on his face. Why is he so happy? Did Kate give him a kiss?
"Hey guys," he says.
"Hey Leo," Tina and Calvin say.
I take a bite of my apple and stare at some guy's butt as I try to figure out what I'm gonna say.
"Ari, what's up?" He asks.
"Leo, do you think I like you?"

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