A Teen Story

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Chapter 3


Leo is staring at me like some crazy bitch. I've been waiting for him to answer my frickin' question for like five minutes.
"What do you mean Aria?"
"You know exactly what I mean!"
"No, I don't." He's starting to piss me off.
"You knew I liked you all this time but you ignored my feelings like they didn't even matter."
"It's not what you think Ari. I just didn't want things to get awkward between us."
"That doesn't mean you can hurt me! You could've told me you knew but you didn't! You pretended not to know anything and ignored my feelings. You're such an asshole Leo!"
I storm off with tears in my eyes. I run out outside and try hard to breathe. He ignored my feelings. This is worse than him not liking me back. How could he just act like It didn't matter?!
I didn't want to yell at him but he made so angry when he went on pretending he didn't understand me. I'm so hurt right now. I don't even think I can go back in there and face him after what just happened.
Everyone in the cafeteria was looking at us. Why can't people here mind their own business?! I hate everyone!
"Aria," I hear Bryson's voice.
"Hey. You're gonna be okay. He's not worth it. He might be my best friend but that doesn't mean I support what he has done to you." He gives me a hug and I immediately stop crying.
I don't wanna break down. Not here! I can't cry and let them all see.
"Let's just forget about this," I give him a small smile. A fake one, of course.
"No. Ari, you don't have to hide what you're feeling. If you want to cry, go ahead."
"I don't want to. You're right. He's not worth it."
"Do you want me to give you a ride home?"
"No need for that. Thanks Bryson but I'll be fine for the rest of the day. I'll see you in French." I get back inside and start to prepare for the next class.
I guess I could make it without crying. Bryson is right. He's not worth it. I don't know how I'll live without Leo. He's my best friend and the guy I like. I should find a distraction before the thoughts of Leo make me go crazy.
I'm gonna focus on all my classes for the rest of the day and when I get home, I'll sleep like a baby. Fuck everything! Sleep is the best.
After school, I bought myself lots of snacks 'cause I don't wanna step out of my room for any reason. This weekend is gonna be the best!
When I get to my bedroom, I take off my clothes and put on an oversized T-shirt. I drift off to sleep in my shirt and panties. I'll take a shower when I get up.
Our lips move slowly as he lifts me off the ground. My legs wrap around his waist as I run my fingers through his dark hair. I tug at it and he groans. He lays me on the bed without breaking the kiss.
I can't believe this is happening. I've never been kissed with so much love and passion. I've never felt so desirable right until now. It's only him that matters and I'm all he wants.
He kisses my neck leaving some marks there. I moan at the feeling of his lips on my skin. His hands move under my shirt and he pulls it off. I'm left lying there in nothing but my panties. His hands massage my breasts and I dig my nails into his back. He takes my nipple into his mouth and cups my left breast with his hand.
Our lips connect again and he kisses me quickly this time. He bites my lower lip and his tongue finds it's way into my mouth. I moan when he rubs me through my panties.
He takes off my panties and it was at that very moment I realized it was just a dream!
Fuck my life!
Why did I dream about Leo almost fucking me?! The point of me sleeping was to forget all about him and everything else that's bothering me. I kinda wish it was real. Maybe if he actually fucked me, I'd feel better.
It's 3pm right now and I have no idea what to do for the rest of the day.
I make my way into the bathroom to take a warm shower. I wonder what it would be like if Leo was with me right now. He was such a good kisser in the dream. Maybe he's even better in reality.
Kate is preparing for her party right now. She's probably excited to be with Leo tonight. I wish I didn't like that asshole so much.
I just can't help it. He's the sweetest person I've ever met and he has always been there for me. He never let me down once since we met. He took me seriously unlike other people.
When I get out of the shower,I brush my teeth then dry my body with a clean towel. I wear my panties and put on a robe.
Once I'm out of the bathroom, I turn on my laptop. I'm gonna watch something to pass time. Maybe I should just finish watching the Vampire Diaries.
Five episodes later, my door swings open. Bryson makes his way in and shuts the door. He sits next to me and looks at my screen to see what I'm watching.
"Why are you here?" I turn off the laptop.
"I missed you too honey." He says as he stares at my exposed legs.
"I know," he smiles, " have you been in your room since yesterday?"
"Uh huh."
"Don't you wanna go out?!"
"I decided not to leave my room this weekend. Is that a problem?"
"It's a big problem! How could you just stay in here like this. Looking so fucking hot with those_"
"You're off topic Bryson."
"You should come with me to Kate's party."
"No! I'm not going to that stupid party!"
"Why not?"
"I just don't want to."
"Come on Ari, it'll be fun."
"Fine." He sighs, "is something bothering you?"
"Kind of.''
"What's up?"
"I had this stupid dream about Leo and I and it's making me feel so weird."
"What happened in the dream?"
"We were kissing and he almost fucked me. God, I'm such a virgin! I can't believe I had such a dream about Leo."
"Did you dream of me fucking you before? I could make it come true right now. I have three condoms in my pocket," he winks.
"I don't want to have sex with you Bryson. We're friends." I give him a small smile.
"You're missing out baby girl," he says, "get dressed. I'm taking you to that party."
"I don't wanna go!" I whine.
"Aria, please. Let's go together. It'll be great. Trust me on this. Wear something sexy. I'll be waiting downstairs." I guess I don't have a say in this anymore. He's gonna drag me there anyway.
"I expected you to stay here and watch me." I take off my robe as I make my way to the closet leaving my back exposed for him to see.
"Oh shit!" I hear him groan before he slams my door shut. I chuckle lightly and start to look for something to wear. I didn't expect him to leave but I'm glad he did. I was just teasing him.
I wear a black strapless bodycon mini dress. It defines every single curve of my body and makes me look really good. I hope this is good enough for that stupid party.
I apply red lipstick, a little blush on my cheeks and mascara on my eyelashes. I dry my hair and curl it. I put on my heels and look in the mirror.
I'm done!
I make my way downstairs and when I get to the living room, Bryson is busy on his phone.
"Where's Cole?"
"Party," he answers without looking away from his screen.
"I'm ready," I announce but he doesn't look at me. What's so important that he can't even look at me for a second!
"Just a sec," he says.
I sigh and sit next to him. My dress moves up my thighs leaving them more exposed than they already were.
"Okay, let's go now," he turns to look at me and his lips part slightly. He looks at my chest and then at my exposed legs and pretends to clear his throat.
"You look beautiful Aria," he says.
He doesn't always call me beautiful so I'll just live in the moment. He seems stunned. It's kind of weird 'cause I've dressed like this before and it didn't seem to affect him.
"Thanks Bryce." I smile at him and stand up. I fix my dress and turn to look at him. I catch him staring at my ass and roll my eyes. He stands up and we make our way out of the house.
We get in the car and drive off immediately.
"You're torturing me," Bryson says.
"You look so fucking sexy in that dress. I'm so hard for you babe," he glanced at my thighs and I feel my face heat up.
Why am I blushing? It's just Bryson! My asshole friend.
"You should keep your eyes on the road babe," I smile.
"I'm trying."
"Try harder."
"I just wanna take you back home."
"There's gonna be a lot of perverted jerks at that party and that dress_"
"I can handle them Bryson."
When we get to Kate's house, the party is already in full swing. People are getting drunk and dancing. I'm standing beside Bryson. It didn't last long enough though. He's now making out with some girl. I'm gonna get a drink.
Before I even make it into the kitchen. Some guy pins me against the wall and looks at me like a piece of meat. Dude I just got here! Let me at least have a drink and then you can try to rape me.
"Hello sexy," he smirks.
"What do you want?"
"I'm gay."
"You heard me. Now get out of my way."
"Are you kidding me?!"
"No. Move!"
"You're lying."
"What language do you want me to speak?! I said move!"
"If I find out you're lying, you'll not like it," he groans.
"Are you threatening me?" I ask.
"Maybe I am." I knee him in the nuts and he falls on the ground as he yells out profanities.
I just don't know why some guys can't respect a lady.
I kick him in the same spot again and people start to gather up to see what's happening. I walk away as he groans in pain.
Ooh. I need a drink. I almost forgot that part.
After taking two shots, I start dancing with random people. Why didn't I want to come to this party? It's actually fun. I'm so glad Bryson made me come here.
Speaking of Bryson, where is he? Is he already fucking that girl? Of course he is. That boy has no patience.
After like an hour dancing and walking around, I spot Amanda and Kate on the couch with Ethan and Calvin. Good thing Kate isn't with Leo yet.
I make my way to them and sit next to Amanda.
"Hey guys." I say.
"Hey," they say.
"Looking hot baby," Calvin says.
"Thanks. You look hot too," I smile at him, "why are you guys sitting here?"
"We're just drinking and talking." Ethan says.
I look at Kate who has a smile on her face. She's obviously feeling good about how great her party turned out. She looks so stunning in that fancy short dress. Her maroon lipstick matches the color of her dress. Leo must be somewhere staring at Miss Perfect.
"Is Cole here?" Amanda asks.
"Maybe. Just don't fuck him." I warn.
"Aria, can we talk in private?" Kate asks and I nod. I get up and she leads me upstairs to an empty room.
"We need to talk about Leo," she says.
"What's up with him?"
"I know you like him." She says.
"I liked him. Now I don't. He humiliated me." I'm lying. I still like him so fucking much.
"He didn't mean to. He loves you so much. You're his best friend and he didn't want that to get ruined. He wanted to confront you but he didn't know how."
"Why isn't he the one telling me this?"
"He asked me to talk to you 'cause you weren't picking up his calls."
"Oh, right!"
"Talk to him. He really wants you to forgive him."
"Are you guys together?"
"No, we're not. We don't wanna rush things."
"Yeah." Does she even like him back?
"Do you like him?" I ask.
"I do," she smiles, "I like him a lot."
"Cool." I nod.
Of course she does. Who wouldn't like Leo?! He's everything a girl could wish for. Maybe I should see him as a friend like I used to before. I don't know how but I'll find a way to get over this crush.
"Did you guys have sex?"
"Not yet." She smiles.
"I gotta get back downstairs." I don't have more to say to this girl.
"Let's go."
When I'm making my way back to the couch, Bryson approaches me with a huge smile and messy hair.
"Hey babe. How's it going?" He looks at my body with lustful eyes and I roll my eyes with a smile.
"Good. Looks like that girl couldn't let go of your hair." I wrap my arms around his neck. Don't get me wrong. I've done this before. He's used to it.
"I liked her." He smiles.
"Of course you did." I smile at him and we stare at each other in some weird silence. This is so weird! Bryson never lacks what to say and I never keep quiet around him.
I sit on the couch where Amanda is making out with my brother and Bryson sits next to me. Calvin and Ethan aren't here. It's just Amy and Cole. I look at people dancing and doing crazy things and Bryson is busy texting on his phone.
I gasp when I feel his cold hand on my thigh pulling up my dress.

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