A Teen Story

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Chapter 5


When I get back home, Amanda is in the living room with Cole. They're watching a movie together and it's really pissing me off. I don't want her near him. He's younger than her and doesn't understand how she thinks. Cole wants a serious relationship and I'm pretty sure she's looking for sex. I don't want my brother getting hurt. Yes! I'm the over protective sister.
I make my way to them and pull Amanda off the couch. I switch off the TV and turn to face her. She's glaring at me like I just killed her dog. She actually has a dog. It's name is Ken. I'll kill it if she doesn't keep her big mouth shut next time or if she keeps forcing herself on my brother.
She was making out with Travis on Tuesday and they fucking had sex that night! Why can't she just leave my brother alone. I might have to punch her!
"Why the fuck are you here?" I yell. I'm so pissed right now! I was angry when I found out about her talking shit behind my back
"Ari. Chill out! I'm just hanging with Cole."
I turn to face Cole, "did you fuck her?!" I ask.
"No! We didn't have sex. Why are you being a bitch Aria?''
"Amanda West! Get out of here now! I've had enough of your bitchy ass! You think I didn't see you with Travis?!"
"Oh yes bitch! I saw you on Tuesday. You were making out and had sex that same night. I texted Travis and he told me. Why can't you leave Cole alone? He's young and all he wants is a real girlfriend. You can't be that for him!"
"Aria, are you being serious right now?" Cole asks.
"I'm more than serious! You're with the wrong person. Why don't you get yourself a better girl? One who's not bitchy like this one?!"
"I like Amanda." He says.
"Hell no, you don't!"
"You're the bitch here Ariana! You think I don't know that you're sleeping with Bryson?" Amanda says.
What the fuck is she saying?! I didn't have sex with any asshole in my life!
"Why the fuck would I sleep with Bryce?! He's my friend!"
"That's what you tell everyone! I like him you bitch! Why would you sleep with him?!"
I'm getting lost! Amanda likes Bryson?! How the fuck did that happen? Why didn't she fucking tell me! Why is she with my brother?! This girl is way more complicated than she seems. I just got to her bad side and I can tell that shit won't be good.
"I didn't sleep with Bryson! Why are you with my brother if you like him!? Don't you have sense?" I yell and Cole leaves the house without saying anything.
"Your brother got hotter and I thought I'd just give him a shot. After all I'm way more desirable than you are!"
I slap her hard across the face and she cups her cheek as she glares at me with a lot of rage. I can't believe this is happening. Why didn't I stop being friends with her back in freshman year?!
"Get your ass out of this house and never ever come back or else I'll do more than just slap you!"
"Just 'cause I didn't fight back, doesn't mean I can't! Don't go on thinking you're strong! You're just a backstabbing bitch with no self respect!" She yells.
"You're describing yourself and not me! You're the backstabber and the one with no fucking self respect!" I yell and she picks up her filthy bag as makes her way out of the house. I'll make sure to sanitize the door knob.
Amanda was always nice to me but after finding out that she talks bad about me behind my back, I didn't think of being friends with her anymore. She's the one with no self respect. I should have known better than to let her into this house. She assumed I was having sex with Bryson and now she's gonna fucking tell everyone. She'll obviously make me look like the bad person.
I couldn't care less about her right now. Im worried about Cole. I hope he's okay. I don't want him doing anything crazy because of her. She's not worth it.
I go to my room and get my books out of my bag. I have a shit load of homework. I better get to it.
When I'm halfway through, Cole comes into my bedroom with a small smile. He sits on my bed and I join him.
"Thanks for standing up for me." He says.
"Anything for you little bro."
"Don't call me that!"
"Alright. I'm sorry," I chuckle.
"I wish I knew her before actually feeling something."
''I don't blame you Cole. She's a snake!"
"Enough about her. Are you okay?"
"I don't know. I've been in a really bad mood for the past few days."
"You pregnant or something?" He jokes.
"No! You know I don't have sex."
"Yeah. You're the innocent one," he chuckles.
"Wait, did you?"
"Why didn't you tell me?! What's her name?"
"Her name is Summer and I met her in summer. I wanted a serious relationship but she wasn't up for it so I cut things off."
"Were you rushing things?"
"Not really."
"You'll find someone. Promise to get a nice girl. One that I'll love too."
"I will only get that girl when you admit that you like Bryson."
"Why does everyone think that?"
"You guys act like a couple. The only thing that makes us know you ain't together is Bryson's habit of sleeping around."
"I don't even like Bryce like that. He's a friend."
"Okay." He shrugs.
"Did you speak to Sean?''
"Yeah. He's coming home next weekend."
"That's amazing! We can finally spend some time together. I really miss him."
"Me too." We lay on my bed and I stare at the ceiling. Cole checks his phone and texts a little. I drift off to sleep in his arms.

"Aria, Cole." I hear mom's voice.
"They look so cute. Just like when they were kids." Mom says to someone. "I'm gonna take a photo for Lance to see."
"Aria." She calls me again. I open my eyes and look at my mom and Aunt Jojo. "Dinner's ready." She says and I sit up immediately. Damn I'm hungry!
"Hey Jojo." I give her a hug.
"Hello honey. How are you?"
"I'm fine." I smile at her.
"Cole," she hugs him and he gives her a small smile when she pulls away.
"It has been really long. You have grown." She says.
"Your cousin Jade is here. She's gonna live here for a while." My mom says.
I haven't seen Jade in a long time. What is she coming to do here? I hope she's not staying for more than a week. I just don't feel comfortable around her.
We make our way downstairs and take our seats at the dining table. I don't have any words to say to Jade. I did not miss her at all!
"Hey Ariana." She smiles at me.
"Hi." I say without looking at her. This is gonna be a long night.

I fucking hate everything. I haven't smiled all week and for what... Mom! Why do I even call her that. She doesn't give two shits about me. She thought that making me go to therapy will heal me but she was wrong.
I don't even have anyone to talk to except for my therapist. She's like the only one who understands what I'm going through. I know Aria would understand but I don't think I can talk to her. Every time we're alone, I feel like fucking her. I know it's weird but when she came back from Miami, I noticed a lot of change. She has grown. Her boobs got bigger and so did her ass. She even changed her way of dressing somehow.
I find it so fucking hard to keep my hands to myself. When she sits next to me in her short skirts, I get the urge to caress her thighs and move my hands up to her pussy. I know it's only sexual attraction and I've tried hard to forget about it by fucking other girls. It doesn't work. I want Aria. It was all about fun before I got sexually attracted to her. Now I only sleep with other girls to forget about how sexy she'd look on my bed.
When she told me we couldn't fuck, I felt really bad. I want to be the one who takes her virginity. Not because I like like her. I've never had real feelings for any girl before. I happen to think virgins are sweet. I hope that's a good reason. Aria is a sweet girl and I don't deserve her. I only want to have sex with her and maybe after that, I'd get back to normal. I have so much shit going on at the moment.
I'm in this girl's bed right now. I don't remember her name. We met at the supermarket a few hours ago and she brought me to her place. I can't stay here any longer.
I dress up and make my way out of her house. I get into my car and drive off.
When I get into the house, a naked man is on top of my mom on the couch. He's the same guy. Her 'boyfriend'. I'm starting to get used to this sight. It's the third time this week. I just wonder why they can't fuck in the bedroom.
I go to my bedroom and sit on the bed. I should text Aria. I've not been picking up her calls.
- hey. What's up? ;)
My mother comes into my room and stands in front of me. She looks at me and I look at the ground like it's the most interesting thing.
"I'm sorry," she says. I wish that could make things better.
"No problem. I'm used," I say.
"Bryosn when will you grow up?"
"I guess I'll never grow up. I'm a child for getting angry about you fucking another man on the couch that we used to sit on as a family before dad died."
"It's almost like he was never here. You're acting like he doesn't mean anything to you. Mom please just leave my room. I don't wanna talk." She stands up and makes her way out.
I take off my clothes and get into the bathroom. I take a long shower as I think of the shit I'm going through. It's so relaxing. I wish Aria was in here with me. I'm gonna go fucking crazy if I don't get a taste of her. Maybe she's the medicine to all this pain.
When I get out of the bathroom, Amanda is sitting on my bed in a very short dress.
"Oh hey there Bryson." She says seductively as she stands up. She looks at my body and bites her lip. I'm only wearing shorts.
"Why are you here?''
"I haven't been seeing you around so I thought I'd come and see you."
"Maybe we could do more than just stand here."
"What do you wanna do?"
"Fuck me Bryce." She whispers in my ear.
"I can't."
"Why not?"
"I just can't. Please leave," I've never been a fan of Amanda. She irritates me and the last thing I'd want is to fuck her.
"Why are you being a dick to Me?"
"I've not done anything. I'm only asking you to leave. I want to be alone."
"Fine." She picks up her purse as she makes her way out of my room.
I think my mother is out with her boyfriend. I'm not hearing any stupid sounds and I couldn't be more relieved.
"Hey Bryson." It's Aria. Fucking hell!
I look at her and she gives me a small smile. She looks so fucking sexy. She's wearing a tight short skirt and a blouse that reveals her cleavage. Those heels make her legs look longer. Fuck! She's hot. Her long hair stops just above her beautiful ass. I just wanna get up and kiss her. I wanna take off every single piece of cloth on her body. I want to feel her naked body on mine. I want to be inside her.
"Hey Ari.'' I smile at her.
"Why was Amanda here?"
"I don't even know. I fucking found her here when I got out of the bathroom."
"Okay." She smiles and sits next to me.
"You look hot." I say.
"Thanks babe." I wish she'd call me that when she's about to cum.
"I'm here to pick you up." She gets up and I stare at her ass. How am I not touching her right now. I've never wanted someone so bad.
"Pick me up?"
"Uh-huh. We're going to Darren's party."
"I don't feel like it."
"Come on Bryce. You'll have fun and get girls." I only want you.
"Nah. I'm cool."
"You forced me to go to Kate's and I'm not leaving without you tonight." She gets into my closet and looks at my clothes.
She hands me a pair of jeans and my favorite white T-shirt. "Dress up. Please Bryce. I'm not going without you." It's okay baby. We could stay here and fuck ten times tonight.
"Sure." I quickly take off what I'm wearing and stand naked in front of her. She widens her eyes with a loud gasp.
"Bryson!" She exclaims. "Couldn't you wait for me to get out!?"
"Calm down. You're acting like you don't like you don't like the view. Just look at me. You can touch if you want." I smirk and she covers her eyes with her palms.
"No. I'm gonna wait for you downstairs." She makes her way out of the closet and I chuckle at her cute reaction.
I dress up quickly and get out of my room with my phone at hand. Aria is in the living room when I get there. She's texting someone.
"I'm done."
"Let's go then.'' She smiles.
We get outside and get into her car. She glances at me before driving off.

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