A Teen Story

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Chapter 6


Bryson and I make our way into Darren's house. The party is in full swing and most of the people in here are drunk. There are some hot college guys seated outside smoking.
I look at Bryson and realize that he's tired. He's not his normal self. He'd pick up girls the moment we walked into a party but tonight he's just looking around. The problem is that he won't talk to me. I only brought him here to make him have some fun. I thought that if he came here, he'd feel better. I can't the image of his naked body out of my head. It's really crazy.
I wonder what he has going on. Is it so bad? He didn't come to school for a week. I really missed him. My days without him have been so boring and for some reason, I thought a lot about him. I don't exactly know why. Maybe it was because we barely met. I went to his house but never found him. It happened like three times. Right now, I just want him to have fun and I want him to let me help him.
"Bryce. I'm gonna go get a drink." He nods and I make my way to the kitchen.
Darren is in there with some of his friends. They're taking shots. I grab myself a coke and vodka and chug it down quickly. This might be my only drink tonight. I don't wanna get drunk.
When I'm about to leave, someone holds my hand. I turn to see who it is and find Darren smiling at me.
"Hey Aria."
"Hi." I smile at him.
"You look nice." He says.
"Thanks. You look good too."
"I'm gonna get you another drink."
"No, thanks. I'm good."
"Come on, Ari. Just one more drink."
"Okay." I say and he goes to get me the drink.
He comes back shortly and hands me the cup with a small smile on his face. "Here."
"Thanks." I walk out of the kitchen as I sip from the cup. Bryson is leaning against a wall and he's busy texting. If he wasn't so different, he'd be making out with some girl from there.
I approach him and grab his arm. "Let's dance." I say.
I start to move and sway my body from side to side with a smile on my face. I don't know if it's the alcohol but I feel so alive. I feel like I can do anything.
I grind against Bryson and his hands wrap around my waist. I giggle when I feel his breath on my neck. His right hand caresses my hip as his other hand moves up my body. Is he touching me like this for real? Bryson doesn't touch me like this when we dance. I gasp when I feel his lips touch my neck. I close my eyes in pleasure as his cold hand goes under my blouse and touches my skin.
"You're beautiful," he whispers in my ear and his touch sends shivers down my spine. I've never been so close to him. I breath heavily when he trails kisses down my neck. It feels so good.
I'm starting to feel dizzy. I can't see well and everything is weird. What is happening to me?
"Bryson, I'm going upstairs." I say. Maybe I just need to get the bathroom and splash some water on my face.
I don't know if I'll be able to make it upstairs. I can't see well. Why is this happening to me?!
When I'm about to fall, someone catches me.
"Easy there cupcake," I hear Darren's voice.
"It's me baby. I'm gonna take you to my room to rest a little."
"No. I need to go home. I'm not feeling good." I feel like I'm gonna fall down.
"Come on. I'll help you." He lifts me off the ground and carries me into his bedroom. He shuts the door and places me on his bed. Some other guy stands next to him. Darren makes his way out after that and I get so scared.
I'm still dizzy but I'm able to see the guy take off his shirt and pants. "What are you doing?" I ask nervously.
"Shh. Don't ask questions." He takes off his boxers and stands naked in front of me. I get off the bed but he pushes me back on it. He gets on top of me and starts to kiss me. I push him away, "stop. What are you doing?!" I cry.
"I said not to ask questions." He kisses me and I feel so dirty. He's taking advantage of me and I'm so weak to even defend myself.
"Get off of me." I cry and he tears off my blouse.
"Fucking shut up! How are you still awake till now?" I push him off and stand up but he grabs my arm and pulls off my bra.
"Stop!" I cry louder. He unzips my skirt and I kick him.
"Bryson!" I scream for help. "Bryson!"
"No one's gonna hear you."
''No! Leave me alone! Someone help!" I scream again.
The stranger takes off my skirt and that very moment I lose sight of everything around me.
I wonder where Aria is right now. She said she had to go upstairs. I should check up on her. She didn't tell me what she was gonna do there and didn't look okay before going. What if something happened to her? There are so many assholes at this party. I saw the way they were looking at her.
Why would Aria come to Darren's party. That guy is a dick. What if he's trying to hook up with her?! Aria can't let him and he doesn't take no for an answer. He might do something to her.
I need to check every single room in this fucking house. If something happens to Aria, I won't forgive myself. I try calling her but she doesn't pick up. I call again and this time the call is declined.
I make my way upstairs and check a few rooms. There's no sign of Aria. I'm not stopping yet. I need to find her.
One of the rooms is locked. I knock but no one makes a sound. I have a feeling she's in there. I knock again but still no answer.
"Yo! Open the fucking Door!" I shout as I go on knocking. Some guy opens the door with a frown on his face. He has sheets wrapped around his waist and he's looking at me like he wants to kill me. I've seen him with Darren before.
"What the fuck do you want?''
"I need to get in."
"Why? Do you fucking have anything in here?''
"Don't question me!" I try to look inside and see a girl on the bed. I can't really tell who she is because her hair is covering her face. She's asleep. She could be Aria!
"Who's the girl?" I ask.
"None of your fucking business!"
I push him away and make my way into the room. I approach the girl and move her hair from her face.
It's Aria. She's only wearing panties. How did she get here?! Was this asshole trying to take advantage of her?
I turn to look at him with so much anger, "why the fuck did you do this to her?!" I yell as I walk towards him.
"Are you seriously asking me why I was about to fuck her?"
"You were gonna fucking rape her?!"
"She's hot and I wanna fuck her. Get out and let me get to it." He says and just like that, my fist collides with his face. I punch him multiple times and throw him on the ground as he touches his busted lip. Some people from the corridor gather at the door to see what's happening.
Darren comes in with his friends and they pick up that asshole. He tried to fuck her! She can't even move.
"Bro, why'd you beat him up like this?" Darren asks as he steps forward.
"He was gonna fucking rape her! Did you want me to give him a fucking hug?!"
"She wants it!"
"She doesn't fucking want anything. Look at her! She can't even move. What did you do to her?!"
"Nothing. We were just gonna have sex bro," That asshole says.
"It wouldn't be sex!" I push him and his friends hold him so he doesn't fall on the ground.
I go back to Aria and try to wake her up. "Aria." I place a hand on her cheek, "Aria, wake up. Please."
"She's not gonna wake up anytime soon." The guy says and I go back to him and start to beat him up again. When he falls on the ground, I get on top of him and keep throwing punches at him. He tries to punch me but I get a hold of his filthy arm and twist it.
How could he do this to Aria?! Sweet Aria. He tried to fucking rape her. I'm so fucking angry and I want this dick to die in my hands.
"Bro. Leave him the fuck alone. You're gonna kill him!" Darren says as he pushes me.
"He deserves to die!"
"Where are her clothes?!" I start to look around and find her blouse which is now torn. He hurt her! I know it. Why else would her blouse be torn? Aria wouldn't want a guy to go rough on her the first time she's having sex.
"I'm gonna fucking kill you!" I yell and Darren stops me from getting to his friend.
The asshole picks up his clothes and gets out of the room with the rest of the guys.Was this some kind of game to them?! Why Aria? She doesn't deserve something like this to happen to her.
I take off my shirt and dress her up in it. I grab her purse and carry her out of the room. She's not moving any part of her body and It's starting to fucking scare me.
When I unlock the car, I notice some assholes looking at us. I put Aria inside the car and drive off immediately.
I can't take her to her house when she's like this. Her mother will freak out. I have to take her to my place and make sure she gets up soon.


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