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It won’t stop

I was in my bed trying to sleep but hearing my parents argueing about getting a divorce scared me. It was only 8:34pm I wasn’t trying to listen but had to when I heard something shocking...I wasn’t the only kid. Then everything got quiet it was like mom and dad just started whispering? I came down stairs they were in bed? It’s not only 1 saying that divorces can happen but mom and dad were past that. I called my friend Dash we talked about all of it and he told me in a commanding voice leave the house now! I packed up some stuff sweating from knees and head. He said he would come pick me up since he had a car. Dash called Samual and Thomas we all met at his house. We talked about it then Samual acted like it wasn’t uncommon Thomas said that was what happened to him all of a sudden...

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