Well Screw My Period

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Chapter 11

"All I can say is that you make me...you make me into someone I couldn't even imagine. You make me happy, even when you're awful. I would rather be with you- even the you that you seem to think is diminished- than with anyone else in the world."

I read the words written by Jojo Moyes from the book I loved so much, as Alex continued to straighten my hair.

I was never good with a flat or curling iron, so Alex helped me when I wanted him to. He developed the skill of cosmetics a few years ago when he would drag me out of bed and forcefully help me get ready for school when I refused to go.

"Why do you choose to read that book so many times? And you watch the movie like everyday" Alex groaned as he dropped the hair over my shoulders.

I rolled my eyes at his comment and threw the book on my bed.

"First of all, I don't watch it everyday. And second of all, Me Before You is awesome. Period"

"Yea well I'm not in for the love talk right now. I broke up with Megan" He mumbled, causing me to throw my hands over my mouth with a gasp, but I was really just covering my smile.

"Oh my gosh Alex that's awful. I'm sorry" I cooed as soon as I managed to wipe the smile from my face.

"I know you're excited Jamie" He chuckled. "I know you didn't like her"

"In my defense she didn't like me either" I attempted to defend myself.

I didn't like her, but I tried to be decent since Alex liked her and that made it matter.

"I know J. But it's cool. I knew she wasn't the one"

I couldn't help but frown at that. I knew he was hurting, even though it hasn't been long. But Alex had a tendency to get attached to people quite easily. He had that kind of heart.

"Hey I don't need to go out with Alyssa tonight. I can stay in and we can watch stupid comedy or horror movies all night" I suggested as I turned to face him.

But of course, Alex felt like he would be taking me away from fun.

"Nah it's Friday night Jamie. You should go out and have some fun, don't worry about me. Now hold still I'm almost done"

I gave him a stubborn look and yanked the flat iron from his hand, almost burning myself in the process.

"You're my best friend Alex. I would sacrifice a thousand nights out to cheer you up instead. "

I smiled at the grateful look in his eyes as I stood up and started stripping from my party dress. I knew he lowkey needed me here, but he wouldn't admit it. I pulled on my leggings and one of his t-shirts, before throwing my dress and shoes in the closet.

"At least let me finish that last part of you hair. You look-" He paused with a sheepish smile as I sent him a death glare. "You look great! But you would look better if that side was done"

Rolling my eyes, I decided to let him finish straightening my hair. His pet peeves are so annoying sometimes, but what can I say? I love the guy.

"Thanks for staying J. It means a lot" He whispered after a while.

"Don't mention it. You were here cheering me up when I was sulking around about Cameron"

And it was true. For the past three days, I haven't heard from Cameron after I left him at the park. I knew he needed time to think, but it was dawning on me that I maybe shouldn't have said anything.

He hasn't called, texted or even tried to contact Alex. And the few times I tried to call him, I've discovered that his phone was off.

I wasn't sure what emotion I was feeling. Guilt, frustration, heartbreak- it was all so confusing. But Alex had been here, and I didn't even know that he had broken up with Megan.

I guess Cameron was right about two things, his relationship with that girl maybe wouldn't have lasted long, and Alex would always be there for me.

Now it was my time to be here for him. Even if tonight was meant to be a night to get away and just forget everything.

Cameron will come around. He has to.

"All done" Alex announced proudly, and I sighed in relief.

"You know that I'm just gonna pull it into a bun and throw a scarf over it right?" I said as I grabbed my hair band.

"Hold on let me take a picture first"

He grabbed his phone from my desk, and I did a ridiculous pose. He snapped random pictures with me in awkward positions, and he did a quick video for his Instagram story I presumed.

"So I did my bestfriend's hair for movie night" He laughed as I twirled and flip hair for dramatic effect.

"Life is short, make every hair flip count" He ended, making me laugh loudly.

"You're ridiculous" I said, as he put away his phone.

"I take after you" He shot back with a wink.

We proceeded to the living room where he picked a movie and I sent Alyssa a quick text. A few seconds after she replied saying she really wanted to be out of the house so she'll join us.

I smirked at the message, knowing she still had something for Alex even though she hid it well.

"What you smirking at?" Alex asked as he plopped down beside me.

"Alyssa's coming over. I hope that's okay"

"That's cool" He shrugged, shoving popcorn in his mouth.

I swiped across my phone, stopping on Cameron's contact once again. My heart leaped when I saw that he was recently active. My fingers itched to send him a message while his phone was on, but I didn't even know what to type.

I finally gave up as the starting of Home Alone caught my attention.

It will work itself out. I thought as my chest felt heavy.

It has to.


"What kind of kid has so smarts? It's not possible!" Alyssa exclaimed as the end credits roll up the screen.

"I cant believe you haven't seen Home Alone before" Alex chuckled as he looked at her with a look on his face that I knew too well.

"And I cant believe you haven't watched Miss Bala! We are totally watching that now. It's total badass"

"But they switch from English to Spanish all the time." I groaned. "It's hard to keep up."

"Oh shush there are subtitles" She quckly dismissed me as she found the movie.

"I know a little Spanish, its just annoying."I mumbled as I heard a knock on the door.

Alex looked too invested in watching Alyssa, and Alyssa was too busy skipping out the 'boring part', so I gracefully took the duty of answering the door.

"I'll get it. Don't rush too much" I rolled my eyes and waltzed over to the door.

I was slightly cnused, given that it was almost nine, and none of Alex's friend would've just showed up like this.

But when I opened the door, I was stuck in my spot, awestruck and completely in a daze. It has been three days and yet my heart beat in my chest as if it has been three years.

"Cameron" I whispered almost inaudibly.

"I uh- I heard it was movie night?"

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