Well Screw My Period

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Chapter 12

"I uh- I heard it was movie night?" He said, making it sound more like a question than a statement.

I didn't know what to do, so I just stared at him sheepishly smiling with a bag of chips held closely to his chest.

"Who is it Jamie?!" I heard Alex shout from where he sat, and Alyssa mumbled something in Spanish as a fake gunshot boomed through the room.

"Just a minute!" I shouted back , even though it didn't answer his question.

Instead of going back inside, I stepped out in the hallway and closed the door behind me. Cameron watched me weirdly, and I couldn't help the anger that boiled in me for a split second. I didn't know what to feel.

It has been three days since I saw him. Three days since I relived the past. Three days since his name flashed across my phone screen.

Three whole days.

And it felt like a century had passed.

"You have some nerve" I hissed, taking both of us completely off guard.

I didn't know exactly why I was angry, and maybe I wasn't. I was merely upset at the fact that he hadn't reached out to me, or even answered my texts. I get that the load I dropped might've rubbed him the wrong way, but a text back would've been nice.

"I understand that our last conversation wasn't the best, but I've been trying to contact you Cameron. I called you countless times. I texted you and you never once felt like you wanted to call me back? Do you know how torturous that was for me? And then you come up here like everything is all peachy."

He sighed before his expression became stoic. He ran his fingers through his hair and took a step closer to me.

"And don't you think it has been torturous for me too Jamie? I felt like I didn't deserve you--like I would be doing you a favour by staying away from you"

"I didn't ask you to stay away from me!" I shouted, exasperated. "I didn't! I never wanted to be away from you"

"You don't get it Jamie" His voice was low and he avoided eye contact. " Knowing that I hurt you.." he trailed off as he shook his head slowly and my heart broke at the look on his face.

"Knowing that I hurt you made me realize how selfish I am or was. I wish I could take it all back. I wish I had been more thoughtful and considerate about your feelings. I know you said you forgave me, but how can I forgive myself for even making a single tear fall from your eyes?

"I still want to tell you how sorry I am. And I knew that staying away from you was wrong too, I just didn't know how to face you. Regret, guilt, heartbreak and sadness consumed me to a point where I felt like punching myself for being so dumb. But I'm so sorry for letting you down, I never wanted to do that"

He held his head down looking sadder than a pumpkin, and I hated to see him like this.

"I understand if you need some time to cool off. But I promise I'm ready to talk when you want to. If you want to" He added softly and turned to leave.

I watched as he slowly walked to the elevator, and I knew I wouldn't sleep tonight if I actually let him go.

"Cameron wait" I called, and he stopped in his tracks and turned to face me.

With a sigh, I closed the distance between us and wrapped my hands around him. He immediately returned the hug, and I felt how his body relaxed against mine as he held me tight.

"Cam I never intended to put you through that. I just- I just didn't want you to have suspicions about why I wouldn't take it to the next level with you. But I also didn't want you to feel bad about something that happened over a year ago"

"But it happened. And I hate myself for letting it happen." He pulled away to hold my face in front of his. "The truth is. I was a ashamed to show my face in front of you again. I was a total dick and I don't know how you could've possibly forgave me"

" I wasn't a saint either." I told him. "I've done my fair share of shit to people, so I had no reason to hold grudges when it came and bit me in the ass. Besides, all I said was that I don't think I can be more than friends with you. I never said or insinuated that I never wanted to see you again. I knew you would've needed time to think, but three days without any form of communication-"

"I know Jamie, and I'm sorry. I just seem to keep messing things up" He whispered, staring deeply in my eyes. "But I would be lying if I told you that I was okay with your decision. I will respect it for now, but I want you to know that I will wait for you. And until another man puts a ring on your finger, I will always try and make it better.

"When I was at home, I was so conflicted. One part of me thought it was best to let you go so you can find someone who deserves you. But another part of me wanted to become that person who deserves you, and show you everyday just how sorry I am. But I didn't know where to even start. So when I saw Alex's Instagram story, I saw it as my chance to start over. And I really hope we can"

I was left breathless after his little speech, and if I wasn't so hell bent on my decision, I would've kissed him right there and then. My heart skiddly bopped in my chest as he watched me intensely with those big blue eyes that melted me so easily.

Gosh why did I have to fall for Cameron Riley?

"Okay" I managed to say in a low exhale.

He smiled slightly then placed a kiss on my forehead, leaving my nerves and body in an eruption of tingles. We stayed like that for a while, and I felt like I could stay like that forever.

I knew my body and heart was still too attracted to him to stay like this much longer, so I found a way to escape his embrace.

"I'm still pissed at you for avoiding me though" I retorted as I pushed him away gently in attempt to sooth my burning skin. "So you will have to make it up to me" I sketched an innocent smile on my face as I clasped my hands in front of me and swayed from side to side.

He gave me a lopsided grin and held up the bag of my favourite chips that he had brought. "Can I start with this peace offering? You know what thy say; happiness come from within...a bag of chips"

I rolled my eyes with a chuckle and took the bag from him. "Fine. This will work for now but no pissing me off like last movie night"

"No promises there Ruby" He smirked.

"Aaaaannnd we're back" I mumbled as I pushed the door open.

But I couldn't help the small smile that played on my lips at the fact.




Follow up chapter coming real soon. It's kinda already written.

Stay safe loves!

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