Well Screw My Period

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Chapter 13

"Hey man" Alex said, sounding surprised to see him." Is everything okay?"

His eyes darted between me and Cameron, and I nodded once to answer his question.

Our entrance seemed to distract Alyssa from the movie as she flashed me a smirk and turned fully to us once Cameron and I sat down.

"I'm Alyssa by the way. I don't think we've met" She remarked sweetly, offering him a hand. He gently shook it and returned greetings as she flashed me a playful wink.

I knew what was thinking, but it's not gona happen. Things were still too complicated despite our heart to heart conversation in the hallway.

I still needed to breathe.

Two hours later I was chips-less, tired and bored. Alyssa fell asleep in the middle of the third movie, and so Cameron and Alex chose another one that didn't fit my liking. I decided to go bed.

"I'ma hit the sack. Can one of you bring Alyssa in please?" I mumbled as I attempted to get up.

"But this is the good part." Alex whined as he pulled me back down.

"You said that three times already. And I swear if I see another butt crack on that screen I'm gonna flip"

I never understood why some men in movies find it difficult to pull their pants all the way up. Even in real life it annoys the shit outa me. No pun intended.

"Bring Alyssa to bed when you're done gawking at her drool. I'll leave my door open"

I took the chance to escape knowing he would be too busy blushing to stop me this time.

I brushed my teeth and wrapped my scarf around my head before heading back to my room. I headed to the closet and stripped out of my sweats, leaving my legs completely bare.

Turning around, I almost had a heart attack when I noticed that Cameron was on my bed with his hands behind his head and a smirk on his lips.

I attempted to pull my shirt over my legs, but since this was one of Alex's very old t-shirts, it was much shorter than the others I have. It was useless though, since he already saw my panties and bare legs.

"Wh-what are you doing in here?" I asked, feeling flustered.

It wasn't awkward and I knew he wasn't that perverted, but I couldn't help but feel self-conscious under his gaze. I was happy that he didn't let his eyes linger too long, since they were now on my face.

"Alex decided to go to bed too. But he took your friend to his room and I didn't feel like sleeping on the couch tonight" He stated as if everything he just said was perfectly okay.

"First of all, Alex cant take my friend to his room without her knowing, whether she has a crush on him or not. And second of all, you cant sleep in here" I said as I gestured for him to leave but he stayed put.

"Come on Jamie. I promise to keep my hands to myself" He smirked, knowing I'm not buying it.

"I reckon you remember that I'm still kinda upset with you. So skidadle"

I walked over to him and shooed him from my bed. I picked up a blanket and a pillow and handed them to him before pushing him to the door.

I wouldn't have a problem with him sleeping in my bed if we didn't feel the way we felt about each other. But it was just way too risky.

"Okay okay I'm going" He groaned as he reached the door. He turned around to face me with a soft smile on his face, as he trailed his finger down my cheek.

"I missed you Jamie" He whispered, and I couldn't help but accept the warmth that flooded me.

"I missed you too. Don't ever do that to me again"

"I wont. You cant even pay me to stay away from you" He said making me laugh a little.

"Goodnight Cam"

"Goodnight Jamie" He replied. Except, no one moved.

We stood for a while longer just staring at each other.

His thumb was still caressing my cheek, and I couldn't find the will or power to move. Soon after, my senses got a little too excited and my breathing got heavier.

I knew I was done for from the moment he touched my face, but now there was definitely no going back.

I'm going to regret this.

I closed the small distance between us and went on my tippy toes so that I was even closer to his face. My hands got a hold of the pillow and blanket he was holding, and I roughly threw them to the side. He watched me closely, and I noticed how his adam's apple bobbed up and down before I did the one thing that contradicted everything that I've said to him that day.

I kissed Cameron.

At first he was just as shocked as me. But after three seconds of registering, his arms wrapped themselves around my waist, pulling me flush against his body. His lips were gentle, slow and almost teasing as he kissed me back. I couldn't ignore the butterflies that kept dancing in my stomach.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do this" He mumbled as he pulled away for a second.

I couldn't help but admire the new light that shone in his eyes. But I couldn't get a good chance to ogle it because he reconnected our lips, this time with a new found urgency and fire.

He took dominance of the kiss, moulding his lips roughly and sinfully against mine. I bit down on his lips as he lifted me by the thighs and pushed me against a wall. I didn't even know what wall it was and I really didn't care.

I also didn't care that I was still fully aware that I had on only my panties on the lower half of my body, but my mind was too cloudy and my body was literally in flames.

Without warning, he thrusted his tongue inside my mouth and I openly welcomed him. He kissed me wildly with a longing that I understood too well. A light whimper rose from my throat when he shifted and I felt just how excited he was for me, but I didn't even want to think about that. Everything was perfect with just the kiss.

He moved from my lips and down my neck in a maddening way. I bit my lips hard to hold back a moan and his grip on my waist only tightened.

"I will spend forever making everything up to you Jamie. I promise" He mumbled against my neck, but I was barely even registering anything, so I just nodded.

"I will never hurt you like I did ever again" He added, placing more hot kisses on my sensitive spot.

"Mhhm" I mumbled, still not focusing on his words but the build up in my nether regions.

"And even though you said you've forgiven me, I will always live to regret the hurt I caused you"

"Gosh Cameron just kiss me" I groaned in frustration as I grabbed his head and reconnected out lips.

I felt satisfied to taste him again, and he wasted no time in parting my lips again to give himself entrance. Gosh he was so good at this. It was the perfect moment and a perfect kiss.

I felt like I was floating in a magical Ferris wheel, yet dancing in a house of flames, but it doesn't burn. My insides soared, the hair on my skin bristled and my toes curled as I held onto him for dear life.

It felt like forever since we were there kissing, but if this was what forever felt like, hell I wouldn't mind.

Finally and unfortunately, we pulled apart. He rested his forehead on mine as we both panted heavily. I didn't even know how long we were there, but slowly I unwrapped my feet from around him and I slid down his long torso in an almost deadly motion.

My blouse got ridden up in the process, so he slowly pulled it back down, not once breaking eye contact.

I picked up the pillow and he picked up the blanket. Without a word, I handed it to him and he retrieved it without looking away from me. We didn't say anything to each other as he stood in the doorway, but we didn't need to.

His eyes were still shining and my lips held a lazy sweet smile. He placed a final kiss on my forehead and mumbled a goodnight before heading down the hallway.

I was glad that he didn't try and talk about it or anything in particular. It preserved the moment as we both got to relish in what just happened. No words, no extra actions. Just pure bliss of what the atmosphere still held.

With my smile a little brighter, I closed the door and leaned against it. My fingers involuntarily traced my lips as I remembered the whole moment. But then it really hit me.

Like really really hit me. I kissed Cameron.





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