Well Screw My Period

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Chapter 15


I never preferred them, but when I really got dolled up in one, I always felt elite.

Today was my 'date' with Cameron, and I was a nervous wreck. I had no idea where he was taking me, but all he told me was to dress semi-formal, so I assumed he was taking me to a restaurant or something.

Maybe it was the opera, maybe it was someone's dinner party but whatever it is, I had to admit that despite my nerves, I was surprisingly excited.

Alyssa and Alex helped me got ready. Well they basically did everything.

Alex used his male judgment to pick out a blue chiffon skater dress that hugged my bodice and flowed from my waist to my lower thigh. Alyssa curled my hair delightfully and applied a light ravishing layer of makeup to my face.

I wasn't the heels type of girl, but I surely didn't mind them; so I wore my silver stilettoes to match the rimstones around the waist of the dress.

All in all, I think I looked pretty decent. The blue eye-shadow surprisingly brought out the amber colour of my eyes, and if I had confidence issues any other day, I wouldn't today.

I waited in the living room patiently since it was 6:20 and Cameron told me that he would pick me up by 6:30.

I waited a whole ten minutes as I anticipated his arrival. Alyssa and Alex were chilling in the kitchen eating dinner, so they couldn't have seen how uneasy I was.

It's just a date Jamie. Not a big deal.

But indeed it was.

I waited another ten minutes and my feet began to hurt. My heart did too.

He was ten minutes late and even after the millionth time that I checked my phone, there was still nothing from him. Another ten minutes passed, then another and I officially gave up and joined my friends in the kitchen.

It was obvious that they felt bad for me, and Alex would have that 'I'm gonna kill him' look on his face when he thought I wasn't looking.

I wasn't crying or upset, just really disappointed. I knew anything could've happened, but a warning or apology message would've been nice.

"So I were thinking, for Halloween this year we could go as ladybugs" Alyssa said excitedly while I rolled my eyes.

"Ladybugs. Really?" I cocked an eyebrow at her in questioning but I couldn't help but laugh.

"Yea I found this really cute couples outfit online. But you would have to be the male ladybug though" She giggled with a guilty look on her face.

"I don't even know if I'm going" I told her. "Maybe you should go with Alex instead. I'm sure he'd be a handsome ladybug" I smirked as they both reddened like a tomato.

I knew they had a thing for each other--Alyssa's from sophomore year and Alex's is quite recently, but they wouldn't admit it.

She tucked away her jet back hair and looked away shyly with her hands intertwined behind her back. "I mean, if you're fine with it. But you don't have to. The ladybug thing is kinda stupid we don't even have to go together. You don't even go to our school anymore so-"

"I'd love to go" He cut her off by saying. "I'll go as whatever you want" he added with his signature charming smile. Her eyes twinkled with excitement and I resisted the urge to awe.

At least someone's love life is getting somewhere.

"Why aren't you going Jamie?" Alyssa asked after a long moment of silence.

"I never liked Halloween parties. But maybe I might just go. We'll see" I shrugged casually but I became alert when the doorbell went off.

I eyed each of them before heading to the front door. My heart danced wildly in my chest as I twisted the knob.

To my surprise and utmost delight, a flustered looking Cameron met my eyes with an apologetic look painted on his features and a bouquet of red roses in his hand.

He had light beads of sweat on his forehead, and he was slightly panting as if he ran here. Despite that, he looked charming in his buttoned up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and simple dark jeans.

I suddenly remembered that I was all dolled up too, and my hand subconsciously went to my hair in attempts to fix whatever might've jumped out of place.

He stepped closer to me and that's when I realized that he was over thirty minutes late. I wasn't upset since I knew he must've had a good reason. The fact that he was here said it all.

"Jamie I'm so sorry" He said with nothing but sincerity laced in his voice. "My car wouldn't start and I had to get a rental all the way in town. That was barely 6:15 so I figured I had a lot time to come get you. But they took so f**king long and I realized I lost my phone and-"

"It's fine Cam" I chuckled at how cute he looked when he was sorry, but I understood. I forgave him at his first sentence. "You're here now"

He beamed brightly as his eyes finally roamed down my body slowly before his smile got impossibly wider. "You look beautiful Jamie. You look more than beautiful" He whispered then placed a kiss on my hand.

"You don't look too bad yourself" I said with a blush before pointing to the roses in his hand. "Are those for me?"

"Yes actually. Beautiful roses for a beautiful girl"

"You are too charming" I said as I took them. I immediately brought them to my nose where I inhaled the majestic scent deeply. I moaned in delight before taking another deep whiff of them.

"Don't eat them now" Cam joked, causing me to hit his arm lightly as I laughed.

"Let me just go put these down and grab my purse" I said before going back to the kitchen where Alyssa and Alex were sitting on the stools around the island, as if I didn't just hear and see when they rushed back to sit down.

They were totally eavesdropping.

"So lover boy finally arrives" Alyssa cooed when I retrieved my purse.

"Yep. Wish me luck"

"Good luck!" They both cheered before I ventured back to the living room to meet Cam.

"Ready?" He asked with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"Yep. But I'm not sure if you are"

He scratched the back of his head and avoided my eyes. "This night is supposed to be perfect for you, and I already screwed it up. I really just want it to go well "He admitted, meeting my eyes just at the end.

I gave him my sweetest smile then dropped a kiss on his cheek. "As long as you're with me, I know I'll have a good time. Now come before I change my mind"

He flashed me a teasing smile before taking my hand and leading me out the door.

Tonight will determine whether or not I'll give 'us' a chance. But I have a deep feeling that I already know the answer.


"What do you mean its not there? Look again" Cameron gritted out at the very bored looking receptionist at the restaurant he took me.

I saw now why he asked me to dress semi-formal. He took me to one the nicest restaurants in town. I've never been in here before, so I was more focused on the beautiful décor than the hard time Cameron was having with the man whose eyes would flash to me momentarily.

The ceiling was high and had sort of a 80s formal look. The walls were dark, giving the place an erotic sense of privacy, and I could see from where I sat how the chairs, tables and booths were aligned perfectly and most definitely fancy.

Maybe a bit too fancy for me.

"I'm sorry young man but I don't see your reservation" Mr. Clarke, as his name tag read, said.

"Look this is really important okay. And I called like five times to secure the table. It's there" Cam tried again and I held onto his forearm gently, capturing his attention.

"It's okay Cam. We can just go" I said truthfully. I really really really appreciated the gesture, but I didn't mind going somewhere else.

"Ah here it is" The man said with a smile. "You're thirty minutes late for your reservation so someone else got your table. Luckily there was a cancellation so we can accommodate you. Right this way"

He took out two menus and led us to a table in the corner where the light was dim and the atmosphere was ire. Cameron held my hand the whole time until he let me go to pull the chair out for me.

We sat across from each other while Mr Clarke handed us the menus.

"If that's all, a waitress will be with you shortly." He said. "And happy birthday beautiful" He winked at me before walking away.

Cameron was glaring daggers at his retreating form and only looked away when I spoke.

"It's not my birthday" I said confused.

"He just wanted an excuse to call you beautiful" he mumbled with the cutest jealous face.

"Aren't I?" I faked a hurt face and threw my hand over my heart. He didn't seem to catch on to the tease behind it though, since his eyes only widened in horror.

"Of course you are. I didn't mean it like that- I just want to be the only one to look at you like that"

I laughed and took his hand across the table. "I know Cam I was just teasing. For the hundredth time, stop being so tense"

"It's kinda hard when the girl I want to be with is sitting in front of me looking so lovely"

I bit my lip and resisted the urge to smile harder. If he continued to be this sweet, I dont think I would be able to say no to him. In attempts to distract myself, I eyed the menu keenly.

My mouth watered at each meal my eyes passed, but I knew for a fact that they were very much expensive.

I took the chance to finally look around the place. It was indeed highly fancy and rich. The women wore expensive dresses, and the men wore what seemed like million dollar suits. Even the ones that didn't 'dress up' had a certain aura around them.

I knew Cam could afford it, or else he wouldn't have brought me here; but I suddenly felt out of place.

I felt underdressed, even though there were women that dressed more casually than me, and I felt a very familiar feeling that I went through high school with. Unbelonging.

I shifted uncomfortably on the chair and pulled it closer to the table in hopes to hide my self under the table it seemed. But instead, it made a loud scraping sound that kinda sounded like a fart.

Heads lifted from almost every table to look at me and my eyes widened in horror.

"It was the chair. See..." I pulled back the chair and pulled it forward again, but this time it made no sound.


I sunk a little into the chair and looked up to meet Cams eyes. Instead of looking disapproved of my public embarrassing moment for not just only me but him, he looked amused and oddly more admiring.

"It was the chair Cam" I mumbled shyly with a pout which he just chuckled at and kissed my hand from across the table.

"I know Jamie it's okay. You are too cute" He assured, but I still felt uncomfortable.

For the next few minutes of silence I just skimmed through the menu. I didn't want to hide my face in it and draw more attention to myself, but I tried really hard to stay still and stiff.

"You look tense. Are you okay?" Cameron asked.

I shifted my gaze to him and nodded. "I'm fine. Just a bit uncomfortable but maybe I just need to go to the lady's room or something"

"Shit I messed up didn't I? Do you want to leave? I knew you weren't a demanding girl so the restaurant thing might've been too much. I just wanted to do something nice and special"

"Cameron for the millionth time, I'm fine" I insisted with a light chuckle. "I don't wanna leave"

You sure? Because I had a plan B" He smirked, which only go me excited.

"I'll like to see what you have up your sleeve. But I would also really like to try this Chicken Valentino first. Plus I'm starving"

"Both it is then" He smiled and I returned it whole heartedly.

I ended up having a really good time with him, and the food was to die for. Cam and I had simple but fun conversations and I even forgot that I was uncomfortable at first. Cameron tends to do that at times.

When the bill came, I was slightly anxious to ogle his expression and I felt guilty that I ordered ice cream too. But he just viewed it casually, took out his card and handed it to the waitress.

I could never understand the insistence of men when it came to paying bills. No matter how much I asked, he wouldn't let me help pay. Not even for the dessert that I so greedily demanded after tasting the food.

But nonetheless, I had a great time and I was excited to see what part two was.

He wouldn't tell me, but I liked the suspense. We eventually pulled up to the roller skating rink, and I almost jumped out my seat in excitement.

Cam plugged his ears with his fingers while I squealed and yank my heels off. Lucky for me, I had folded my most flexible flats and jammed it in my purse before leaving.

"How did you know that I loved to go here?" I asked while I pulled on my flats.

His eyes danced with what looked like admiration as he watched me with a smile of his own. "The day when I was taking you to the park and you were guessing, I took notes"

"You took perfect notes because I love it here!" I rushed. "Lets go!"

I held onto his hand immediately after he locked up the rental and pulled him to the entrance. Just like before, he paid for our entry as the guy looked at me weirdly. I knew I might've been a little overdressed for roller skating, but I didn't care.

If he had chosen this for his plan A, I wouldn't have had the slightest problem. But I was sorta glad about how things happened.

I loved the fine dining with great food and conversation to end it all off with a few rounds around the place on wheels attached to my feet.

"Do you even know how to do this?" I asked as I held onto the rail to keep balance. He threw me a worried look but quickly masked it with confidence.

"Yea how hard can it be?"

I smirk before letting go and pushing off backwards onto the leveled ground. I waved at him to come towards me, but the minute he pushed of he fell flat on his butt.

My laugh echoed through the room as he tried to get up countless times but failed miserably. By now his face was as red as a tomato, so I decided to actually help him.

I am so gonna tease him forever.

"Need help?" I offered with a teasing smile as I stretched my hand to him.

He took it with a huff and I helped him balance.

"Don't feel bad Cam. It's hard at first but you'll catch on" I said when I noticed that his ego was crushed, but I couldn't stop laughing.

I realized though that every time I laughed he would watch me with an unreadable expression. It made me think that he was being terribly terrible on purpose. But hey I wasn't complaining.

Eventually, he managed enough to let my hand go, but he would hold it ever so often anyway. I didn't even know how long we spent together just rolling, racing, laughing and tackling each other until some dude came and told us that it was closing time.

I was bummed, but Cameron assured me that we could come back soon. It had undoubtedly been the best Saturday I have had in a long long time. And I had one person to thank for it.

"Had fun little roller racer?" he asked as soon as we were buckled in.

I was shocked to see that it was minutes to twelve, but even more shocked to see that I had zero missed calls or messages from Alex.

"I had tons of fun." I replied honestly. "I can't tell the last time I laughed that much."

He held my hand with a look in his eyes, and despite the hundreds of times he held my hand, this one made my body tingle.

"I'm happy to hear that." He gently placed a kiss on my knuckles before speaking again.

"And I want you to know that tonight wasn't all about gaining your trust again or winning you over. I genuinely wanted to spend time with you and I'm happy you had fun because I did to. So even if you haven't made up or changed your mind, I would really like to do this again."

I stared at him without saying a word. I knew what I wanted to do, but I had no idea of how to say it.

I guess I knew even before tonight; but like Alyssa said, I was making up excuses.

"I was a jerk, I know" He cut through my thoughts with his voice, and I looked up to meet his eyes.

"And as I said, I will forever make it up to you because I'm really really sorry Jamie. I knew I messed up, even last week when I totally ghosted you. I was a dick and maybe I still am because I won't tell you that I am perfect. But youre all I want, and I will understand if you need time or if you just wont change your mind, but I want you to know that I'm not going anywhere.

"I will be here for you, I will take you out whenever you want to and I will be your number one supporter in anything you do. I will always make sure you know that you are beautiful inside and out. Because you are. Just think about it okay? And I will be here waiting when you've made up your mind."

He finally ended, and my heartbeat was sky rocketing. I had no idea one person could make me feel this way, but I oddly wasn't scared of it.

"But I already have" I whispered as soon as my mind cleared.

He whipped his head towards me with questioning eyes as he watched me in anticipation. I leaned over so that I was only inches away from his face and I could feel his hot breath on my cheek.

Without a second thought I connected my lips to his, kissing him and giving him my answer all together.

He kissed me back immediately with an urgency and longing I understood so deeply. The way he gripped my waist to pull me closer, and the way his lips told me exactly how he felt made me know for sure that I hadn't made a mistake.

He pulled away just enough to look me in the eyes. A smile played on his lips even though he tried to look serious.

"Jamie are you sure about this?" He whispered as he searched my eyes, and I could see that even though he was asking, he didn't want me to change my mind.

"Yes Cameron I'm sure." I said before crashing my lips to his again, sealing the deal.

He pulled me onto his lap and held me tightly to the point where felt like I couldn't breathe.

"I'll always make you happy Jamie. I promise" He said before kissing me deeply again.

I've made up my mind. And maybe it was just the high of the moment, or surfaced feelings that I've tried to suppress over the weeks; but whatever it was, I didn't care.

Because I was now Cameron Riley's girlfriend. And it felt right.

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