Well Screw My Period

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Chapter 3

Every high school has that one girl.

The Queen bee that rules the school. The one girl that almost every boy yearns for. The elite supermodel with her little trio.

Well, that was suppose to be me.

Not that I wanted it, but if things were different I would've been.

In middle school, I was the Queen bee, believe it or not. I was. The blonde that ruled the halls, and Alyssa, my former best friend and current Queen bee, was right by my side ruling with me.

Alyssa and I go way back. Like kindergarten way back. We were always on our parents' throats about play dates and eventually, our moms got close too. So we did almost everything together.

We did gymnastics together, swimming together, we even basically lived at each other's houses. When we started middle school, it was never our intentions to command attention and subjection. But when we got it, we just played the role.

It happened that we played it too well, and we were named as the Furies. Eventually, the title did its best to us and we more than just played the role. We were the role.

Most kids from our middle school automatically matriculated into the same high school, and so it was suppose to stay the same. And it did. For Alyssa at least.

The summer before freshman year of high school, the worst thing happened. I lost my mom.

My dad, who is a marine and is barely home, completely went torpid on us. It was left to me and my big sister Joan, to deal with it alone. Luckily, my sister was 18 at the time and she automatically stepped in as my guardian since dad was apparently too deep in grieving to give a crap.

It took the worst toll on me, emotionally. My mom was my best friend, my dad's behaviour really disappointed me and my sister and I weren't close.

I shut out everyone. Alyssa was there but even her I barely let in. So I turned to my next best friend. Food.

I would binge eat everyday all summer. And I wasn't the purging type, oh no. I ate and ate and never stopped eating.

Before I knew it, I was 200 pounds, clothes-less and starting freshman year looking and feeling totally different.

Ever heard the phrase 'karma is a bitch?'. Well, it bitched me right up.

Everyone I was ever mean to took the liberty in paying me back with insults and mean behaviour. I was no longer the blonde Queen bee. I was the blonde fat kid.

Alyssa was nice to me, still is actually. But I felt like being around me would ruin her reputation, so I stayed away from her. That, and I was ashamed.

My loneliness only made my binging worse, until I met Alex. But even then, I still ate like my life depended on it.

Then two years later when Alex left high school and I still wouldn't spend much time with Alyssa, I was back to a loner. I had a few friends here and there but it wasn't much.

So when I started my senior year with my old but improved middle school look , I struck the breath from everyone in school. Except Ryan of course.

But everywhere I walked, people whispered. I even heard that some people were expecting me to rejoin Alyssa at the top of the food chain again. Saying that, and I quote "she's hot again so why not".

But my mean girl days are far gone. I have no intention of spending hours fixing my appearance, then strutting the halls and sneering at my fellow pupils. I just want to be done with highschool and move on with life.

So as I walked through the halls for yet another day, recieving expectant looks from whispering students, I just held my head straight and gazed into nothingness.

The click of my heels on the tiled floor sounded louder than any gunshot, and the bounce of my curls on my shoulders felt heavier than usual. I pulled it into something that I hoped looked like a messy bun, and to no surprise at all, I saw people either gasp, step back or stumble at the simple movement.

Highschoolers are so weird.

Finally, I reach my locker and quickly gather my books for class. The warning bell went off, but no one usually listens to it.

My Spanish textbook fell, and I was about to pick it up when it was retrieved for me by small manicured hands. We rose simultaneously, and I was met face to face with the Queen herself, Alyssa.

She offered me a warm smile and handed me the book.

"Hey Jamie "

"Hey Lizzy" I flashed her a toothy smile as I closed my locker, and she perked up at the nickname I gave her when we were six.

We thought that our names were too complicated, so we gave each other nicknames. Me, Jamie and her, Lizzy. Mine stuck with me and eventually became permanent, but only I ever called her Lizzy. And when I do, she always seemed to like it.

"You look great" She smiled. "I wish I could rock a messy bun so flawlessly. Only you can make 'messy ' and 'flawless' fit in the same sentence "

I laughed at her compliment and picked a stray thread from her cute top.

"And only you can make me feel good about myself when I feel like crap"

It was true. Even though I kept my distance for the most part throughout the years, she would always find me in the halls or in the parking lot and compliment me about something. At first I thought that she just felt sorry for me, but then I saw that she was genuine.

"Why do you feel like crap? "

I groaned and rolled my neck back as I remembered. "You wouldn't believe the weekend I've had"

Her eyes lit up at this. It was like old times when we would tell each other about our experiences, good or bad.

"Wanna talk about it?"

"Nah. It's better left unsaid" Her face fell and I quickly changed the topic. "So what's with all the eyes? "

She glanced over shoulder at the curious eyes watching us, then she just simply shrugged.

"I guess they're worried that we might team up again "

A wicked smile plastered over her lips, as she winked at a staring quarterback.

"Oh no" I laughed. "I can't"

"Oh come on Jamie" She whined as she shook the life from my shoulders. "It's not even just about how lame Kaylie and Maya are, I just miss you. Miss us. Why did you ever stop talking to me? "

I sighed as I saw the genuine sadness in her eyes. Anyone would've thought that Alyssa was the one who ditched me because of social status. But quite frankly, it was me and my insecurities. I thought that once she fully gained control over the school, she would get tired of me literally lagging behind.

"I was going through a phase-"

"And you're kinda pass it right? I just want my chica back."

I opened my mouth to speak but she won me to it.

"And don't you dare think that it's because your hotter than me now that I want you back" she flashed me a pout before continuing. "I've been trying for years but you kept pushing me away"

I sighed. She was right. I'm much better nowadays, and I can't use my former excuse anymore to stay away from her. I really still loved her, so much. The memories still swam around in my head ever so often, and I would miss having her around. Even though I have Alex, sometimes you just need your girl.

I guess the reason why I was still avoiding her was because I was afraid that I'd fall back into the person I was four years ago. Even though Alyssa, Kaylie and Maya were doing a perfectly cliche job of being the clique, adding middle school Jamie would be detrimental to these kids.

The universe had it's reasons for taking me out of that lifestyle and humbling me down to the bone. And though at first I wished it would've done something else like leak an embarrassing pic of me or something, I understood why my karma had to be extreme.

Anyone who knew me would understand.

"I guess you're right, I'm sorry. But we'll hang after school hours okay? "

She squealed loudly, catching the attention of the few kids who weren't actually watching and jumped on me. I saw some worried looks and some gulps going around, as I could imagine what they were thinking. They thought I was agreeing to come back.

"That's totally fine by me! Anytime, anywhere at all! I'll even hang out with that weird roommate of yours if it means hanging out with you"

"Hhmm weird huh? " I smirked as she blushed at my comment.

She always had a crush on Alex, even before we became friends. When Alex and I just became close, she got jealous and bitched me about it, saying some real mean things. Then she felt bad and sent me my favourite chocolate and a long ass apology card. Hell, I didn't even finish reading it.

"Whatever" She mumbled, still trying to hide her cheeks. "But know there's an extra chair for you if you wanna sit with us at lunch"

"I'll keep it in mind"

She gave me another quick hug and whispered a 'bye' before turning off her kind face and replacing it with her sneer.

"Move it twerp!" she pushed a poor little sophomore out of the way and strutted down the hall. I chuckled as I watched him shot her a glare before hurrying down the hall, and I made my way to class as the second bell rang.

My Spanish teacher was yet to arrive, so I took my phone out to check my messages. To my surprise, an unknown number was sitting in my inbox with a very interesting text.

*Hey Ruby. I'll be picking you up later after school so don't look out for Alex;)*

My face scrunched up in confusion, but I knew exactly who it was.

*How did you get my number Cameron? *

Not even a minute passed by and he replied.

*Awe. You knew it was me. What gave it away? *

*Listen you little dweep-*..

"Ms. Saunders? Do I have to send you and your phone to detention later? "

My head immediately snapped up half way through my typing, and I saw an annoyed looking Mr. Morgan glaring at me. I didn't even know when he arrived. I quickly erased the text and shoved the phone in my bag.

"No Mr Morgan. I apologize "

He simply gave me a curt nod before proceeding to clean the whiteboard.

"She's already rebelling. Who knows what she'll do next" I heard someone whisper from behind me.

I suddenly got annoyed at how they were all expecting me to flip a switch and be bitchy again. Don't they believe that people change?

Well they can wait all they want cause this girl is not going back down that road.

Nuh-uh. Never ever.

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