Well Screw My Period

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Chapter 5

Cameron can be so annoying! How did I ever think he was sweet?

He literally did anything to get a rise out of me.

We were watching The Twilight Saga, and he kept on arguing with me about how Twilight was better than The Vampire Diaries.

At first, I thought he was genuinely a fan. But after a while I noticed that he has never watched either, and he was just trying to annoy me since I confidently blurted out in the middle of the movie that The Vampire Diaries was the best.

Not to mention The Originals.

It was Friday night and Alex and I were having movie night, when Cameron showed up with snacks and drinks.

At first I thought he was there for Alex since I didn't invite him. But Alex said they didn't even talk much for him to even know about our monthly movie night.

So I came to the conclusion that he must've heard when I randomly mentioned that tonight would be movie night one day when he drove me home this week.

When he drove me home last week Monday, I noticed that he would be in the parking lot every day after school, waiting for me to drive me home. At first, I was a little confused and annoyed, but then I just got use to it.

He was somehow a fun driving partner, though I missed Alex. Alex would let me drive home so I could gain practice for my driving test, but Riley cherished his precious Lamborghini too much for me to drive it.

Only on Fridays, like today, when he had an evening class, Alex came and actually picked me up.

I had scolded him about ditching me, but since they both go to the same college a few miles from my school, Cameron would always find Alex and offer to drive me home instead.

For what ever reason.

"I mean, look at those wolves. The wolves in The Vampire Diaries aren't that big and awesome" Cameron announced proudly.

I simply rolled my eyes and shovel another handful of cheese balls in my mouth, since I obviously saw when he Googled 'The Vampire Diaries wolves' on his phone.

"I'm beat. I'm heading to bed " Alex announced and I pouted.

Anytime we would watch movies with more than one parts, he would get tired by the end of the second or third movie and leave. And he always did this when we watched Twilight. I just felt like he didn't like part four.

"But Alexxxxxxx" I whined, trying hard with my eyes to get him to stay. But of course, I failed. He gave me a tired smile and kissed my hair.

"Goodnight Kiddo"


"Take care of her for me" He said to Cameron and I groaned.

I didn't like how trusting Alex has gotten with Cameron around me. The old Alex would never.

Cameron smirked at Alex's retreating form and took Alex's former spot beside me. He swung an arm around my shoulder and sighed heavily.

"This is nice isn't it?"

"Mhhm" I mumbled as I took a gulp of grape soda.

I saw from the corner of my eyes as he watched me drink from the bottle. I licked my lips and turned fully around to face him, as his eyes quickly shot from my lips to my eyes.

"Want some?" I offered, seeing that he looked kinda thirsty.

"Uh- yea sure. Thanks" He took the bottle from me and slowly took a gulp.

I felt satisfied that I quenched his thirst, so I turned my attention back to the movie.

"Do you prefer Bella's wedding dress or Caroline's?" I smirked knowing damn well he didn't know what I was talking about.


"Yea you know, from the show you claimed you've watched"

He smiled sheepishly as he scratched the back of his neck. "Caught me huh?"

I laughed. "You're a good actor, but I'm really observant"


We spent the next three and a half hours watching the rest of the saga, and it was safe to say, I had fun.

Cameron would ask me weird ass questions like where did Edward's sperm come from if all his insides were basically crystal, but I too had no clue.

I shut off the tv and ensured the door was locked, since it was basically three in the morning and there was no way Cameron would leave this late.

I saw him getting comfortable on the couch, and a sudden breeze swept over me from the window, giving me a cold shiver.

"I'll go get you some blankets, it's a really cold night"

"I can just sleep with you and we keep each other warm" He replied with a little too much confidence.

"Har-har. I'll be back soon"

I went to the closet beside the bathroom in the hall where Alex kept all the blankets. I noticed that he put all the comfy ones on the top shelf and I mentally cursed him for not considering my height.

I tip toed and stretched all I could to pull on one that was at the bottom. But I guess my tired state made me do such a stupid action because all the ones on top came tumbling down.

A scream erupted from my lungs as the heavy heaps of blankets buried me on the floor. I heard footsteps rushing towards the closet and stopped in the doorway. I heard a light chuckled before some blankets were lifted from my head, revealing a very amused Cameron.

"You know.." He started, and I already rolled my eyes since I knew what ever would come next would be something snarky. "If you had just let me sleep with you, this wouldn't have happened."

"Oh shut it Riley" I attempted to hit his chest but he caught my hand with his large one. I stared at where he gripped my wrist, before slowly looking up to meet his eyes.

In a moment, his eyes weren't dancing with amusement anymore. They just held an unreadable expression that made my insides tingle. It was then that I noticed how close he was, that I could feel his unleveled breathing brushing my face.

My lips felt dry so I licked them, and if I wasn't paying attention I would've missed how his eyes got a tad darker.

He let go of my hand, and a rush a disappointment flooded me for some unknown reason, but it didn't last for long since he cupped my cheek instead.

His eyes were trained on my lips, and mine on his. And it was safe to say that the late night really got to my head when I started to lean closer to him.

His eyes flashed with excitement for a second, as his tongue swept over his bottom lip, making it even more alluring. My eyes fluttered closed as I waited for connection.

But it didn't get a chance to come.

"What happened here?" A very sleepy Alex broke our moment by asking.

Both our eyes snapped to him as we scrambled away from each other like we were enemies. Luckily, Alex didn't see anything since he was rubbing sleep from his eyes.

Alex was a light sleeper, I should've known that he would be here sooner or later. If only it would've been sooner.

"I was just getting a blanket for Cameron, and they kinda fell on me. Sorry for waking you."

He gave me a soft but apologetic smile as he stepped further into the closet and started taking some blankets from the floor.

"My bad Jamie, I forgot you were short"

He reached out and handed two of them to Cameron. "Here. You guys can head on to bed. I'll fix this up"

I gave him a grateful smile and Cameron mumbled a thanks before we both headed for the exit. He stopped and motioned for me to go first, and I took the opportunity to scurry away.

I dared myself to look in the direction he went, but quickly turned back around when I saw he was looking back too.

I closed my door and leaned against it once I was successfully locked away, as I squeezed my eyes shut and tried not to think about what just happened.

What was I thinking?! I knew him for what? Two weeks?

Oh how I wish things wont be awkward from now on. Maybe he's feeling as weird as I am and leave first thing in the morning, never looking back or picking me up again.

For some reason my chest clenched at the thought. But why?

Wasn't this that I wanted? To have Alex drive me around again so I can get my practice?

But as much as I tried to convince myself that it was, a little part of me liked him as a friend and I wouldn't want to lose is friendship, no matter how he annoyed me for no reason or occasionally freak me out by staring too much.

I decided to go to bed and hope for the best.

So what if we almost kissed? We both have just finished watching a marathon of romance, we were tired and got caught up in the moment.

It wasn't a big deal and I knew that. I just hoped he did too.

But for real. It wasn't a big deal.


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