Well Screw My Period

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Chapter 7

"Hey Cam, did you know that cotton candy was invented by a dentist? "

He flashed me a confused smile before turning his attention to the road again.

"No I did not know that" He laughed. "You think about some of the most random things"

Actually I was thinking about how weird I feel around you now since I've discovered twenty minutes ago that I kinda sorta have feelings for you and its freaking me out because I know I cant. But hey I wont tell you that.

"Yea I guess my mind just wonders sometimes"

He chuckled lightly and shook his head, and even that small perfect smile made me have butterflies.

And it scared me.

I'm not gonna be like those girls who deny their feelings or anything. I'm old enough to understand when I have a crush.

But I just didn't want to have a crush on him. We actually have a good kinda friendship, and I don't wanna make things awkward.

Plus I still wasn't sure about some things from the past. A few things happened with him and I just don't think I can..

"Hey you okay?"

I was snapped out of my thoughts by his voice, and I quickly cleared my thoughts.

"Yea I'm fine. "

I noticed that he had that look on his face that he did when he was gonna push it, so I shut him down quickly before he could ask again."Where exactly are we going? "

His concerned expression changed to amused as he clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

"It's a secret" He sang, making me roll my eyes.

"You know if you wanted to murder me, you could've done it at home. Alex wouldn't have suspected you"

He laughed out loudly, almost hitting a cat when he squinted his eyes.

"Hey hey look where you're going! You'll end up killing us both!"

"And why would you think I was gonna kill you? " He asked as his laughter died down.

"It was the only other thing I could think about"

"Okay okay. But I'm not gonna kill you. If it makes you feel any better, it's really a common place. I don't know how you haven't guessed it yet"

I raked my mind for possible places he would take me. I looked out at the direction we were heading and tried to pin point a location.

"Is it the cinema? "


"McDonalds? "

He chuckled but shook his head. "Nope"

"The roller skating rin? "

"No but I'll keep that one in mind"

I huffed in annoyance and decided to give up. I rested my elbow against the window and plopped my head on it as I stared at the passing buildings.

"Can I drive when we're going back? "

He tilted his head from side to side as if he was thinking, but I knew from previous times that he wasn't thinking at all. He was just going to say no.

"Nope" He finally said, popping the p like a six year old.

I rolled my eyes at him. "I'm gonna purposely ruin your precious car one day"

"You wouldn't dare" He snarled, causing me to smile sweetly. He treasured this car more than probably life itself.

"We'll see"

He mumbled something under his breath before turning onto a familiar road a little bit out of town.

I turned my head to give him a 'are you serious' look as he parked and turned off the ignition.

"The park? "

"The park" He repeated with a nod and stupid grin on his face.

"This is where you spend your saturdays?"

"Yea. Surprised? "

I shot him a pointed look before smiling at him. It was kinda cute that he spent his free days here. I don't know why, but it was soothing.

"Come on, I'll show you what I do"

We exited the car and walked through then entrance in silence. It's been a while since I actually came here. I use to spend my Sundays here with mom and my sister. Then we would get ice cream before heading home. My chest clenched a bit, but I've learnt how to cope with the loss.

I've learnt how to cope with everything.

It looked exactly the same as before. It was an open space, with a few trees here and there, and benches sat underneath them. There was a section with a small playground which always had happy toddlers waddling all around.

The grass was lush and soft and the flowers were small but beautiful. There were blankets here and there with friends or couples having picnics or study groups, looking peaceful and happy.

More kids were scattered around the park, playing their individual games and activities, while their parents sat on benches reading books or newspapers.

Cameron stopped at a cotton candy vendor, and he approached me with three sticks and a smile on his face.

"Why three? " I chuckled as I took one from him and immediately stuffed some of the fluffy sweetness in my mouth. I moaned in delight as it melted on my tongue and the fulfilling flavour erupted in my mouth.

Did I mention how much I love cotton candy?

"I have a friend. Come on I'll let you meet him"

I scoffed and followed closely behind him. "I find it hard to believe that college kids hang out at the park and eat cotton can-"

I stopped myself as we approached a boy. He looked like he was around ten, and he beamed at Cameron as we neared him. What I noticed however, was the fact that he was sitting all alone watching the other kids play. And he was in a wheelchair.

He had curly blonde hair and pink cheeks and lips. He was really a cutie. No doubt he would be getting the girls in school.

"Hey Cameron! " He exclaimed as soon as we were in hearing range. "I see that you finally got the day right" He reached out and collected the cotton candy from Cameron, as we settled on a bench beside him.

"Oh come on.. I never forget CC Saturdays"

"CC Saturdays? " I asked confused.

The boy whose name I've still haven't caught, whipped his head to me in a millisecond as if he just noticed my presence. He watched me weirdly for a minute, as if deciding whether he should like me or not.

Finally, he smiled sweetly before explaining.

"Cotton Candy Saturdays. We also have SC Saturdays and IC Saturdays"

"That means strawberry cake and ice cream" Cameron added.

I couldn't help but smile at the fact that he had treats Saturdays with this kid. Maybe I misjudged him.

"Well I'm sorry for interrupting your CC Saturday. " I chuckled as I took my last bite of candy.

"That's okay. I like making new friends. Besides, if Cameron likes you, so can I. " He leaned into Cameron, placed his hand at the side of his mouth and whispered, "She's cool right? "

Cameron chuckled and nodded in response. "She's cool"

I smiled at how maturely he talked, and stretched my hand out to him.

"I'm Jamie by the way"

His eyebrows shot up at the mention of my name, and he plastered a smirk that looked too much like Cameron's on his face.

"Mario. Its a pleasure to meet you Jamie. I heard about you last week" He winked as he released my hand.

I blinked twice at his comment then turned to Cameron, only to see him blushing behind his ball of sugar on a stick.

"That's good to know" was all I said, and they dived into a series of conversations.

I was involved now and then, but they took charge of the moment, talking about every possible thing that came up.

We stayed there for two whole hours, until a man that I've learnt was Mario's driver came to pick him up.

He waved us goodbye and rolled his chair away. It was a power wheelchair, so I assumed his condition was more serious than a broken leg.

"That was nice" I smiled, actually liking how my Saturday turned out.

"Yea. That kid is awesome"

"How do you know him? "

He smiled and looked in the distance, as if remembering something.

"It was a year ago, and I got in trouble with my mom for some stupid prank I pulled. She was really upset and she didn't talk to me for days. I didn't like it, so I told her I'd do anything to get her to forgive me. She had a friend's daughter to baby sit, but she had this big thing at her studio to do, so she asked me to look after the girl until she got back. I obviously said yes, but she was so difficult! "

I laughed when he pulled on his hair in frustration from something that happened a year ago. The girl must've really been a handful.

"So I brought her here so she could play with kids her age and give myself a break. That's when I saw Mario. He was all alone in this same spot, and I bought him and myself cotton candies. I instantly liked the dude. You want to know the first thing he said to me? "

I chuckled at his amused expression and bobbed my head, even though I knew the question was rhetorical. His voice was laced with hilarity.

"He said, and I quote, 'girl problems huh?'..Then he took a swing from the cotton candy like what adults do with liquor"

We both laughed as I tried to imagine the moment as perfect as how he said it.

"I almost died from laughing because he wasn't wrong. Anyways, I decided that he was totally friend worthy, and I kept on bumping into him here until it became a thing. "

He paused for a while with a smile on his face, but it almost looked sad. Almost.

"He's like the little bother I never had you know? "

I nodded even though I didn't know. I never wanted a brother.

"He cant walk but he's totally okay with that. He doesn't really have much friends his age. He hangs out with his older siblings and a few friends from school. That explained why the kid is so smart. He's an eleven year old with a GPA almost as high as mine. And he has a smart mouth too. Last week the dude literally gave me a lecture about stop bitching and make my move"

I gave him a confused look which he didn't register. "Make a move on what? "

He stiffened for a while and looked everywhere but me. "Soccer tryouts. I don't think I can get on"

There was truth behind his words, but I could still tell that he was a little off. I guess that maybe he just really is insecure about this soccer thing. I knew he could do it though; he played for our school, so I don't understand his resistance.

"You can do it Cameron. If you want something, go for it"

He met my eyes after I said that, and his were filled with nothing but unsurity, and I didn't understand why. He knew he was talented.

"If only it was that easy" he mumbled.

"Maybe its not. But I think you should take Mario's advice"

A chuckle escaped his lips as he shook his head. "Maybe I should."

"Great. So next week when you two have SC Saturdays you can tell him all about it"

"Damn I thought next week was Ice cream. I really am terrible at this" He laughed.

"Maybe you should get a calender to track your days...." I smirked.

"You think you're funny don't you? "

"Actually I know-"

"Cameron? "

Both our heads snapped up at the sound of his name, and I was met with a beautiful and very sexy brunette smiling down at him.

"Cameron Riley is that you? "

I saw his jaw clench and he looked slightly uncomfortable, but he barely gave it away.

"Yes Mel it's me" He replied in a monotone voice.

She sat on the arm rest of the park bench and propped her leg up and across the other one, revealing her very smooth thigh under the short skirt.

"Oh my gosh it's been so long"

"You saw me two days ago Melody"

"But it felt soooo long Cam Cam. We were suppose to meet yesterday"

She reached out and trailed her arm over his chest, and my heart sank when I put it all together and realized that they are or were intimate.

"We weren't suppose to do anything. You texted me and I told you I had plans"

He quickly grabbed her hand before it went any further and glanced at me with an expression I couldn't decipher. He scooted away from her and closer to me, which didn't go unnoticed by me of course. I subconsciously scooted too, keeping the distance between us the same.

"Well can we hang out now? I'm not busy" She whispered in a low seductive voice, and I almost gagged.

"I am though. "

"Doing what? We haven't hung out in a week Cammy boo. I miss you"

"Cammy boo? " I mumbled mostly to myself, but it caught her attention.

Her eyebrows shot up as if she just noticed me. If I didn't already disliked her, I would've admitted to seeing that glint of apology on her face.

"Oh dear how didn't I see you" She laughed a little to herself before stretching her hand to me.

"Hi I'm Melody. Cameron's girlfriend"

I almost choked on my spit as I stared at her hand, then to her face then to Cameron.

"Wait what? I'm not-"

"And you are? It's rude to leave me hanging" She laughed with her hand still outstretched.

I cleared my mind and took her hand, trying to remember my name.

"I'm uh- I'm Bob"

We all froze for a second.

"Bob? "


"Bob" I nodded.


"Well Bob, it was nice to meet you really. But I hope you dont mind if I steal my boyfriend-"

"I'm not your boyfriend! " Cameron shouted, taking us both by surprise.

"You're not? " I asked as a little hope sparked in me, but it completely went dull when Melody spoke again.

"I mean of course you are. We hang out all the time so we're basically dating. "

That was when it hit me. When he said 'hang out' earlier today, he didnt just mean hanging out like wat we were doing just now. He meant smutty things with her.

I jumped up and took a step back with a cringe as I tried to calm my racing heart.

"I'm just gonna go. You guys can do what ever you do" I rushed out before turning and stepping away.

Unfortunately, I was stopped after my second step and I slowly turned around to face him. He really moved fast.

"No you cant go. I brought you here-"

"Cam its fine. My friend lives down the street I'll just go to her"

"Jamie you and I came here and you and I are gonna leave. If you wanna go now I'm coming with you"

"But Melody-"

"Melody doesn't mean anything to me" He cut me off by saying, and both me and the girl's eyes widened in shock.

"How dare you! " She screeched, catching the attentions of the kids running around.

She seemed to catch his attention too and he let me go, so I took the chance to run. When I was a good distance away, I looked over my shoulders, seeing that they were having an argument. He didn't even seem to notice that I left.

I bet he just said that about Melody because they were on an on-and-off relationship thingy. Just the way how they were fighting now looked like people who had those toxic relationships.

I didn't even know why it bothered me this much. It's not like I didn't know that he was maybe sleeping around. But to have it thrown in my face was harder than I liked.

He cared for me. That much I do know. But I didnt want to put myself in a situation to get hurt, and I knew I would if I manifested these feelings.

So, as I walked down the street that led to town, all I could think about was ways to get over Cameron Riley.

It was really a CC Saturday. Cursed and Condemn.

And this feeling could've been avoided if I just didn't fall into the stereotype world and fall for the bad boy.

Way to go Bob.

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