The Seventh Sin

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Meet Eddie. He is a man who has, unfortunately, made some poor decisions in his life. From hurting his best friend to abusing drugs, his actions have had unforeseen consequences not only on himself, but on his loved ones and others around him. Follow Eddie as he shares his life with you. He will tell you all about his past, as he teaches you lessons he paid a heavy price to learn himself. You will learn about his struggles, but also his triumphs, so you can take heart in his accomplishments. The Seventh Sin explores human nature, human struggles, and universal truths that are sometimes hard to deal with, in a Christian setting. This novel will show you the other side of the coin, and why some people do the things they do -- and how it affects them and others in their lives.

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This book is dedicated to all the Edgar Brantleys out there. You are not alone. You are never alone.


A novel has many authors besides the one who puts ink onto paper or electrons onto your screen. An author’s entire life helps write his works, and I’d like to thank the following people who especially helped make this possible:

My parents – Your unconditional, infinite love and emotional and physical support, coupled with the life lessons you taught me, enabled me to live the life I had to live to gain the insight and wisdom to write this novel. I love you both more than I can put into words.

Dave, my editor – Thank you for taking my rough ideas and smoothing them out with me. You took the time to sit down and extensively discuss your thoughts on my writing and how I can make things better. Your insight has been incredibly helpful. Remember your adjectives!

Eddie, my web guy – Thanks for doing an awesome job with my website. You are the man!

Miss Mae, my cover designer – After months of other people flaking out, you got my cover done in 3 days. Thanks a million for your hard work and good ideas!

The Band Perry – Listening to your music was the final piece of inspiration for my novel. You got me motivated to put my pen to paper and turn my idea into a real book. Thank you so much. Peace and love to you all.

You – Without you picking up and reading my book (and e-book), all of this would have been for nothing. Thank you for reading and supporting my work, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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