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The Knight Diaries

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This book contains one-shots of the Knights and can't be read as standalone, so before reading this please read It's Complicated (Book 1 & 2).

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Chapter 1

Nathan’s POV

When I come back home after my morning run, I find Abigail is still sleeping while holding Angel who is snuggled into her side.

I gently put the pacifier back in Angel’s mouth, which might have fallen during her sleep, before she starts crying and wake up Abigail. After watching them for some seconds, I walk outside the bedroom to check on boys.

Quietly, I open Potato’s room door and watch him covering Nugget with the blanket as he is sleeping on his stomach.

“Good Morning,” I whisper not to disturb Nugget’s sleep.

“Good Morning, dad.” Potato instantly comes to me greet me with a smile.

“Hungry?” I ask while closing his room’s door as he follows me outside.

“Slightly,” he answers placing his hand in mine when I extend my palm as we walk downstairs, making our way to the kitchen.

He climbs on the kitchen stool as I give him a glass of apple juice and pour myself a cup of coffee before making some breakfast for him. Not even five minutes have passed when a grumpy and sleepy Nugget storms into the kitchen.

“You forgot me.” He throws an accusatory glance at Potato then at me.

Setting my coffee aside, I pick him up when he raises his arms in my direction.

Wrapping his arms around my neck he rests his head on my shoulder. And a minute later he falls asleep again making Potato laugh as he looks at me because now I have to drink my coffee while holding sleeping Nugget because he will wake up if I will put him down now.

“He is a lazy bum.” He continues to laugh, looking thoroughly amused.

“I love you, dad,” Nugget mumbles sleepily while pressing his face against my neck, making me smile as I kiss his head.

My glance moves to Potato as I open my other arm. My smile widens when he eagerly comes and hugs me warming my heart.

I feel it is impossible to tell them how much I love them.

“All hugs for dad, nothing for mom?” Abigail complains as she pouts looking at Potato as she strolls towards the kitchen cradling Angel.

He rushes to her and wraps his arms tightly around her.

“Love you, mom.” He lifts his head to look at her, as she presses a kiss on his head.

“I love you, too, my baby.” She runs her hand through his hair and hugs him back.

Releasing her, Noel kisses Angel and caresses her cheek while smiling at her.

Abigail’s biggest worry is that Noel will feel that she loves him less because now he has younger siblings. So she is more affectionate towards him and never leaves a chance to show him how much she loves him.

Levi openly shares his feelings, if he feels that she hasn’t spent much time with him, he will instantly complain about it. If he thinks that she hasn’t hug him enough, he will demand her to give him a hug and kiss. But Noel is the opposite of him. He tends to keep his feelings mostly to himself, just like Abigail. I think that’s why she feels more connected to him and they have this special bond between them.

“Did he again crash your room last night?” She asks while pointing at Levi, lightly bouncing Angel in her arms as she seems a bit fussy.

The smile which tugs Noel’s lips answers her question as she shakes her head with a sigh.

“Morning.” She walks to me and pecks my lips, then she opens the fridge to grab a water bottle after shifting her hold on Angel who is busy trying to fit her both fists inside her tiny mouth.

“Did you guys have breakfast?” She asks after drinking water.

“No.” I shake my head.

Angel’s cry interrupts her when she is about to say something.

“Well, it seems like your daughter is demanding for breakfast as well.” She lightly laughs lifting her eyes to me.

“Why she is crying?” Noel frowns looking concerned, even Levi wakes up hearing her voice.

“Burrito.” He raises his head from my shoulder and sleepily glances at her.

“She is hungry, darling,” She replies to Noel as she grabs a bowl and pours some cereal for him, then add milk to it.

“The feed her,” Noel demands Abigail but his eyes are fixed at Angel.

“I will, but first let me feed my Noey.” She smiles and places the bowl in front of him.

“Okay, I am eating but you feed her.” Noel looks at Angel, his lips pressed into a thin line, “I don’t like it when she cries.”

“I love you, you know that?” Abigail glances at Noel, with a fond look on her face. “And you are the best son in this whole world.”

“I know.” He nods his head, “You tell me every day,” he says innocently.

“And I will keep telling you this my entire life.” Abigail taps his nose with a smile as she heads towards the room while carrying Angel.

Levi keeps his head back on my shoulder making himself comfortable to fall asleep again.

“So, what we should do with him?” Raising my eyebrows, I ask Noel while nodding my head towards Levi who is not in a mood to wake up.

“Dump him,” he says with a mischievous smile, then after a moment he adds, “On the bed.”

And that’s what we did.

Thank you for reading.
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