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A story about the grandchild of a dangerous Sniper who meets the man of her dreams and falls in love but later learns that her father was not the man she thought he was but is in fact a pedophile who raped her mother and led to her miscarriage. Mihlali is a girl trying to find her way in this big bad world together with her brother facing his very own problems

Drama / Romance
Sandisiwe Gxaba
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“Earth to Mihlali”

Vuyo says waving her hand in front of my eyes, I chuckle hitting it

“Stop it!”

I say

“What’s got your attention? Do you know who that guy is?”

She asks and I shake my head no “You were drooling”

She says and I frown looking at her “No!”

I say defensively

“I was not drooling!”

She shoots me that ‘really?’ sarcastic look I hate so very much


I ask and she shakes her head with clear disapproval “Whats gotten up your ass?”

I finally ask

“Hlali this thing you have with old men…”

She starts off and I know a lecture is coming my way, I literally roll my eyes

“Vuyo it was only one guy! It ended, can we move on” I say annoyed

“You were literally checking out someone old enough to be your father. Friend you know I love you and I always got you but if you get with another old married man you on your own!”

She warns and I sigh

“Vuyo he said he wasn’t married and besides that relationship ended months ago”

I defend. You date an old married man once and suddenly it’s a thing you do. Girls can be so dramatic and judgemental

“I hear you friend but please, stay away from married people and old men in general!”

She says and I just nod with hopes we done discussing my one mistake that she holds against me every damn time.

“Hey ladies”

Says Phiwokuhle hugging each one of us “How are you baby?”

I ask her and she smiles taking her seat

“I am awesome babies and how are you?” She asks and Vuyo responds for the both of us

“We good babe, whats got you all happy and glowy?” Phiwo blushes hiding her beautiful face

“Mystery man finally popped the question?”

I ask and she chuckles, Phiwo is dating a guy she doesn’t want us to know let alone meet just yet because apparently its still new… 3 months aint so new if you ask me and beside she and this mystery guy have been banging since day 1 yet she still doesn’t want us to meet him let alone see his picture

“is he ugly? I mean you know we wont judge if he is” Vuyo adds and Phiwo shakes her head no

“He’s dreamy. You guys last night and this morning were amazing. He fed me strawberries covered in chocolate and we had an amazing dinner all prepared by him. He’s such an amazing cook! Anyway this morning he done did things that should be illegal!”

She says biting her lower lip probably reminiscing about this morning and last night

“Earth to Phiwokuhle!”

I say clicking my fingers in front of her face “Just show us who the guy is already!” Vuyo says and I nod agreeing with her

“I wanna tell you guys but you guys aren’t gonna be happy for me”

She says and I’m shook, why the hell wouldn’t we be happy for our own friend?

“Ladies, sorry to disturb but this bottle came from the guy sitting at the bar”

He says holding a bucket with the bottle of Krone we’ve been drinking

“Uhhm thank you”

I say turning to look for this gentleman but I don’t see anyone

“He said to tell you not to hesitate to order whatever you and your friends want, the bill will be taken care off” The waiter says that referring to me, I don’t know how to respond

“Does this person have a name?”

I finally ask, maybe if I got his surname then I’d know to trust his words or not

“I’m afraid for safety reasons I cannot tell you that but he did ask that you leave you name and number at the front desk and he would contact you himself”

The waiter responds and now I’m conflicted “Tell me this, do you trust that his word is true?” Phiwo asks and the guy nods

“He is a man of his word. He is one of our best customers and he gives the best tips”

He says with a very friendly smile

“No thank you, we’ll pay for our own food and alcohol” Vuyo says ruining the whole mood

“I’m sorry but I’m not allowed to take any of your money”

He says and the shock on Vuyo’s face, well I think its shock mixed with anger

“Look, thank you for the kind stranger’s gesture but we cannot and will not accept anything from someone we do not know and will not show his face to us.”

I finally say even though every part of my body is telling me just how dumb of a move that was but I have no choice because of Vuyo. The poor guy nods and walks away

“The hell was that about?”

Vuyo asks annoyed, we both shrug because none of us know what just happened.

“Phiwo you were still telling us about your mystery guy” I remind her and she just giggles excusing herself to go to the loo. I quickly take her phone before it locks itself “What are you doing?”

Vuyo asks

“Finding out who the mystery guy is”

I say while paging through her phone, I copy the number

written “Bhabha” to my phone and before I even finish

it, it shows Biko’s number.


I am Mihlalikazi Siphiwokuhle Langa, the daughter of Sinokuhle Mbana and Lunga Langa, mom changed her surname back after she and my late father divorced but this story is not about her, its about me. The granddaughter of Lwando and Ayola Mbana.

Now every name I’ve mentioned screams money so yeah, you guessed it. I’m from your typical South African rich family with my very own wealth. A girl like

me sounds like she has it all right? I mean what could someone like me possibly need and why would I have a story to tell if not to brag about my wealth and wealthy family?

Sadly being me isn’t all glam as it should be or rather as it seems from the outside, people like me are considered to have daddy issues… or so my therapist says but I don’t believe that I do. I mean yeah sure my biological father died when I was still young but its never affected me. As far as I know he was a great father and a good husband to my mom but due to circumstances he and my mother divorced before he died. And besides, my stepdad is the best father I could ever wish for. He stepped up and made sure I never felt that void of not having my biological father around. Mr Mtwa is an amazing father to me and my siblings. .


-LERATO BIKOKUHLE MTWA “I think you should tell your sister”

Dad suggests, I’m home for the weekend. Mom is out with the twins

“You know how dramatic Mihlali is, she’ll want me to end things all because its her friend”

I say and he shrugs

“You shouldn’t have made a move on your sister’s friend”

He says frustrating me even more

“Why should I sacrifice my happiness all because Mihlali doesn’t want me dating her friends? Phiwo and I like each other dad”

I defend

“All I’m saying is that keeping this from your sister won’t end well. She has her own reasons for not wanting you to date her friend.”

He says and I sigh, I cant and wont end my relationship just because my little sister is a little uncomfortable with me dating her friend. I mean theres no law against it right? Even if there is, I’m not ending things!

“Mihlali will just have to deal. When’s mom coming back anyway?”

I ask and dad shrugs

“Your mother is meeting up with Saney, chances are she’ll be home late than usual”

I sigh out loud enough and dad laughs “What about your actual mother?” He asks, I shoot him a look

“What about her?”

I ask


He starts off but I cut him off “Its Bikokuhle”

He chuckles

“Lerato! She is still your mother and she wants a relationship with her son”

Dad says and I chuckle

“Where was she all these years? She cant just show up now wanting a relationship with me after she left me. My mother is Sino and only her”

Dad lets out a heavy sigh

“Biko you cant stay mad at her forever. She gave birth to you…”

“Any woman can give birth, it takes a real woman to open up her home and her arms to another woman’s baby and love that child as if it were her own. Sino’s never made me feel like I was not hers and I wont betray

her like that and build a relationship with a woman that just up’d and left without any explanation whatsoever” Dad sighs, this conversation has me worked up “Theres only one way to find out what her reasons were son”

Dad responds

“She’s your mother Biko, hear her out atleast” Dad pleads

“I make no promises!”

I say hoping to end the conversation as it is, Ontlametsi is not my mother and she never will be!

“Dad! Mom”

Mihlali’s voice shouts from the kitchen, dad looks at me and I shrug

“In here baby”

He responds and she walks in “You home early”

Dad says


She says noticing me siting on the couch “And then. Whats wrong with you?”

I ask calmly

“You dating my friend after I told you countless times that my friends are off limits”

She yells and I chuckle

“Hello Mihlali, how are you Baby? How was breakfast?” Dad asks calmly, I’m really hoping he can calm her down. I cant handle Mihlali’s drama right now “Dad…”

Dad shoots her look that makes her sit her ass down “Hello daddy how are you?”

She says evil-eyeing me

“I’m good baby and how are you?” She sighs

“Not fine”

She says

“Why? What happened?”

Dad asks so calm that its even annoying

“Your son is dating my friend. I told him that my friends are off limits and he still went after her like a f.. a vulture!”

She says spitting fire making me chuckle “Phiwo likes me and I like her too”

I say

“Until you meet some new bitch and forget she exists” “Language Mihlali!”

Dad warns and she lets out a sigh

“Dad please talk to your son, he’s playing her! When she gets hurt because of him we will be left to pick up the pieces”

She explains and I scoff

“Why are you so sure that I’m going to hurt her? I like Phiwokuhle!”

She rolls her eyes

“Honey your brother may have approached your friend but your friend wanted to be with him just as much as he wanted to be with her. It’s a two way street.”

She sighs in frustration

“ofcause you would take his side”

She says getting up but dad grabs her arm as she’s about to storm off

“Honey, sit down”

She looks at me and then at dad then sits down

“I’m not taking anyone’s side here. Your friend wants to be with your brother, let her. You cant control how two people feel about each other the same way we can’t

control how you feel about whoever you currently dating”

Dad says, if only he knew that sweet Hlali was dating a married man while doing her matric then maybe he wouldn’t be this sweet towards her. I love my sister and I protect her however I can, part of me protecting her meant me keeping her relationship a secret from our parents. Atleast she called it quits as soon as she found out he was married or so she says.

“fine. Where’s mom and the twins?” She asks

“meeting up with your aunty at the mall I think”

I am Lerato Bikokuhle Mtwa, the son of Bantubonke Mtwa who is currently married to Sinokuhle Mbana Mtwa, mother of Mihlali and our two siblings Imange and Isenathi, they twins. I’m 19 years old and my sister is 18 and we both doing our first year in university. I’m studying Chemical Engineering and my sister chose Literature at UCT and I at Stellenbosch, I wanted to have my own place and so far its been great.

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