Life Can Be A Bit Unkind 2

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A story about the grandchild of a dangerous Sniper who meets the man of her dreams and falls in love but later learns that her father was not the man she thought he was but is in fact a pedophile who raped her mother and led to her miscarriage. Mihlali is a girl trying to find her way in this big bad world together with her brother facing his very own problems

Drama / Romance
Sandisiwe Gxaba
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I watch him sleeping peacefully, his family has been visiting him everyday since he came in. From the minute I met him, everything about him screamed ‘rich boy’. From the way he spoke to the clothes he was wearing and not forgetting how he just did not belong in the tavern.

I help out at the hospital, the only reason I even got the job is because of my mother who works as a nurse. I clean up after the patients but only after school because we need all the money we can get. With my little brother always going in and out of hospital we could really use the money so I help where I can. He has Cancer, skin cancer and being poor and all we can’t do much for him either than the meds we get at the clinic, some days are better, and some are worse, but we are managing, I guess.

He is such a beautiful man, I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful man before, he looks like those people you only see on magazines and can only dream of. I feel

sorry for his family, they are distraught by what happened to him. His mother has been sleeping here ever since, who could blame her? I’d probably sleep here too if my son landed in here.

“I just wish he could open his eyes”

Somebody says, I look up and its his mother. I take what I was here for trying to avoid eye contact as much as possible

“He’s doing to wake up”

I say and quickly walk out of his room. She must think I’m a creep for staring at her son the way I just did. I do my rounds and then head home. Unlike other kids I don’t stay in res, I stay at home because my family needs me. I am Yonela Ngesi and I am 17 years old, I am doing my first year in college studying Nursing in Cape Town. I am not as lucky as some other kids, I don’t have a rich family or attend in the best schools, but I do have a loving mother and little brother that support me in dreams and always make sure that I appreciate the best things in life. My life is based in Khayelitsha even though I study in Cape Town thanks to NSFAS else I

don’t where I’d be. I passed my matric with flying colours, but I couldn’t afford to study in universities like your UCT and UWC but its ok, I’ll get where I need to be in future because I serve a living God and I trust him.




Bayanda, the reason my brother is even stuck in hospital is awake and roaming around while my brother lays in a hospital bed. Whatever they hit him with really did a number on him because the doctors told us that there could be a possible memory loss. His brain is not as damaged, but we should expect a memory loss when he wakes up.

I know this shouldn’t come between my relationship with Bandile but how do I pretend that his little brother is not the reason my bother is in here right now? Ever since he told me what transpired the fight that led to Biko landing up in here I’ve just been ignoring him. My brother needs my attention more than he does right now. I just got out of class, tomorrow is my birthday and

obviously we can’t celebrate with my brother stuck in a hospital bed.


Lara startles me, I’m so lost in thoughts with everything that has happened


I respond

“Friend Bandile has been trying to reach you” She says and I shrug

“Mihlali you can’t ignore him for ever”

I just look at her for a second and then continue walking. We are not about to have this conversation

“Its not Bandile’s fault and you know it”

“But it is his brother’s fault Lara. Bayanda is the reason my big brother is in a hospital bed right now. Bayanda is the reason Biko might wake up with a memory loss. All this is Bayanda’s fault Lara!”

She nods

“Exactly! So, you shouldn’t crucify the poor guy for this brother’s mistakes.”

I chuckle in disbelief

“Bayanda should be in prison for this but nope, his brother has the best lawyers that money can buy and so he walks away scot free”

She sighs

“Baya is Bandile’s little brother. You can’t make him choose between you and his brother Mihlali!”

I don’t respond but get inside my car, she raises her hands up in surrender and leaves. I start my car and drive to the hospital. My phone rings and its Bandile, he’s always calling but I never answer. He told me what happened that night, Baya was called in for questioning and the guy refused to tell the cops anything, they did arrest him for withholding information but thanks to Bandile’s lawyers he was released like nothing ever happened. It pisses me off!

I pass by MacD to get us something to eat, I know mom hasn’t eaten so I buy us food and then drive to the hospital. I park and head in with the food. I walk in and mom is sitting beside his bed holding his hand

“Any change?”

I ask and she shakes her head no “I’m sorry baby”

She says after, I settle opposite her and hand her food “He’s going to be fine, Biko is strong”

I say but even I myself don’t believe that. I can only wish and hope that he’s going to be fine

“What did the doctor say?”

She shrugs

“Same thing as yesterday. That he could wake up today, or tomorrow or a year from now”

I sigh and so does she

“How was school?”

I shrug

“same, normal I guess”

I say and she nods. We are disturbed by a knock, Kim walks in


She says, poor thing. She looks like she hasn’t been getting much sleep lately. She’s here almost every day to see him. Luckily, I bought enough food for all of us

“How is he?”

She asks settling beside me

“Still the same”

Mom says

“And they still haven’t caught the people that did this?” She asks and mom shakes her head no

“No baby, I’m sorry”

Mom says and she nods. I get up and excuse myself, even Phiko isn’t of much help because he wasn’t there when all this happened, so we stuck basically. I call my grandfather; Sniper always makes things happen “Woku”

He answers, I never understood that nickname and never liked it, but my grandfather likes it and he’s the only one that calls me that so there’s no fighting it.


I ask, he breathes out

“Woku if I find anything you will be the first to know. Focus on school and your birthday tomorrow”

He says dismissively

“Grandpa please. He’s my brother and the person who has all the answers is out there living his life like nothing ever happened”

I say the last part gritting my teeth

“You not an angry person Woku, don’t allow this to turn you into something you are not. Bayanda is as much of a victim as Biko is in this”

I chuckle, I cannot believe he would say that. I cut the call on him. I know he’ll give me hell for it but right now I don’t care.


He says and I look up, its Bayanda. I slap him “I deserve that”

He says calmly pissing me off even more “What the hell are you doing here?”

I ask

“I’m here to see my friend”

I chuckle

“Friend? If he was your friend, then you would have told the police everything but nope. You are Bayanda

Tshawe, the rich spoilt brat who can’t seem to stay out of trouble with a rich brother that always bails him out of trouble. Stay away from my brother Bayanda! I never want to see you here or anywhere near him!”

I’m about to walk back in when he grabs my arm, I look up at him and then at his hand on my arm. He lets go “Mihlali I’m sorry and you have every right to blame me and be angry at me but please. Please don’t punish my brother for my wrongs. I fucked up, punish me for all this but please leave Bandile out of it. He didn’t do anything wrong”

He pleads, I look at him and click my tongue walking back inside Biko’s room.




The minute I land in London I call Mr Mtwa and apologise for my little brother’s faults and wish Biko well recoveries. Thank God he doesn’t make things as difficult for me but he is mad at Baya for what happened. I then decide to take Troy’s advice and call Mr Mbana, a

call I’ve been dreading since the moment I got on the plane.

“Lwando Mbana speaking”

He answers in his terrifying voice

“Mr Mbana you are speaking to Bandile Tshawe” I say

“Woku’s boyfriend?”

He asks

“Yes sir. Normally I’d come to you in person out of respect but I am afraid I cant at this moment as I am out of the country”

I start off

“Get to the point, I’m not getting any younger” He says

“Sir my little brother messed up. He messed with the wrong people and now he is trouble and he cant get out of it. My lawyer advised me that I speak to you instead” I wait

“Ok, I’m listening”

I take a deep breath and let it out. Please understand I’ve never been put in such a position before.

“Sir I understand that my little brother got into a fight yesterday that landed him and your grandson in hospital. I don’t know whether you’ve heard this or not but the reason the fight even occurred is because he owes some people cocaine and they want it back. Coke that was confiscated by the cops about 6 months ago a…”

He cuts me off

“Let me guess, they want more than what was confiscated right? Because a man of your status wouldn’t reach out to me unless going the clean legal route didn’t help”

I don’t respond

“I’ll help you Mr Tshawe on condition” I let out a deep breath

“My granddaughter. I’m assuming you love her and would want to marry her some day right?”

“Of cause”

I answer without doubt

“You have more than enough property around the Western Cape, a guy like you would never marry in community of property so. I want you to sign over at least 20% of your most successful hotel to my granddaughter. Its no secret that I pretty much own this country but I need Woku to be financially stable even after you probably die or something because divorce is not an option and I will kill you if you hurt her”

He says

“You have 24 hours to think about it”

He says and cuts the call on me. I have no problem giving my wife shares to the company but I cant make such decisions without informing my mother and brother’s over this. Mom is the major shareholder in most of dad’s companies while the rest is split into 3 but that’s only the hotels because everything else is all me. I call Bakho

“Shouldn’t you be resting?”

He asks and I chuckle

“I wish but how can I when Baya messed up big time?” He sighs

“So whats the story?”

I narrate everything that Troy told me and also about Lwando’s offer

“20% is a lot. Why does he want so much?” he asks

“I wish I knew, unless he wants a seat on the board but Lwando has more than enough and so does his family. It still makes zero sense”

I say

“I’ll talk to mom and we’ll get back to you ok. Might just give him Baya’s share”

He says and we say our goodbyes. I call Troy and he suggests that we give him what he wants because theres no better option. Troy points out that if we have Lwando Mbana on our team then nobody will ever mess with us again and I guess he has a point because then Baya will never have to deal with those thugs again. I ask Troy to keep him out of prison at all costs.

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